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    Date: August 22nd 2017 Location: Cleveland, Ohio

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    With a day off in her makeup artist Sarah Tanno's hometown, Lady Gaga and the Haus of Gaga spent the day at a backyard barbeque and house party hosted by Sarah. The day was complete with dance captain Asiel's jerk chicken, sumo wrestling, and campfires.

    Before the party, Lady Gaga updated her Instagram wearing her full outfit while waiting for her ride from Sarah. She later posted at the party without her jacket and accessories. And ended the night in a completely different shirt.

    From the beginning, Lady Gaga started in her pink Gladys Tamez Millinery hat from the cover of "Joanne." The hat was custom but is now available in a limited edition for $680 here. She accessorized the hat with a pair of light blue sunglasses and her large hoop earrings, worn the night before while leaving the Joanne World Tour in St. Paul, Minnesota. Post by @neithnyer. Click to enlarge.

    Lady Gaga covered up her outfit in a denim jacket, matching her blue glasses for a complete look. Lady Gaga's jacket comes from look 10 in Neith Nyer's Resort 2018 collection. Neith Nyer is the fashion label created by Brazilian designer Francisco Terra, formerly of Givenchy. Neith Nyer releases only one collection annually. The resort 2018 collection had strong #JoanneVibes with lots of denim, pink, boots, and hats.

    Lady Gaga's jacket features pink stitching around the button holes and is available only through contacting Neith Nyer via email at [email protected]

    At the party, Lady Gaga revealed the light pink shirt she had under her jacket. Lady Gaga's shirt is from New York label Peel's, created by Jerome Peel. A few years ago, he’d created a revamped version of his father’s old mechanic’s shirt as a gift. “I liked it, so I made one for myself,” says Peel. “People quickly started asking where it came from and that’s pretty much how it all started.”

    Lady Gaga's shirt is Peel's signature shirt in "Dyed Pink Rose" and her patch has been customized to say "Lady Gaga." The shirt with a custom embroidery name, up to 10 characters, is available for $72 here.

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    For her final look of the day, Lady Gaga changed into a Saint Laurent t-shirt. Lady Gaga's shirt is the "Classic Short Sleeve T-Shirt In Ivory And Black SL Musical Notes," made of cotton jersey. The shirt is no longer sold through Saint Laurent's website, as they've moved on to the Winter collection, but it is still available through other retailers like ModeSens which has the shirt for $350 here.

    From Lady Gaga's 5th post, and her manager Bobby Campbell's Instagram story, the bottom half of Lady Gaga's outfit was pair of denim jeans and black boots. Her jeans have a distinctive pattern with two different shades of denim thus I have not tracked down her jeans yet. Stay tuned for an update when I do.

    Her shoes are another pair of Saint Laurent ankle boots, that she later wore in red while at Wrigley Field. The "Anita 85 Boot in Black Leather" are no longer available through Saint Laurent but they are available for $1,095 on FarFetch here.


    By Terran Warden

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