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      Date: December 1st 2017 Location: AmericanAirlines Arena (Miami, Florida)

      W12-1-17 Instagram.jpghile on the road to Tampa for the next Joanne World Tour date, Lady Gaga updated her Instagram with three new photos from the night before at her Miami arena. In the photos, Lady Gaga again wore "Joanne pink" knitwear writing "You know me. It's hot so I'm wearing a sweater jumpsuit. NATURALLY."

      Did you clock that diamond on her ring finger?!

      From top to bottom, Lady Gaga's wore a check print hat from celebrity favorite Manokhi. She wore the same hat later in the day while leaving the arena and the hat is available for purchase! Get your own "Officer's Cap" made with black and white pony leather and a black patent leather brim for $732 here.

      Next, Lady Gaga wore two different earrings but both from the same designer - Alighieri. Alighieri is a collection of jewelry inspired by Dante Alighieri’s ‘Divine Comedy’ with each piece corresponding to one of the poet’s 100 poems. On her left ear, Lady Gaga wears the longer of the "Elusive Dream Earrings" from The Dance of the Storm Collection. The earrings are made of 24 carat gold-plated bronze with individual pearl droplets and are made to order. They're available for 350 euros here.

      On her right ear, Lady Gaga wears the outlined earring from the asymmetric "Infernal Storm Earrings." The earrings are also available for purchase, in a set, for $350 here.

      Finally, Lady Gaga wore a turtle-neck pink jumpsuit from Veronique LeRoy. LeRoy began her label in 1991 and is known for her work with knitwear. Lady Gaga's look is look 15 from the Winter 2017 collection which features a waist wrap with a large marbled belt buckle used throughout the collection. The jumpsuit is not available for purchase through LeRoy but may be available in store. A list of major retailers is available here.

      Lady Gaga wore another look from LeRoy earlier in the day which she also posted on Instagram.

      Lady Gaga's shoes could not be seen in the photos.

      By Terran Warden


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