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      Joanne World Tour - Interlude 1

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      joanne interlude 1.jpgAfter performing her first set of songs at the Joanne World Tour, a large screen covers the stage with an interlude film while Lady Gaga changes into a new look. The first interlude is extremely Joanne with Lady Gaga driving around in a hot rod car emitting neon pink smoke.

      The official tour visuals, shown on the tour poster and more, are also from the first interlude.

      For her car ride, Lady Gaga wears a basic white tank top and denim shorts. I cannot identify

      Matching her album cover, Lady Gaga wears her pink hat from Gladys Tamez Millinery. The limited edition "Lady Bianca" hat made with pink felt velour was sold for $680 but was discontinued online August 15th, 2017. The hat is now sold, still for $680, as the "Joanne" here.

      Lady Gaga is also shown getting out of the car in a pair of thigh high boots. The metallic boots are Balenciaga's "All Time Mirror Effect Boots." They were sold through Balenciaga for $1,195 but they are now sold out.

      Lady Gaga added the interlude in high quality to her YouTube channel which is available to watch


      Lady Gaga's video ends at one minute. The full interlude from opening night in Vancouver, BC. is available to watch


      By Terran Warden 

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