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    Date: August 21st 2017 Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

    Click to enlarge. For the first time since 1918, a total solar eclipse passed from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast in a band visible across the entire contiguous United States! A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and the sun obscuring the sun.

    For the historic event, Lady Gaga watched from the rooftop of her hotel with lyrics to her 2013 song "Venus" written across her hands. In her Instagram post, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing an exquisite dress that is unmistakably Saint Laurent, from the runway show she attended with Justin Bieber.

    While her protective eclipse glasses were around her neck, Lady Gaga wore a pair of regular sunglasses from Grey Ant Eyewear. Grey Ant Eyewear handmakes both optical and sunglasses in Italy and Japan in limited quantities and has been seen on other celebrities including Kourtney Kardashian and Future.

    Post by @greyant. Click to enlarge.

    Grey Ant took to their Instagram, @greyant, to post which sunglasses Lady Gaga was wearing and they are Grey Ant's "CHAT" in black and gold. Built like an aviator but looks like a cateye, the sunglasses are available for $125 here.

    From the same collection as her 30th birthday dress and other pieces she's worn, Lady Gaga's dress is the "Peacock Feather-Embroidered V-Neck Dress" from the Pre-Fall 2016 collection. The dress features a plunging neck and fluttering fluted sleeves, meticulously stitched gold feathers, and finished with a hand-applied scattering of sequins. The dress is originally sold for $15,185 but is now on sale for $6,074 through ModeSens here.

    Click to enlarge. In a delayed Snapchat story, Lady Gaga's shoes can also be seen and they are another pair of ankle booties. Previously worn before, her booties are Saint Laurent's "Babies" in red velvet. The block heel boots are available through MatchesFashion, originally for $806 but now discounted to $483, here.

    To accessorize her look, Lady Gaga wore jewelry from now New York based Edgar Mosa. Mosa is an artist born in Lisbon, Portugal where he was trained as a goldsmith at the age of 14. Just like when she was in Seattle, Lady Gaga wore two different earrings from Mosa as well as a bracelet. Check out Mosa's Instagram post about it.

    Lady Gaga's right earring is Mosa's "Cursive Tear Torrent Earring" composed of handmade chain links each shaped into a tear. The links cluster as they fall and moves gently, swinging as you walk. Handmade of solid brass, and gold dipped in 14K gold, they are available for $260 here.

    Lady Gaga's left earring is Mosa's "Orbit Tear Earring" composed of hand coiled circles that ascend and decrease in size, creating a very slight teardrop shape. They move extremely well, swinging and spiraling as you walk and collapse so you won't harm another while embracing. Handmade of solid bronze, and dipped in blackened silver, they are available for $350 here.

    Finally, Lady Gaga wears Mosa's "T Closure Bracelet." This contemporary and sophisticated piece stands out in the crowd due its bold figure yet subtle delicacy. The bracelet is 8 inches long and made of solid bronze and dipped in gold. Get your very own for $530 here.


    Lady Gaga can also be seen wearing a pair of glasses I have yet to identify. I will update this post when I find them so stay tuned!


    By Terran Warden

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