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      Joanne World Tour - Interlude 2

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      joanne interlude 2.jpgLike her first interlude film, Lady Gaga's second interlude film for the tour created iconic imagery used for the tour visuals on multiple pieces of merchandise (hopefully to be sold online after the tour.)

      Giving herself a break to change looks for "Just Dance," "LoveGame," and "Telephone," Lady Gaga is shown on screen in rapid scene changes almost like strobe lights wearing a white t-shirt and a black t-shirt. But focus is mainly on her accessories which feature two rhinoceros horns and large metal jewelry.

      Knowing Lady Gaga, her t-shirts appear to be from one of her favorite designers - Saint Laurent. The white t-shirt is Saint Laurent's "Short Sleeve Boyfriend T Shirt in White Cotton Jersey" available for $350 here and the black t-shirt, which appears to have the sleeves rolled up, is Saint Laurent's "Short Sleeve Fitted T Shirt in Black Cotton Jersey" also available for $350 here.

      martine ali post.jpgBack to her accessories, Lady Gaga layers silver metal necklaces from designer Martine Ali (whom she has previously worn while creating the "Joanne" album). Martine Ali took to Instagram about the look calling it "the most beautiful scary photo I've ever seen."

      First, Lady Gaga wears Martine Ali's "Flat Link Necklace" made with "heirloom silver, sterling silver dipped brass and hand treated with patina" in New York. The necklace is 18 inches in length and adjustable, available for $225 here.

      Second, Lady Gaga wears Martine Ali's "Broken Ball Chain Choker" created with signature Martine Ali hardware and a key ring detail. The choker is 17 inches in length and adjustable, available for $175 here.

      Finally, in the tour merchandise Lady Gaga can also be seen wearing a metal hoop earring. Leading up to the tour, Justine Clenquet posted Lady Gaga wearing their earrings at late night rehearsal, and Lady Gaga previously wore Clenquet jewelry leading up to the release of the "Joanne" album. Looking through their E-shop, Lady Gaga's earring is the shorter "Eddie Hoop" from the A/W 17 collection "Fade to Grey."

      The brass dipped in palladium earrings are available for 50 euros here.

      By Terran Warden

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