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    HAUS LABORATORIES Intro Campaign Look 1

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    Release Date: July 9th 2019 Filmed by: Daniel Sannwald Styled by: Nicola Formichetti

    Haus Labs look 1.jpgNow that she is on break from her Las Vegas residency, Lady Gaga is launching her long awaited beauty line, HAUS LABORATORIES! According to Business of Fashion who got the exclusive interview, the beauty line will launch this September with "multi-use colour items for cheeks, eyes, and lips in six shade families and kits containing all three products priced at a relatively affordable $49."

    To announce HAUS LABORATORIES, Lady Gaga released a one minute introduction teaser declaring this is "our Haus, your rules" as she showed the world her dream for the line. A world of inclusivity, a world of authenticity, a world of liberation.

    Lady Gaga wears several amazing looks but my favorite opens the teaser as she stands ready for the "#BattleForYourLife" in a truly monster way!

    To start, she wore an incredible fascinator by Lory Sun Artistry. Sun is a self taught artist born and raised in Romania who is best known for her avant garde headpieces and corsets, as showcased by Lady Gaga. The piece is featured on the home page of Lory Sun's website but it is not available for purchase online. However, inquiries can be made by messaging the designer on Instagram, @lorysunartistry.

    Striking a pose, she arms herself in a patent leather jacket from Kaimin's Fall/Winter 2017 "Fable Warrior" collection. You may remember the collection from the Joanne World Tour interlude. Kaimin was founded in 2016 by South Korean and Japanese designer Kaimin in New York City. The fashion label promotes innovation and inclusivity - just like Haus Laboratories - with high-tech creations and utmost attention to detail and quality.

    This time she wears look 35 which features extremely accentuated shoulder pads, and a buckled belt around the waist. The collection originally showed a floor length skirt at the end of the jacket but Mother Monster's is shortened reminiscent of her signature look - a leotard and boots. 

    Finally, she wears a killer new set of boots from her favorite shoewear company; Pleaser. She has worn dozens of different Pleaser pairs throughout her career and her thigh-high collection seems to be growing. Made in patching patent leather/black vinyl as her jacket, these thigh-high boots are finished with a six inch heel and side lacing all the way up!

    They are available through Pleaser's new website for only $89.95 here!

    Watch the first campaign teaser for HAUS LABORATORIES and get ready to make your preorders, starting Monday July 15th on HausLabs.com!

    Stay tuned - we've got the details on every single look from every model in the campaign coming soon!

    By Terran Warden

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