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      February 11th 2016 - Snapchat

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      Date: February 11th 2016 Location: Malibu & Los Angeles, California



      [caption id=attachment_2002" align="alignright" width="147]2-11-16 snap Click to enlarge.[/caption]


      Once again Lady Gaga was not spotted in public but updated her Snapchat story on her day of rehearsal for her Grammy's performance. Lady Gaga wore only one look for the day (according to her story) and her look was head-to-toe Gucci!


      Lady Gaga captioned her Snapchat video as "Gucci" which gives the assumption her suit was Gucci but what has been tracked down is her shirt, tie, shoes, and purse.


      Lady Gaga's metallic shirt appears to be a custom creation based off of look 34 in the Gucci Resort 2016 collection. Gucci's runway look originally had a colored collar while Lady Gaga's is all one fabric.


      Lady Gaga's tie is also a custom for her tribute to David Bowie but is inspired by Gucci's latest collection which featured several different ties of the same shape and size, but with different decorations. Lady Gaga's appears to be a custom creation featuring a lightning bolt (famously from David Bowie's "Alladin Sane" album cover).


      Lady Gaga showed her heels for just a second on Snapchat and are the same pair from her Super Bowl performance. While Lady Gaga opted to wear one shoe from each pair of Gucci heels, for this look she wore the complete pair of custom heels. The heels are sold by Gucci in various leather colors but this pair is made of dark blue sparkles.


      Lastly, Lady Gaga is seen on her Snapchat with a Gucci bag. Her purse comes from Gucci's Pre-Fall 2016 collection and is available for purchase! Get Lady Gaga's "Sylvie Leather Shoulder Bag" in off-white leather ($2,490) here.


      Don't forget to add Lady Gaga on Snapchat, username "LadyGaga"

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