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      April 2nd 2016 - The Dinah Shore Music Festival

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      Date: April 2nd 2016 Location: Palm Springs, California (The Hilton Hotel)



      [caption id=attachment_2230" align="alignright" width="300]4-2-16 Click to enlarge.[/caption]


      After laying low for the past few weeks, Lady Gaga made an unexpected visit at The Dinah Shore which is described as "the largest girl party music festival in the world" and lasts for a total of five days!


      Lady Gaga was caught at the cabana pool party with some of the Haus of Gaga, including her hair artist Freddie Aspiras. Because Lady Gaga was partying in a private cabana only a few photos were taken which were hard to see clearly.


      What can be seen clearly is Lady Gaga's white sunglasses. Lady Gaga's glasses are SL 98 frames by Saint Laurent. Unfortunately they are now sold out but were available through Barney's New York for $345.

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