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  2. Maybe she's busy working on the Valentino project? She probably can't go to wherever they'd usually work on it, but maybe she's working from home. And Haus Labs have released a lot of new stuff recently, so she might be just busy with that
  3. Thank you for telling us that 💕 I feel better knowing that 👍
  4. Urban Outfitters is luxurious brand, their print is very average, but I'm sure they look fine.
  5. Lady Gaga is safe and sound, don't worry about her, she's 100% fine 🙂
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  7. You're right, I hope she's okay too ☹ something is not normal , something is happening. But this silence isn't necessarily bad news, she might be working or just being sick of the social media. She looked fine on the picture we have seen recently, but why she hasn't annonce the Valentino project herself or at least post something about it already I really hope she's okay and that she's aware about her fans concerne. 💕
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  9. Sine From Above. "My voice, my strength". Remember she said that music and sound is her God.
  10. but will we see any other promotions before valentino ?
  11. I hear you all. I really miss Gaga too. The silence is concerning especially amidst all the Twitter rumors. I truly hope she’s okay health wise. I worry about that. So I hope the silence isn’t because of health issues. I am very grateful for everything Gaga’s been doing to help with Black Lives Matter and racial injustice. Gaga’s very good with sharing information and keeping the world educated. Giving her platform to Black Lives is truly amazing. If that’s the reason she’s been silent so long I totally understand. As this is very very important. In addition to health, my other concern is the negativity on Social Media. So many are doubting the era will ever resume and are going so far as to say Chromatica’s canceled. I truly hope that’s not true. It would be terribly sad if it is. Chromatica’s too good a record and concept to be ignored. I know most of the promo we’ve heard about is unconfirmed rumors so far. I know with COVID 19 we have to be understanding that promo most likely won’t be the same as past era’s at least not in 2020. I just hope Gaga won’t give up on it. Quite honestly speaking, even though we’ve been through a lot of terrible things, the world needs this era. I think it’s something that could bring people together again. (No negativity or disrespect intended as I love Gaga so much. Just hope everything’s okay)
  12. I don't blame her, I know the circumstances are exceptional. I'm just impatient to see her more often ! chromatica is a gold bar, it's perfect ! I want to enjoy it even more 💕😍
  13. Well, we have to blame covid...we'd be enjoining the world tour right now
  14. I'm a little bit sad because I'm a recent fan, since a star is born, and became a real true fan ! I was so excited to experience this era , because I missed the others, and I'm desperate to have promotion lol
  15. How about you? how are you feeling? I won't lie im disappointed, I expected this era to be super well promoted and so far we don't have even a single performance and we don't even know if something is going to come soon About the EP, I can only dream about that.
  16. will we see the promotion for this one soon or we will have to wait until September?
  17. Is it gonna be like a music video-style commercial like artists have done before? Hoping for Enigma or Alice 😍
  18. Maybe they're gonna do an Alice to wonderland theme
  19. I have listened to chromatica over and over again and the song that fits with what Gaga stands for originality and refusing to change equality kindness and being an icon of her time would without a doubt have to be free woman ... but it will be interesting to see what is chosen...#BEBEST
  20. I'm so happy they picked Inez & Vinoodh, they videos look so real but at the same time very elaborate
  21. The visuals could be really beautiful with SFA as the commercial song. It’d be such a great choice imo
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