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    Arriving at a Studio in Los Angeles, California

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    Date: May 24th 2019 Location: Line204 Studio (Los Angeles, California)

    5-24-19.jpgAfter being spotted leaving a video shoot a few days before, Lady Gaga was sighted once again arriving at a studio. But this time she had her own crew filming her arrival... could there be another documentary in the works?

    For her second day filming, that we know of, Lady Gaga returned to her classic t-shirt, shorts, and ankle boots look we've gotten familiar with during the Joanne era. And here's the details of her look:

    From top to bottom, LG started with a pair of black glasses. Unforuntately, I never got a good view of them from the front to identify them but they look similar to the pair she wore to Brandon Maxwell's NYFW show in 2016. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore!

    crocetti story.jpgI can identify however that she wore a new pair of Alan Crocetti earrings. Alan Crocetti is a London based jewelry house that she has worn previously like in her Coachella opening interlude film while an octopus leg hung out her mouth. This time she wore a set from the "Anarchy" collection that combines a hoop earring and an ear cuff that she wore right next to each other to mimic double ear piercings. Check out their Instagram Story announcing it was their design on the left!

    Made with 100% sterling silver, they are no longer sold through Alan Crocetti's online shop but they are available through many outside retailers like L'insane which sells a pair (1 for a pierced ear, 1 for an unpierced ear) for 517 euros here.

    Next, Lady Gaga wore a black t-shirt with the "HAUS LABORATORIES" logo spelled across in white text. This is not yet available for purchase but is suspected to be sold at the Haus of Gaga store in Las Vegas, opening May 30th. So keep an eye out for an update on this post to buy it. Her shirt was altered to have the sleeves cuffed and held up with safety pins like her final outfit at ENIGMA. 

    I have also not yet identified her shorts but they appear to be made of black leather or a liquid lame fabric. They are finished with a harness-like strap on the back which should have made them easy to track down but I haven't come across them. Again, if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore!

    Next up, she rocked her favorite fishnet stockings - with a large hole beneath her right butt cheek. They are the micro-net "Twenties Tights" from Wolford, available (without her stylish rips) for $53 here. Also available in nude shades "honey" and "gobi."

    And to complete her look, Lady Gaga once again wore her custom Giuseppe Zanotti ankle boots. The custom design is an ankle boot with front lacing and a square toe platform. They first appeared in May 2018 and she now has a pair in black, white, and silver that she wore to a bunch of her awards shows this awards season. 

    No outfit is complete without a killer bag and this time, Mother Monster debuted a brand new one! Rather than being a bag though, Lady Gaga is actually carrying a camera in a jacket case. The bag was distinguishable by the white "SONY" text across the shoulder strap. And if you zoom into the photos, you can see the Sony camera inside the black leather!

    There are not many Sony camera bags available that lay at the hip like a purse so it was easy to find on their website. There is also only one version with the white text, so hers is the "LCJ-RXF Jacket For Cyber-shot™ RX100 Series." It is sold for $84.99 and you can chose the retailer of your choice through Sony here!

    By Terran Warden

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