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      August 16th 2016 - Arriving at a Recording Studio in New York City

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      Date: August 16th 2016 Location: New York City



      [caption id=attachment_2721" align="alignright" width="157]8-16-16 Click to enlarge.[/caption]


      After posting a cute vocal warmup video on Snapchat (her first update in what felt like forever), Lady Gaga was spotted arriving at a recording studio in New York City.


      Lady Gaga was announced as the lead in the new movie "A Star is Born" today which will feature new music composed and performed by Lady Gaga so she could be in the studio for the movie, for LG5, or another project we haven't heard about yet.


      For her studio visit, Lady Gaga wore a casual yet edgy look that had me gagging! From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with round sunglasses from Le Specs. Le Specs is a favorite of Lady Gaga's (and mine) and her new pair is actually one of her older pairs from April 2016 in a different color. Get Lady Gaga's "Poolside Punk" in matte black shades for $79 here.


      Next, Lady Gaga wore a vintage Wrangler tshirt which the exact shirt is not available to purchase, at least to my knowledge.


      Finally, Lady Gaga finished off her look with a statement boot from New York based LRS Studio. The boots are from look 7 of LRS Studio's Spring 2016 collection which has been featured in Vogue, Open Lab Magazine, and more. The bright cowboy style boots have become one of the pieces the designer is known for but they are not available to purchase online. Contacting the designer for a purchase is available at lrs-studio.com


      Check out more photos of Lady Gaga arriving at a New York City recording studio here.


      By Terran Warden

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