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    Joanne World Tour - Interlude 3

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    joanne interlude 3 look 1.jpgWhile getting ready to move through the arena to her piano, the third interlude film of the tour plays on a screen across the stage which features Lady Gaga, an oxygen mask, and some killer fashion.

    To begin, Lady Gaga and several dancers are shown together at a small house party dancing around and pouring Pinot Grigio. Lady Gaga wears a red dress from up and coming designer Olya Kosterina. Kosterina is a demi-couture conceptual designer who explores modern elegance and reinterprets classic feminine forms.

    The dress is Kosterina's "Ruffle Puffer Elegant Half Dress," look 6 from the Fall/Winter 2017 "Coup De Grace" collection. Kosterina's couture is not available to purchase in-stores or online rather anyone interested must email [email protected]

    Mid-way through the interlude film, Lady Gaga grabs a peach-colored robe and changes into it while spinning throughout the room. You may remember Lady Gaga previously wearing the same robe on Instagram when she got invited to "boy's night" May 8th, 2017.

    maryme insta post.jpgLady Gaga's robe is a custom piece by Amsterdam designer MaryMe-JimmyPaul. MaryMe-JimmyPaul constantly push the boundaries of what is art and what is fashion with their use of shape, texture, and colours with big, sculptural works.

    The designers described the custom robe as "#PeachesAndCream #Barbie #dream" adding that "#PrincessPeach has got NOTHING on her" back in May on their Instagram, @marymejimmypaul.

    joanne interlude 3.jpgFinally, as Lady Gaga breathes in the transformative oxygen (a nod to her line "If only fame had an IV, baby, could I bear being away from you) she changes into a black outfit. Oscar Olima of OLIMAStudio has taken credit for the look describing Lady Gaga's jacket as OLIMA's "Long Fringe Patent Leather Jacket."

    The interlude ends with Lady Gaga putting another hat by Gladys Tamez Millinery on her head. This time, Lady Gaga is wearing the "James" hat made of black felt velour. The hat is available in multiple sizes for $365 here.

    Watch the interlude in full from opening night in Vancouver, BC.


    We will update this post when a higher quality version of the interlude is online! Stay tuned!


    By Terran Warden

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