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    Joanne World Tour - Interlude 4

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    joanne interlude 4.jpgForeshadowing her upcoming outfit change in one of her rising catwalks, Lady Gaga is shown in the fourth interlude film of the show being crushed between two white walls.

    In the interlude Lady Gaga wears only one outfit -ย a custom piece by South Korean born, New York based designer Kaimin. Kaimin designsย use fabric to make designs that are defiantly unconventional and sensual, exploring ideas of fetishism, eroticism and sadomasochism. Kaimin also works to challenge accepted standards of what clothing should do for the body.

    While Lady Gaga's outfit is custom, it is similar to Kaimin's latest Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Lady Gaga's outfit is as if Kaimin combined look 2 and look 3 of the collection in purple fabric. Lady Gaga's piece is custom so it is not available for purchase but the rest of Kaimin's collection is available to shop at The Residency and several store locations listed here.

    For her shoes, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing an innovative pair of black boots. The boots are from "elevated womenswear" designer Colin Horgan's collaboration with Kira Goodey Footwear created to showcase Horgan's latest collection of clothing. Both Horgan and Goodey are up-and-coming designers therefore theย "Thigh High Flare Boots" are not available for purchase online.

    colin horgan sketch.jpg
    Horgan is a recent Masters Graduate in Fashion Womenswear from The Royal College Of Art in London and Goodey's brand was created in 2012 to make luxury bespoke handmade shoes, also based in London.

    Check out this design sketch from Kira Goodey (left) of the "Thigh High Flare Boots."

    Finally, Lady Gaga can be seen accenting her outfit with large earrings from celebrity favorite Laruicci. Laruiccu reposted a side-by-side photo from LaMaisonGaga of Lady Gaga's large hoop earring which features a large safety pin design inside. Unfortunately, the earrings are not available for purchase but hundreds of other jewelry designs are on larucci.com

    Watch the interlude in full from opening night in Vancouver, BC.


    By Terran Warden


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