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A Decade of Lady Gaga

To celebrate the arrival of the new decade, The Lady Gaga Now Team made a comprehensive recap of the past 10 years of Lady Gaga. If you're a new member, or simply a veteran Gaga "stan" we hope you'll find the following Gaga-Pedia (illustrated by the spectacular Fernando Monroy) useful to get yourself ready to the upcoming new decade full of surprises and even more Gaga. Please login to our website and feel free to click on all highlighted keywords to view the relative media.

By Muhammad


Throughout this past decade, we’ve seen Gaga grow and transform into one of the best musicians in history. There is no doubt that 2010 was one of the biggest and most successful years of her career and a cherry on top for her Little Monsters.

Grammy Awards 2010

Wearing a spherical globe dress, Gaga arrived at the Grammys red carpet on January 31st looking like a true chameleon. Wearing Armani Privé, she had the world in awe with her galactic look. Further into the night, she performed Poker Face, and then was joined on stage by Sir. Elton John on a shared piano for a mashup of Gaga’s Speechless and John’s Your Song. During her performance, she wore another outfit designed by Armani. Gaga was nominated for six Grammys, the most ever for her to date, and took home two for Best Dance Recording (Poker Face), Best Dance/Electronic Album (The Fame).

Monster Ball 2.0

The Monster Ball Tour was one of the highest selling tours by a female artist and had approximately 120 shows. After the first few legs of the tour, Gaga wanted to start “fresh” and decided to revamp the whole show, saying that the tour was initially planned in a short span of time. Little Monsters were given a whole treat as the revamped show had new outfits, different songs, and a number of new Gagatastic moments. The tour started on November 27, 2009 in Montreal and ended on May 6, 2011 in Mexico City. With 100% of the shows sold out, the tour grossed over a whopping $200,000,000. In 2011, due to high popularity, HBO partnered up with Gaga and recorded a concert special which gave fans a chance to enjoy the show on their screens. The shooting took place at the prestigious Madison Square Garden (MSG) venue in Manhattan, New York. Two shows of the Monster Ball Tour which took place on February 21st and 22nd in 2011, were recorded and also had exclusive backstage / behind the scenes footage of how the vision of the show comes alive. 

Jo Calderone 

Gaga has transformed into many alter egos throughout her career but the most shocking one was when she became a man she called Jo for Vogue Hommes Japan. The creation of Jo Calderone was a vision by Gaga and Nick Knight who also shot this particular cover photo for Vogues Hommes Japan. The black and white images started a rumble in the Little Monster community and left everyone wondering if Jo was actually Lady Gaga or maybe just a hot Italian model. 

Telephone Music Video

On March 11, the music video for Telephone was released. The power duo, Beyoncé and Gaga, reunited once again (they first worked together for Video Phone) to show the world that women aren’t to be messed with. The video was directed by Jonas Åkerlund who also worked on the Paparazzi music video and showcased huge inspirations from Quentin Tarantino's’ movies such as Kill Bill. The inspiration behind the video came after Gaga had lunch with Quentin and he told her to use the “Pussy Wagon” in the music video. Gaga also stated that she wanted to create a meaningful pop-savvy video which combated fame culture and its’ dilemmas. Set in a prison cell at the start, Gaga and her bestie Beyoncé, set out to get justice with their own lyrical and musical style. The video is a mini movie, with a length of 15 minutes. Gaga’s sister Natali is also seen as an extra in the music video. The release garnered rave reviews and became a hit, with many hoping for a continuation (which we know we’ll get “soon”). .

Gaga Live With Sting

At Sting’s 60th birthday concert, Gaga was personally invited to perform and share the stage with the rock legend. Sting met Gaga multiple times and he also attended her Monster Ball show in January 2010, where they met backstage and possibly spoke about this event. The duo performed Sting’s “Kind Of Pain” with Gaga on the piano and Sting on his guitar. The theatrical performance filled with raw vocals and pure talent amazed many and definitely brought new fans into our fandom.

Alejandro Music Video

The music video for Alejandro was released on June 8, 2010. Directed by Steven Klein, the video takes us through a rollercoaster ride filled with religious symbolisms and sexual attraction. The video was deemed controversial due to many scenes being affiliated with the Christian belief and particularly the scene of Gaga swallowing a rosary was seen as anti-Christian. Filled with robes, hot male models, a nun who just wants sexual contact, this music video went viral and became one of the most recognizable Lady Gaga hits.

Today Show / You and I

On July 9, 2010, Gaga performed a set on the Today Show and with over 18,000 fans in the audience, it was deemed the largest ever crowd to pack around the Rockefeller Center for a musical performance. Throughout her set, she sang jazz along with her dance hits, all in the pouring rain, not delaying the show, like the pro that she is. Gaga performed one of her new songs, You and I which was a teaser from her upcoming new album (Born This Way),  live at the Monster Ball a couple of times, but the first televised performance was at this concert special. With her white outfit, sunglasses, and wet hair, she serenaded the audience and millions of people watching on their televisions with her pop ballad.

The Meat Dress

The 2010 VMAs were full of shock and surprises for both Gaga and her Little Monsters. Gaga arrived at the red carpet in a custom Alexander Mcqueen outfit and a Perry Meek headpiece. She arrived with former US soldiers who were discharged due to a discriminatory US policy, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, which forbid them from talking openly about their sexualities. The first win for Gaga (of the night) was best female video for Bad Romance, presented by Ellen DeGeneres. As a fashionista, Gaga changed her outfit after her first win. She wore a custom dress created by Giorgio Armani in which she also accepted her award for best pop video for Bad Romance. The biggest win of the night, which was for video of the year (Bad Romance) was also presented to Gaga by living legend, Cher. In a shocking turn of events, Gaga returned to her seat prior to the award win in a meat dress, created by Franc Fernandez and ingrained in minds as one of the most iconic fashion moments in history. People watching around the world and those in the audience were left wondering if the dress was made of actual meat. This night was one of the biggest for Gaga as she broke the record for most nominations by any artist, with a crazy 13 nominations to herself and a total of 18 including Video Phone. On the same night, Gaga joined Ellen DeGeneres on her show revealing that the dress was a symbol of free expression and was a statement to the world to fight for what one believes in, also citing her distaste in the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy. 

Born This Way Title Announcement

After her biggest win of the night at the VMA’s, Gaga handed over her meat purse to Cher and singlehandedly delivered the most unexpected announcement of the night – the name of her new record. Along with the announcement Gaga sang a few lines from the title track in tears, which surely caused every Little Monster to go through an emotional breakdown.

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Rally

On September 20th, Gaga rallied in Maine for the repeal of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy which forbid LGBTQ+ individuals from openly disclosing their sexualities while in military service. Gaga demanded that the senators vote and repeal this policy as it was discriminatory and homophobic. She also released a video urging Americans to call/text the senators and to persuade them to do the right thing. Although the repeal vote had been stalled in the Senate, Gaga’s tireless advocacy brought global attention to this issue. A year after the rally, the senate voted to annul the policy and allow LGBTQ+ individuals to serve in the military.

Born This Way Dates Surprise 

At the stroke of midnight on January 1st; Lady Gaga surprised her Little Monsters with the greatest new year gift ever. She blessed them with the release date of her new record, Born This Way, and its title track. This announcement sent the fandom into a frenzy, with many anticipating the release of the album. Fast-forward to today, Born This Way is a critically acclaimed record which impacted the lives of millions in a positive way.

Today, it seems crazy to think that a decade has passed since 2010, when we all had no idea on what Gaga will bring us next. We certainly thought that she had reached her peak but we thought wrong. With every coming year, she’s proving that no matter how long you’ve been in the industry, talent and hard work always pays off. Now let’s see what will happen in the coming decade, maybe we’ll finally get Telephone 2.0? Or maybe a baby Gaga? You never know! 


By Lisa Murphy


Following a massive, groundbreaking 2010 for Mother Monster, 2011 would prove to be another monumental year. Between the release of her highly anticipated third studio album, major promotional appearances, and even a holiday special, 2011 would see Gaga skyrocket even further into the hemisphere of superstardom & solidify herself as an artistic genius.

The Vessel

Following the anticipation created from her tease of the lyrics in her acceptance speech for Video of the Year at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, Gaga officially released “Born This Way” on February 11, 2011. On the day of the Grammys, fans sat perched watching their TVs & live streams of the red carpet; waiting to see what surprise Gaga had in store. Gaga arrived to the red carpet being carried in what appeared to be an alien-like egg, that we later learned was a “vessel”, in which Gaga was incubating inside. While many people watching the Grammys were surely perplexed by this, monsters understood and appreciated the artistry & symbolism. Gaga was literally born on stage that night. She also affirmed her excellency as an artist that night when she took home her Grammys for Best Pop Vocal Album (The Fame Monster), Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (“Bad Romance”), & Best Short Form Music Video (“Bad Romance”). 

Born This Way Video 

Gaga released the highly anticipated video for “Born This Way” on February 28, 2011. As with some of her best videos prior, this video was another mini movie directed by Nick Knight. A battle between good & evil is depicted, where Gaga declares the birth of a new race; one which “bears no prejudice, no judgement, but boundless freedom”. The video featured the late Rick Genest (“Zombie Boy”) as a co-star and presented one of Gaga’s most notable looks: Skeleton Gaga. From the prelude section of the video to the song/dance numbers, critics boasted enthusiastically about the video. Entertainment Weekly described the prelude as “mythic” & “Hitchcockian”, and stated that it “proved she’s now the great trickster of American popular culture, passing off irony as sincerity and dogma as truth.” MTV stated that the video is “loaded with blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments.” This video was a monumental moment for Gaga & demonstrated ideals that still continue to follow her throughout her career today.

Anatomy Of A Change

With Nicola Formichetti as the creative director of the fashion house Mugler at the time, Gaga stunned the fashion world yet again, when she walked the runway for Mugler’s Fall 2011 collection in Paris on March 2, 2011. In the weeks leading up to the runway, a music trailer called “Anatomy of a Change” was released as a teaser for the new collection featuring a mysterious remixed track from Born This Way as background. Only later was it revealed to be the fan favorite track: Scheiße. 

When Gaga hit the runway to the beat of the new song, the background music slowly blended into another never before heard track: “Government Hooker”. Looking fierce & ferocious, Gaga strutted down the runway with an energy like no other. Cigarette in mouth & platforms for days, fans & the fashion industry were elated to see the uniqueness Gaga could bring to a fashion show. The new songs that premiered during the show also led to even more hype for the upcoming album.


To the fans’ excitement, Gaga announced that her web series GagaVision would be returning on April 4, 2011, after nearly 2 years since its last episode. Each episode would give some insight into her life during the creation & promotion Born This Way. “Sometimes it all feels so revealing, but most of all please know, there's nothing I'm concealing,” Gaga asserted at the start of each video. On her creative process, Gaga explained in one episode, “It all happens in approximately 15 minutes of this giant regurgitation of my thoughts and feelings. And then I spend days, weeks, months, years fine-tuning. But the idea is that you honor your vomit. You have to honor your vomit. You have to honor those 15 minutes.” Only later Little Monsters found out that all instrumentals of those videos were a preview of tracks from Born this Way such as Heavy Metal Lover and Electric Chapel.

Unfortunately, GagaVisions halted transmission after 4 episodes in 2011.


Gaga released her official second single of the Born This Way era on April 15, 2011. Being released just in time for Easter, “Judas” used religious metaphors to portray the idea of a person being in love with someone who they know is not good for them. With it’s pulsing beat & catchy chorus, as well as it’s legendary single cover taken by Gaga herself on her Blackberry “for texture”, “Judas” remains a fan-favorite amongst monsters. A couple of weeks later, on May 5, Lady Gaga released the music video for “Judas”, that was condemned with strong criticism for its religious references. The video depicted a pseudo modern-day Jerusalem, with Gaga as Mary Magdalene leading the apostles to Jesus on their motorcycles. Gaga’s character is torn between Jesus & the beguilement of Judas, “the demon she clings to”. This was the first video ever directed by The Haus of Gaga. Gaga & creative director Laurieann Gibson wanted to make sure the video’s direction was perfect, which is why they chose to direct it themselves.


Ahead of the release of Born This Way, Gaga teamed up with the social media game FarmVille as a unique way to promote the record & give fans exclusive first listen to the upcoming songs from the album. Renamed GagaVille, fans who played the game were privy to special items such as unicorns, crystals, & sheep on motorcycles, as well as exclusive bonus tracks with the purchase of a game card. “I want to celebrate and share Born This Way with my little monsters in a special way that’s never been done before,” said Gaga. Like their sheep in the game, Little Monsters flocked to their computers to play the Mother Monster-inspired game. 


The success for Born This Way continued, with Europe demanding her presence stronger than ever. As her first stop to promote the album, Gaga headed to France to perform at the Cannes Film Festival on the French television show Le Grand Journal. With a beautiful setting for the gig along the picturesque French Riviera & striking two-toned hair reminiscent of Cruella de Ville, Gaga delivered an enigmatic performance of “Judas” for the crowd.

Guest Editor at Metro’s London Office

“Dear Monsters, Let your identity be your religion.” – That is how Gaga began her editorial piece for the newspaper Metro World News for the May 17th edition of the periodical. As part of her promotional campaign leading up to the release of Born This Way (album), Gaga fled to London, arriving at the office for the day as a guest editor & shed some light on current issues, especially bullying. A very unique edition of the print, people from all over the world got the chance to catch up on current events & read Gaga’s comments on the subjects.

Pray For Japan

Something else to tack onto her busy schedule, Gaga announced that she would be taking on a new responsibility as a columnist for V Magazine beginning with the summer 2011 issue. The column would be based on fashion & the arts. Fans were very excited to hear more from her brilliant mind, & looked forward to snatching a copy of the magazine as soon as it hit the newsstands. In her photoshoot for V 71 the same year, Gaga can be seen wearing a certain special bracelet. In the wake of the massive earthquake that hit Japan on March 11, 2011, Gaga designed a rubber “We Pray For Japan” bracelet that she sold to provide economic relief to the country. The bracelet was red & white, to represent the colors of the Japanese flag. Through the sales of the bracelets, Gaga raised $250,000 for the victims.

Born This Way Album Signing at Best Buy

Gaga released her Born This Way album on May 23, 2011. On album release day, Gaga appeared at Best Buy in NYC to meet & greet the first 500 fans who purchased the album. Fans from all over America dropped everything to make it to NYC & camp out for this moment. Fans in line chatted about Gaga, sang together, & danced together all while looking forward to meeting the woman who inspires them. It was a wonderful time for monsters to meet other monsters, many of which remain friends to this day.

CFDA Awards

On June 6, 2011 Gaga received the Style Icon Award at the 2011 CFDA Awards at Lincoln Center in NYC. That evening, Gaga wore a fierce look by Mugler, paired with the fan-favorite teal bob wig. In her acceptance speech, she spoke about how fashion was such an important part of her life; how it helped her to build confidence & uncover her true self. This message resonated very much with fans, who would continue to create unique looks over the decade that made them feel beautiful & confident in their own skin. Following the event, an after part was held at The Standard Hotel. Gaga had another memorable moment that evening when the legendary Patti LaBelle invited her on stage. The two sang a rendition of “Over The Rainbow” together.

Germany’s Next Top Model

Lady Gaga continued her worldwide promotional tour flying to Germany. On June 9th, 2011, she performed on the season finale of Germany’s Next Top Model. She rocked the house performing a medley of tracks from Born This Way, including “Scheiße”, an acoustic piano version of “Born This Way”, & “The Edge of Glory”. For TEOG, Gaga performed on the runway, passing a series of guillotines – one labeled “Sex”, another “Money”, & the final one “Vanity”. The performance culminated in a shocking way with her decapitation of herself by the vanity guillotine.  Holding her own decapitated head, Gaga received a massive ovation from the crowd, & would later go on to tell Heidi Klum that she would “kill for fashion”.

Europride Rome

Gaga made a surprising and monumental appearance at Europride in Rome on June 11, 2011. Thousands of European members of the LGBTQ gathered for this event, to celebrate their pride & advocate for gay rights. Gaga gave a moving speech in which she stated that her “greater mission is to be part of the joyous mobilization of the LGBT community worldwide.” She followed her speech up with beautiful acoustic renditions of “Born This Way” & “The Edge of Glory”.

The Edge of Glory Video

The video for “The Edge of Glory” was initially supposed to be directed by Joseph Kahn, but it was later reported that Gaga & Kahn parted ways due to creative differences. The video was allegedly supposed to include the Brooklyn Bridge, a hospital scene, & a mermaid scene, but Gaga then decided to go in a more simple direction. Directed by the Haus of Gaga, the video was set on the streets of NYC. Scenes were shot with the late Clarence Clemons on the saxophone, & the video depicted Gaga signing, dancing, & paying tribute to where it all began for her – that apartment on the Lower East Side.

Lady Gaga Day

After a brief visit to France for a performance on the X-Factor France, Gaga arrived in Taichung, Taiwan. Leading up to her outdoor show, which nearly 40,000 fans would attend, Taichung also held a Gaga-inspired parade. Taiwanese fans turned up for the parade in their best Gaga looks. Some even participated in a fashion competition in their looks. It was a fantastic way to celebrate Gaga’s first visit to Taiwan. At the show, Gaga performed some tracks from Born This Way as well as some of her iconic singles from past albums. July 3rd was later declared “Lady Gaga Day” in Taiwan.

Sydney Monster Hall

On July 13th, 2011, Gaga transformed Sydney, Australia’s beautiful Town Hall into the Sydney Monster Hall, where she held a full concert to promote the release of Born This Way. Fans won tickets through a radio contest, in which they needed to upload a photo showing how big of a Little Monster they are. Those who were chosen got to experience a Gaga concert in such a special, intimate venue. Gaga delivered one of the best shows she had ever put on, & monsters still love watching the videos today on Youtube.

You & I

Gaga released the video to “You & I” on August 16th, 2011 as her 1000th tweet. In the weeks leading up to this, fans had been going crazy over the teaser videos Gaga had been releasing, as well as the mysterious tweets coming from the twitter user @JoCalderone. Gaga plays both herself & her male alter ego Jo Calderone in the video, as well as the mermaid version of herself, Yuyi. Gaga explained on an MTV special, “The video is quite complex in the way that the story is told, and it's meant to be slightly linear, twisted and confusing, which is the way that love is." The video also starred Taylor Kinney as Gaga’s love interest. The set of the video is where Gaga & Taylor met & would then form a relationship.

Jo Calderone At The VMAs

At the 2011 VMAs, Gaga shocked the world when she opened the show as her male alter ego Jo Calderone. She delivered a monologue & then went into a performance of “You & I”, which featured Queen’s Brian May on guitar. That wasn’t the end of Gaga’s performance, though; Gaga remained in character as Jo Calderone the whole night. She accepted the award for Best Female Video as Jo, & even presented Britney Spears with the Video Vanguard Award. Britney & Jo nearly shared a kiss, but Britney shot it down comically saying “I’ve done that already” in reference to her legendary 2003 VMA moment with Madonna. The entire night was a bold, brilliant character moment for Gaga that was completely unique.

EMAs “Marry The Night”

Gaga went back to Europe to perform and attend the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Gaga shook the world with a risky performance of her latest single “Marry The Night”. Donning an avant-garde, mirrored look by Paco Rabanne & a Philip Treacy hat, Gaga sang her heart out on what appeared to be the top of a spherical moon. She also took home 4 awards that night, including Best Female, Biggest Fans, Best Song, & Best Video.

A Very Gaga Thanksgiving

Following a small break before the holidays, Lady Gaga announced her first TV special titled “A Very Gaga Thanksgiving”. Gaga was the host of the special, in which she performed jazz renditions of some of her hits & holiday classics. The special also included a cooking segment with Chef Art Smith & a visit back to Gaga’s alma mater Sacred Heart in Manhattan. The program also coincided with the release of an EP called A Very Gaga Holiday, which included live versions of “White Christmas”, “Orange Colored Sky”, “You & I”, & “The Edge of Glory” from the special.

Marry The Night Video

On December 2, 2011, Gaga released the near 14-minute music video for “Marry The Night”. This short film delved into Gaga’s past as young, aspiring artist in NYC; where she would take dance classes, carry her piano up & down her apartment building staircase for gigs, never quitting no matter what challenges she’d face. “You may have said I lost everything, but I still had my Bedazzler.” – a memorable line from the video that fans will always refer to & be inspired by. The video is an artistic rendition of what Gaga was feeling when she was dropped by her first record label before she became famous, and it closes with her rising from the ashes like a phoenix.

New Years Eve in NYC

Gaga ended her year at the top of the world headlining Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve in Times Square on December 31, 2011. About 1 million people gathered in Times Square that day to ring in the New Year. Gaga performed “Marry The Night” & “Born This Way” for the crowd. She also helped NYCs Mayor Bloomberg hit the Waterford crystal button to officially start the ball drop & countdown to midnight. Monsters all over the world streamed the performance & were overjoyed to ring in 2012 seeing their queen.

By Phillip Rodriguez


2012 was one of the biggest years for Gaga in terms of touring, philanthropy, and entering the beauty market. She launched a worldwide tour that spanned numerous countries, a nonprofit organization that is still making a positive impact today in 2019, and released her very first fragrance that has sold millions of bottles since its launch.

Born This Way Foundation

On February 29, Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, launched their nonprofit organization ‘Born This Way Foundation’ in Massachusetts. The foundation’s main mission is to help struggling youth by inspiring a braver and kinder world. Initial funding came from Gaga herself, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and Barneys New York. Gaga was also ranked at number fourteen on Forbes’ list of World’s 100 Most Powerful Women due to her work with the foundation.

During the Born This Way Ball tour, Born This Way Foundation held a pop-up outside each arena visited on tour called the Born Brave Bus. Youth attending the concert later in the night could drop in and learn more about how they can help create a kinder and braver world.

Born This Way Foundation partnered with Office Depot during back to school and sold school supplies with empowering messages. An ad campaign featuring Lady Gaga in a classroom with children ran on multiple channels to promote this initiative. Office Depot donated 25% of the profits back to the foundation and guaranteed at least one million to be donated.

The Born This Way Ball Tour

2012 is the year Lady Gaga debuted one of her most anticipated tours for her album Born This Way, the Born This Way Ball. The show premiered in Seoul, South Korea on April 27th, eleven months after the album’s initial release, and was set to finish in Tulsa, Oklahoma on March 20, 2013. Openers included Zedd, Lady Starlight, and The Darkness.

In the months leading up to the tour, Lady Gaga tweeted numerous teasers including a black and white sketch of the stage; a large castle structure with a general admission pit enclosed within runways that extended from the main stage.

Gaga named this central area the ‘Monster Pit’ and the rules for access drove some of Gaga’s biggest fans into a frenzy. Whoever was first in line for the Monster Pit earned the coveted Monster Pit Key that figuratively unlocked the pit and gave the key holder access to meeting Gaga after the show. Fans camped out for days, even weeks, to secure a spot in the Monster Pit.

Gaga began her show riding around the Monster Pit on a mechanical horse to the tune of Highway Unicorn while being escorted by an entourage of her dancers. We are then introduced to a floating head named Mother G.O.A.T. who announces that alien fugitive Lady Gaga has escaped and Operation: Kill the Bitch has commenced. The rest of the show follows Gaga performing the entirety of the Born This Way album as well as some of her greatest hits before ultimately killing Mother G.O.A.T..

The show was met with many controversies, mostly due to Gaga’s long-time support of the LGBT community. In Russia, Gaga told the Russian government to arrest her on stage after denouncing their anti-LGBT laws. Gaga was forced to cancel her show in Jakarta due to threats against her coming to their country, which Gaga references in her unreleased song ‘Partynauseous’ with Kendrick Lamar. Gaga’s concert in Manila also experienced huge protests outside the venue. Religious groups rallied to protest about how songs like ‘Judas’ showed distorted views of their Lord Jesus Christ. In Melbourne, Gaga premiered a new song called ‘Princess Die’ which referenced suicide and depression and was met with backlash by nonprofit groups focusing on suicide prevention.


On August 22, 2012 in the US, Gaga launched her first ever fragrance ‘Lady Gaga Fame’ with Coty, Inc.. The packaging consisted of a clear egg-shaped bottle filled with a black liquid and three gold claw-like nails extending down the sides of the bottle. The fragrance contained notes of atropa belladonna, tiger orchid, incense, apricot, saffron and honey. Lady Gaga Fame was marketed as being the first ever black eau de parfum that turned clear once sprayed onto the skin.

A more expensive version was also released called ‘Le Masterpierce’ and featured a larger bottle with a metal cap. Also released were black soap, black shower gel and black body lotion.To promote the fragrance, Lady Gaga released an epic commercial directed by Steven Klein that showed a large statue of Gaga lying on the ground while smaller models crawled all over her body to the tune of Scheisse. 

On September 13, 2012, Gaga launched her fragrance in New York at the Guggenheim Museum. A livestream was aired that showed Gaga sleeping inside of a giant Fame bottle before coming out and greeting her guests. 

On September 23, 2012, Gaga was in Paris to launch her fragrance at Sephora located on Champs-Elysees and on October 7, 2012, Gaga launched her fragrance in the UK at Harrods. Hundreds of fans lined up outside the department store to catch a glimpse of Gaga. After arriving on a horse-drawn carriage, Gaga attended a special tea party inside with fans who had won a competition. At the Macy’s launch, Gaga showed up in a bizarre alien-esque outfit on a carriage shaped like the fragrance bottle. Gaga also covered the special September anniversary issue of Vogue Magazine in support of her fragrance.

The End of The Born This Way Ball Tour 

On February 13, 2013, Live Nation Entertainment announced the remainder of the Born This Way Ball dates had been canceled after it was determined that Gaga had a labral tear in her right hip. It was reported that she needed to have surgery and would need a lot of time to recover and heal. 

By Anthony


2013 was a year of hard work, new beginnings, heartbreak and resilience for Lady Gaga. Any little monster that followed Gaga through that time can probably remember that era vividly. After a 2012 of touring, dropping many studio pictures, sharing tidbits of information on new music and releasing her first perfume, she was determined to make this a year to remember. With the cancellation of a tour, the release of her fourth studio album and a small but notable role marking her film debut, the year was definitely memorable, even when some things didn’t go as planned.

The End Of The Born This Way Ball

The year kicked off with the next leg of shows on the ‘Born This Way Ball’ Tour in the US and Canada. Gaga powered through shows in the first few weeks of the year, with Madeon and Lady Starlight as the opening acts, the former who she was working with on tracks for her then-upcoming album ARTPOP. 

Skype sponsored the tour in its later dates and held a competition to chat to Gaga, and on January 17, she hosted a live call dubbed the “Skype Ball” with the several lucky fans who won.

Gaga continued through more dates in January and early February until what would become the final show, despite being planned to end in March. The day unfortunately came on February 11 in Montreal, Canada where she performed in immense physical pain despite no one truly knowing. She tweeted “My bones hurt from all the shows But I don’t feel the pain cuz Im a pro I sink in then Im ok cuz my body belongs to u when Im on stage”, just a few weeks prior to the cancellation, perhaps as a way to express her pain without worrying anyone. In the end it became too much and she had a labral tear and had broken her hip, requiring immediate surgery.

Gaga’s return: Machete Kills

After her hip surgery, Gaga made it clear that she needed a break from the public eye for a while so she could properly recover. There were small appearances from time to time as she got around in her wheelchair, such as on March 10 where she was spotted at her sister Natali’s birthday party. She was off of social media and taking time to heal, spending most of her days recovering either at home or in the studio. While not an appearance, our first taste of Gaga’s true return to the public eye came with the trailer for the film “Machete Kills” which was released on May 30. While she had studied acting and starred in multiple tv roles, such as The Simpsons the previous year, this was our first glimpse of Gaga in a major film. 

The next day, she made another social media post as she headed to the studio with Dallas Austin to record a track titled “Posh Life” which she gave to girl group TLC. With multiple projects lined up, slowly but surely, she was coming back stronger than ever.

At the end of the month, on June 28, Gaga made her first public appearance since her surgery, attending the New York City pride rally. Gaga gave an emotional speech in support of the LGBT+ community, acknowledging communities both past and present.

 “I am so fortunate to have been welcomed by all of you into the LGBT community and to this family. And this family from the very young aged to the elders this community, they share their stories with me daily. I listen to their stories and I understand more of the history and I marvel at how our civil rights movement is a continuum, it is ongoing, it is so brave. It was born, like you, to survive”, she proclaimed. 

Gaga also sang the National Anthem, where she changed line “home of the brave” to “home of the gays”. 

Although it wasn’t known at the time, it was later revealed that she had been preparing for a studio session and video shoot with Bennett where they recorded a cover of the jazz classic “Anything Goes”. This track and their subsequent album were not known to exist at this time as they wouldn’t be released until the following year, but it had been in the works all throughout 2013. 

ARTPOP Announcement 

On the evening of July 11, Lady Gaga and the Haus Of Gaga attended a special event at the Inez and Vinoodh Gagosian Gallery in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. Gaga gave everyone in attendance a ‘Born This Way’ skull shaped cake and the first ARTPOP promotional photo was debuted at this event. Shortly after leaving the venue, the official album announcement was made online, with both the albums producers and mixers tweeting out the dates of the album, app, lead single and video release. 

The album and accompanying application were set to be released worldwide on November 11th, with the lead single and music video set to drop on August 19th. It was also announced that the album and app were available for pre-order on September 1st. 

“Built by TechHAUS, the technological branch of HAUS OF GAGA, the app itself is a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion, and technology with a new interactive worldwide community -- "the auras". Altering the human experience with social media, we bring ARTculture into POP in a reverse Warholian expedition.As part of the description of the upcoming ARTPOP experience.” 

MTV broke the news that Lady Gaga would be performing Applause at the Video Music Awards in August, and she began to hype up the release of the single on social media. 

The “Applause” single cover was revealed on the cover of newspaper ‘Women’s Wear Daily’ on July 29, and the countdown to August 19 now began.

Collaboration With Marina Abramović

In early August Gaga attended a reading marathon in New York, based on a science fiction novel published in 1961, titled "Solaris". She also recorded a video, 15 minutes before starting the marathon, where she read the first chapter. The purpose of this event was to sensitise participants and get a donation for the Marina Abramović Institute, which lasted 8 hours. Days later, Marina instructed Lady Gaga in the Abramović Method, a series of exercises designed to heighten participants’ awareness of their physical and mental experience in the present moment. Gaga partook in a series of these, many of which she wore little to no clothing while undertaking such as activities involving crystals, nature and stillness. This was filmed and released as a NSFW short film online.

Applause Release

As the big day neared, Gaga teased Applause all over social media, counting down the days and dropping new lyrics. Unfortunately, a week before the planned release date, snippets of the song began leaking online. Gaga declared a “pop music emergency” and announced an immediate release of the track on August 12. In a series of tweets, she stated, in all caps, 




The next day, she tweeted out asking for fans to come to Micky's Bar in West Hollywood, and spent the night shooting an impromptu lyric video for her new single with fans and the drag performers. 

On August 19, the official music video for “Applause” debuted at Good Morning America. Lady Gaga was interviewed on the show for the release and she sat in the binary chair from the ARTPOP promotional photoshoot.

The video, filmed by Inez & Vinoodh, was premiered at the end of the interview live on the program and all throughout New York’s landmark Times Square. 

Lady Gaga by Marina Abramovic

Lady Gaga graced the cover of V Magazine’s fall fashion issue #85, photographed by Inez & Vinoodh. There were four different covers styled by Brandon Maxwell: with Gaga wearing custom Dolce & Gabbana, custom Giorgio Armani, custom Balenciaga, custom Versace, and custom Saint Laurent Paris. 

Gaga was interviewed by Marina Abramović, whom she had recently been spending time with. She discussed ARTPOP and what it meant to her.  

V Magazine described the issue, proclaiming “In the final segment of the series, Lady Gaga embodies a character closest to her current state of mind. Having successfully recovered from her hip surgery and subsequent hiatus, she is ready to bring the rest of the world into her ARTPOP consciousness”. 

Applause at the VMAs

On August 25, Lady Gaga opened the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards with a performance of "Applause”. She began the performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York wearing a square-shaped canvas headpiece and an all-white cape. Audible boos rang throughout the arena, but were quickly replaced by cheers and applause. Gaga, assisted by dancers, changed into the black sequin leotard featured in the music video for the song. Gaga went through a multitude of quick costume and wig changes throughout the performance representing each of her previous eras. She ended the performance in a seashell bikini like the one in the music video as a taste of what was to come. It brought a boost in ratings compared to the previous year where she wasn’t in attendance and was well received by fans and critics.


Lady Gaga headlined the iTunes Music festival in London on September 1st which she dubbed “Swinefest”. The one-off performance was her first public show since the Born This Way Ball. In the weeks leading up to it, Gaga announced that she would be premiering 7 brand new songs from ARTPOP at the show, and that there would be a competition for fans to be flown over to be there. As the days grew closer, she began sharing short muffled rehearsal videos of brand new songs “MANiCURE”, “Sexxx Dreams” and “Swine”, the latter which the show was named after. 

In addition to those tracks, she also premiered “I Wanna Be With U”, “ARTPOP”, Aura” and “Jewels N’ Drugs” with T.I, Too and Twista, all but the former joined her onstage. The event was live-streamed worldwide and gave us our first real taste of ARTPOP as by that time we had only heard two tracks (one being from a leak). In an interview that took place backstage she revealed that one of the songs she performed was the continuation to her previous hit “Telephone”, and despite being speculated that Aura was said track, it was never confirmed. 

The album was available for pre-order that day, and the app was available to download (with features limited until the release date).

She was spotted that evening in a robotic Anemone dress, a 3D printed spectacle which blew bubbles, made by Studio XO.

ARTPOP Party In Germany

The ARTPOP listening party on October 24 was held at Berghain Club in Berlin. Titled “The AMPYA Moment With Lady Gaga”, it was an exclusive event for fans to hear the album in full for the first time. Portions were live-streamed, such as Gaga’s Q&A and the debut performance of “Gypsy” which she performed on the piano. 

As she wrapped up her trip to Berlin, she left her hotel dressed as Venus, and went to the Berlin Wall. She climbed onto a piece of the destroyed historical landmark, where she stood barefoot in silence, staring out into the sky meditating for several minutes.

ARTPOP London Promotion

Following her trip to Germany, Gaga headed to London to promote both ARTPOP and “Venus”. While not planned to be released until October 27, Gaga went to the G-A-Y nightclub in London a day prior, where she stripped down naked onstage and premiered the track live for fans in attendance. 

The following day she made an appearance on the X Factor UK to perform a medley of “Venus” and “Do What U Want”, starting the performance with long blonde hair, before ripping off the wig and stripping down to little clothing and her natural dark hair. A few days later, she was on the Graham Norton show to discuss the album, and she performed both “Venus” and “Do What U Want”.

ARTPOP Release - The Original artRAVE 

The wait for ARTPOP was finally over, something we had all eagerly and patiently anticipated throughout 2012 and many months of 2013 even after the devastating cancellation of her tour. On the night of November 10 she hosted an event called ‘artRAVE’, an exclusive one-off party to celebrate the release of the album at midnight. Before the warehouse party began, she held a press conference to unveil the album, the application and Volantis, the world’s first flying dress, made by TechHaus and Studio XO. The device took took 2 years to construct. Six lifting fan units were mounted in a hexagonal formation radiating from a central hub, giving the device the ability to hover three feet above the ground. 

It was then time for the main event. Hosted on an island in New York, it featured video installations of her work with Marina Abramović and Robert Wilson, sculptures by Jeff Koons who designed the sculpture on the ARTPOP album cover, live DJ sets and a performance by Gaga, live-streamed worldwide. 

Old Lady Gaga

On November 16, Gaga appeared on Saturday Night Live to discuss her new album. She both was the host and musical guest of the episode. She starred in as many as 7 skits, and performed 3 tracks: a jazz version of “Applause”, “Do What U Want”, and “Gypsy”. 

The skits involved a myriad of styles, themes and time periods, ranging from ‘Cheap Applause Monologue’, to the ‘Kimye Talk Show’ and even ‘Old Lady Gaga’. The latter featured a fast forward to 2063, where 77 year old Gaga is kind of a washed up mess trying to impress the maintenance guy who has never heard of her.

Do What You Want At The AMAs

Lady Gaga appeared at the American Music Awards on November 24th. She arrived on the red carpet on a giant white mechanical horse. It was moved by several of her dancers. She took her time to cross the red carpet as she posed for photos, and stunned with long blonde hair. 

She then took to the stage to perform “Do What U Want” with R. Kelly in a presidential themed performance with an intro monologue of the pair. The backdrop featured many negative headlines of the two, ultimately expressing the message of the song. 

Muppets Special

Lady Gaga & the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular was a 90 minutes ABC Thanksgiving special that aired on November 28. It also had guest appearances from Sir Elton John, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and RuPaul. Throughout the show, she had a number of performances, including songs from ARTPOP as well as tracks like “Baby, Its Cold Outside” and “Bennie And The Jets”. “Gypsy” was performed with Kermit The Frog.


Do What U Want feat. Christina Aguilera

Lady Gaga performed a special rendition of “Do What U Want” with Christina Aguilera on December 16 at The Voice Finale, in Los Angeles. The pair performed in shimmery outfits on a fog filled stage, with Christina singing Gaga’s original 2nd verse. They made it a performance to remember, with their vocals woven between one another to bring a whole new life and sound to the track. 

Weeks later, Christina went to the studio to properly record her verse, and it was officially re-released with Aguilera as a feature and some additional production.

It was a year that no Gaga fan will forget. We finally got ARTPOP and Gaga made her mark around the world through music, fashion, art and technology with her new record. She made returns to places she hadn’t been in a long time, showed the world how to incorporate art back into pop, made her major film acting debut, and most importantly, healed. She came back from a terrible injury and delivered a solid album and seemed happy for the first time in a while, and she was ready to take ARTPOP worldwide in 2014 and begin the next chapter of her career.

By Celeste


After a bit of a chaotic release of ARTPOP and lashing after lashing from the media, Lady Gaga went into 2014 determined to change the narrative surrounding her and her career. With help from Sir. Tony Bennett and an entire image overhaul, Lady Gaga had transformed from Gaga, to The Lady.

Lady Gaga shocks the world at SXSW

On May 13th, Lady Gaga commanded the stage of the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas, in typical iconic fashion you’d expect from Lady Gaga in Texas, performing Aura while suspended from a BBQ roast, hung like a pig. 

The setlist consisted of several ARTPOP tracks, along with a countrified version of her signature smash hit Bad Romance and while joined by friends on stage, debuted an acapella version of a song she had wrote called Monster 4 Life, an ode to her fandom and friends over the span of her career.

The most noteworthy and controversial performance of the night (and probably of her whole career) was that of Swine joined by performance-artist Millie Brown: Gaga invited Millie on stage with her during the song and, as the chorus hit, Millie did what she does best: vomiting neon green liquid all over Gaga while playing the drums. The pair then moved onto a mechanical bull where Millie switched from green to black "paint" and covered the both of them head to toe in art. The performance made national news the following morning suggesting that Gaga was glorifying eating disorders when the reality of the performance was an anti rape demonstration where Gaga remained during the rest of the show covered in the paint as a metaphor to being a  survivor herself. Gaga closed out her SXSW experience by delivering a keynote speech hosted by John Norris where she addressed the controversy and backlash of her performance. She went on to tease for the first time, the yet to be released ARTPOP ACT II saying she was keeping it for her and her friends since she "didn't care what anyone else had to say about it."

Wrapping up Gaga announced the third and final single of the ARTPOP era would be G.U.Y. with a video dropping the following week. 

G.U.Y.: An ARTPOP Film

The following week, on May 22nd, Lady Gaga delivered the third single and second video closing out the ARTPOP era with G.U.Y. The video consisted of four fan favorite songs intertwined into the intricate story of Gaga's Greek mythology veiled metaphor of her career and featured cameos from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Andy Cohen, popular YouTube gamer SkyDoesMinecraft, and look-alike's of Michael Jackson, Jesus, Dalai Llama and a removed John Lennon due to copyright. It starts out with Gaga sprawled out in a crater after being shot out of the sky with an arrow to the tune of her album title track ARTPOP and numerous men walking away from her limp body boasting about the cash they got off of her. After Gaga makes her way to the historic Hearst Castle, where the entire video was shot and Neptune Pool was specially refilled just for this video, Gaga is reborn in the pool to the sound of Venus. Emerging from the pool, the main song of the video, G.U.Y. begins and Gaga begins her mission of revenge on the men who shot her down.  After extracting DNA from Michael Jackson, Jesus, Dalai Llama and John Lennon, Gaga starts her cloning process to remove and replace powerful men in the industry with her version of near perfect influential men. The video closes out with Gaga and some of the housewives infiltrating an industry building and taking out the men on top to e replaced by herself and her clones as te video comes full circle from its opening sequence and rolls the credits to the tune of MANiCURE.

Lady Gaga's closes the historic Roseland Ballroom. 

Lady Gaga announced that she was asked to close the historic Roseland Ballroom in New York City, the only venue in NYC she claims she's never performed in, solidifying herself as the very last performer to exhibit at the venue before its replacement by a 42 story skyscraper.

From May 28th to April 7th Gaga performed a streak of seven completely sold out shows. The setlist consisted mainly of songs from her most recent album, ARTPOP, but included major fan favorite non singles to the surprise of many such as Monster and Black Jesus Amen Fashion. As a tribute to the historic venue, the stage was adorned by hundreds of roses and iconic NYC set pieces including a throwback to her Monster Ball days by having a full size subway car as her B stage. The residency went on to make $1.5 million in sales and hosted a performance of G.U.Y. on the David Letterman show and a full show livestream presented by Verizon of the final show for all to see before Roseland called the curtain for the last time. 

artRAVE :The ARTPOP Ball Tour

On May 5th Lady started her fourth solo tour in Florida. The artRAVE successfully completed 5 legs across the globe and had a total of 79 shows bringing in $83 million. The show, much like the album was heavily inspired by greek mythology as the stage itself was an homage to Olympus while the catwalks made up a constellation with its innovative transparent bridges spreading above the whole general admission. Gaga performed 21 songs throughout the show starting with the title track of its supporting album, ARTPOP, and ending with fan favorite, Gypsy. For the first time ever, Gaga debuted a song she had announced in 2012 called Partynauseous which was set to feature Kendrick Lamar. Gaga herself described the show as her own version of Alice falling down the rabbit hole into a world of chaos and beauty. The tour's final stop was live-streamed by Yahoo Live! from Paris on November 24th and started with a 30 minute presentation of Gaga's portraits by Robert Wilson, the show went on to break viewership records for both Yahoo and Livenation.

Cheek to Cheek

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett appeared on The Today Show for the first time together on June 29th to formally announce their collaboration album. Immediately following their appearance on the show, Gaga and Tony held a mini concert previewing their album at the Rose Theater in New York City. The concert was recorded and aired on PBS October 24th, while a DVD was released the following January. 

The pairing first met back in 2011 at The Robin Hood Foundation gala in New York City, after recording a cover of "The Lady Is A Tramp" together, they quickly began discussing plans on doing an entire album, 3 years later and Cheek To Cheek was born on September 19th. The album consisted of jazz covers from the American The Great American Soundbook by artists such as Cole Porter, George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, and Irving Berlin. The album reached #1 on the Billboard 200 with 131K copies sold in its first week alone, making Gaga the first female artist with 3 #1 albums in the 2010's decade.

While Tony extended his record as the oldest artist to achieve a #1 on the chart. The duo released two singles off the album, Anything Goes  and I Can't Give You Anything But Love  which both successfully reached the top of Billboard's Jazz Digital Songs chart. The album as a whole was met with tremendous acclaim and is credited by fans and Gaga herself as a career saving move. Gaga is never shy about expressing how much this album, and especially Tony Bennett himself, have helped her find her passion to continue making music after the constant backlashing from ARTPOP. 

The pairing then kicked off a tour of their major success of an album across the U.S. and parts of Europe to a total of 36 shows, starting with a two night show on New Year's Eve in Las Vegas and ending 8 months later in Washington D.C. The show consisted of an impressive 25 songs on the setlist with a beautiful arrangement of duos and back and forth solos from Gaga and Tony. The tour closed out by grossing just over $15M USD and has since been Tony's last tour to date.

By Alex


2015 was a special year for not only fans and public alike, but for the pop titans legacy. One that would shock the general public even more so than a meat dress or coming out of an egg. This was the year where the world began to see Lady Gaga blossom into the superstar triple threat of singer, songwriter and now…actress, that we know and love today. This is what many fans and public consider to be the “Comeback of Lady Gaga”

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform at the Grammys

With the release of Cheek to Cheek, her collaboration album with jazz legend Tony Bennett, it came as no surprise when the duo were nominated for a Grammy in 2015 for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. The chemistry the pair had was not only undeniable but is one that Gaga had said pulled her out of one of the darkest periods in her life. The world began to see a new side of our Lady, and it was without question when she showed up hand in hand with Tony on the Grammy red carpet dripping in a new found confidence and gigantic emerald necklace to match. The pair performed their title track “Cheek to Cheek” with a roaring round of applause, and would later go on that night to win the Grammy earning Gaga her 6th Grammy win. The performance received raved reviews among critics and fans, and would also go on to set the stage for a very exciting year.

Songs in the Key of Life: An All Star Tribute

On February 10, Lady Gaga was called upon yet again to pay tribute to one of music’s greatest legends: Stevie Wonder. Along with fellow A-list superstar artists such as Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Annie Lennox and John Legend to name a few covering classic Stevie staples, Lady Gaga delivered a powerful performance of “I Wish” to rave reviews. Receiving a standing ovation almost instantly, the performance was surely a hit.

The Sound Of Music

Shortly after the Grammys and Stevie Wonder tribute, the stage was once again set for Lady Gaga but this time at one of Hollywood’s most celebrated events, The Oscars on February 22nd. This time Gaga would be honoring one of the world’s most beloved actresses, Julie Andrews, with a montage performance of The Sound of Music before she delivered the Oscar for Best Original Score award. While stunning on the red carpet wearing Azzedine Alaïa and red gloves to match, it was what happened on stage in her debut Oscar’s performance that absolutely captivated the world like a typhoon and is considered by fans and public alike to be the start of what some say was “The Comeback of Lady Gaga”. One of my personal favorite headlines from Vox read “People were surprised at Lady Gaga's great voice at the Oscars. They shouldn't have been” and how right they were. With shocking performances such as Paparazzi at the 2009 VMAS where she famously hung herself and bled out on stage, or 2011’s Grammys when she hatched out of an egg to sing her LGBTQ anthem “Born This Way”, this performance from the provocative and avant garde singer would shock the world once more. As the curtain began to rise, Gaga stood before the world in nothing but a long beautiful white gown, blonde flowing hair and minimal forest backdrop with orchestra to match. As Gaga started to sing her montage of The Sound Of Music, what happened next can only be described as pure magic. She delivered the knockout performance of her career at the time with a huge standing ovation from some of the most respected people not only in Hollywood, but from the very own Julie Andrews who originally sang the scores performed. As Gaga and Andrews embraced in an onstage hug, the audience and internet both erupted into applause and praise. Following the performance many were shocked Gaga’s vocals, claiming they never know the pop star could sing like that and applauded her ability and technique. Later on while asked in an interview, Julie Andrews said that Gaga “hit it out of the ball park”. Further proving that there is talent underneath that meat dress, and not everything is what “meats” the eye. 

The Countess

With full steam ahead and no slowing her down Lady Gaga’s career once again took an interesting turn that would flip fans and the public upside down, but not with music. No, this time Lady Gaga was heading into your house every week via television. Although appearing in two short big screen segments of Machete Kills (2013) and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014), Lady Gaga made her acting debut in a leading role for Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Hotel, the 5th season of the series. On February 25th, 2015 Gaga tweeted out a chilling 22 second clip with the words “Make your reservation now #GagaAHSHotel” attached to a video shot by Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin of Gaga wearing a face mask which she quickly would rip away to reveal herself behind said mask as the words “GAGA” was flashed upon the screen in the iconic AHS font. It looked like The Fame Monster and American Horror story had sex, and this was the result. The video quickly went viral gathering over 100,000 retweets and set the tone for what was sure to be an exciting new season. Another majestic video featuring Rammstein’s song Du Hast was released, unleashing a fierce first look of Lady Gaga as The Countess.  With the announcement of AHS: Hotel people knew Gaga could sing, but could she act? The answer was shortly met with our introduction to the leading lady herself: The Countess. A high fashion, blood sucking, sex crazed creature who will kill you as soon as looking at you with her sterling silver glove and piercing eyes, she was the woman of every straight man’s nightmare and every gay man’s dream. The Countess, owner of the Hotel Cortez where guests would check in but never check out, received universal acclaim and adoration from both Gaga fans and AHS fanatics. Both Ryan Murphy and cast members alike have also sang the praise of Gaga’s The Countess character saying that “There is nobody else in the world more perfect for this role than her”. With our first meet of The Countess being her sucking the blood out of 2 strangers necks in a 4 some with her lover wearing nothing but star pasties, it was hard to not fall in love every week even though you know you shouldn’t. Everybody loves a bad guy, but a bad girl…now that’s a villain worth rooting for. To get into the role, Gaga is said (by fellow cast members) to have thrown a “Meet The Countess” party at her Malibu mansion, where she dyed her pool blood red. Gaga fully dove deep into this character making sure her everyday life was surrounded by this character so she could perfect it, in fact she herself said during filming for the role she would often look at people on the street and think to herself “I wonder, if I were to kill you, if it would it be worth it for me?”. By the end of AHS: Hotel, fans had fallen in love with The Countess and were rooting for her to find true love by the end, and maybe a few snacks along the way. The role would end up winning Gaga the Golden Globe for Actress in A Miniseries or Motion Picture for TV.

Breaking The Internet 

The MET Gala 2015 theme was "China: Through the Looking Glass” and what a night it was. On May 4th, Lady Gaga transcended onto the red carpet wearing Balenciaga designed by Alexander Wang who gleaned about designing for the pop icon. Not only had Mr Wang fallen in love, but so did cameras. The black silk sequined jumpsuit with neckline, silk satin opera coat and sequined headdress to match created a flash from paparazzi cameras up and down the carpet. However it’s not what happened on the red carpet that created so much a buzz, as what happened behind closed doors of the infamous “no cameras allowed” party of the year. Instagram users were alerted to a certain post by the pop legend and icon Madonna herself that read "Girls night out…Kissing the Ring…Finally!” with a picture of Gaga, Madonna and another familiar pop diva, Katy Perry. Katy Perry later reblogged the post with “Dropping our Single tomorrow”. And the internet lit up like something out of Armageddon. Madonna and Gaga had once been in a “feud” over her LGBTQ anthem “Born This Way” being compared to Madonna’s “Express Yourself” for now 4 years since it’s release. Katy Perry and Gaga had also have said to have had a feud since their debuts. But here we were, with solid proof picture evidence of the 3 pop divas cuddling at the event of the season mid popcorn shrimp, and it will forever be the only evidence we have. Because what happens at the Met Gala, stays at the Met Gala. Unless you’re able to sneak a picture past Anna Wintour.


On June 12th, Gaga was invited to perform in Baku, Azerbaijan opening ceremony of the European Games within the Baku Olympic Stadium. This was a much bigger stage than Gaga was used to at the time, but there was no feat too small for the 5 foot 2 singer. She sat upon a piano covered in multi colored flowers and sang the world peace anthem “Imagine” by John Lennon for the entire world to see. There was a silence in the crowd of over 22,000 sport fans as her voice echoed through the stadium with the words “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one!”. It was considered to be one of her best performances in recent years. No gimmicks, no avant garde costumes or backup dancers. Just a tiny girl from New York City asking the world if they could imagine for a moment…to believe in peace. 

Rock Hall of Fame

At the Songwriters Hall of Fame induction on June 18th, aside from taking home the Contemporary Icon Award, Gaga also paid tribute to Linda Perry by singing a cover of “What’s Up” by 4 Non Blondes’. It was not the first time Gaga had sang the song, many fans remember her covering this during one of her shows at her previous tour, the artRave. This was a high honor for her as she stated Linda Perry was one of her icons and that the song ‘What’s Up’ was a “song that changed my life a million times over, over and over again, not just once in my life. But many times ago when I revisit it.” 4 Non Blondes’ happen to also be one of the first albums Gaga ever owned, stating that her father gave her a copy of “Bigger, Better, Faster, More!” and that is when she first fell in love with the band. The performance went on to be a fan favorite and received overall positive reviews, including from the Blondes’ guitarist Linda Perry herself. 

Billboard's Woman of the Year

As 2015 drew to an end and Gaga’s long list of accomplishments for the year stacked a mile high, she would close out the year by being honored as Billboard’s Woman of the Year joining her peers such as Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Pink, Fergie and Katy Perry. It’s hard to imagine a world pre-Lady Gaga now that the 5 foot 2 pop star from the Lower East Side of New York City had infected all of our ears with her upbeat dance songs, shocked our minds with her performances and fashion choices, and spread her powerful messages of love and acceptance. Now, 8 years into her career, it was clear to all that Lady Gaga had truly changed the face of the music industry forever. In addition to being honored as Woman of the Year on December 11th, she also attended the Women in Music luncheon where she performed the only song she had released that year “Til It Happens To You”, written by her and songwriter Diane Warren for the documentary The Hunting Ground. The song was written as a tribute to victims of sexual assault, something Gaga had been open about struggling with herself from a painful time in the beginning of her career. It was a powerful and touching performance that she sang behind a piano with her band in a ruby red suit and backdrop of butterflies swimming around her. Gaga was introduced at the luncheon by her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, who told the story of how Gaga learned to walk by grabbing onto the legs of their family piano, which would eventually turn into the 1 of many talents she would grow to showcase as she began to learn the keys and later playing ear. Gaga finished off her performance and proceeded to give a powerful speech to the crowd about her journey into the music industry and what it truly means to be a woman within it. "I don’t think I’ve ever dreamed of anything more than being a performer.” She exclaimed to the crowd through tears “Music was the single thing that kept me going in my life, my music education, my discipline. It was a warm blanket on my darkest days. Something so powerful for me”. She would go on to talk about how the music industry sometimes feels like “a fuckin boys club” that women can’t get into, and how her the only thing she longed for was to be taken seriously as a musician for her intelligence instead of her body. Something that many women within the music industry have been vocal about for years. Gaga ended her speech with a simple, but thunder roaring, message to those who didn’t believe in her: “I couldn’t wait to prove you wrong. Because I may not be a lot of things, but I can write songs, and I can sing.”. 

If 2015 taught us anything, it was that Lady Gaga was not only one of the most talented people in music today and perhaps history, but she was a force to be reckoned with and she would not be going anywhere any time soon.

By Sergio (LgMonsterFacts)


2016 was truly an exciting year for Little Monsters, from Gaga performing at every major award ceremony to the release of her fifth studio album, we were able to see a new side of the icon that only kept on surprising and exceeding all expectations as the year progressed.

V Magazine Multiple Covers

Mother Monster started the year making her editorial debut for the 99th issue of V Magazine’s, a special issue consisting of 16 different covers exploring her “guard”, each one of them showcasing her biggest influences in terms of fashion, which include Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen and Isabella Blow to name a few; Gaga curated and edited all of the different covers and she was named Editor of the Year at the Fashion Los Angeles awards for her work on the magazine issue. The covers quickly sold out, which later led to the release of the magazines in a collector’s bundle due to high demand.

First Golden Globe

On January 10, Lady Gaga attended the 73rd Golden Globes ceremony held at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, where she took home the award for Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film for her unforgettable role as The Countess on Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Hotel. “This is one of the greatest moments of my life.” – she professed as she accepted her first ever Golden Globe in a stunning custom black gown by her close friend Donatella Versace. This also marked the first time Gaga hinted at upcoming new music since 2014’s Cheek To Cheek, her joint album with jazz legend Tony Bennett, claiming she would release an album that was influenced by her work on Hotel sometime in the near future and so, the anticipation began.

The American National Anthem at the Superbowl

Gaga entered the second month of 2016 also victorious, scoring her first spot at the Super Bowl for an impeccable rendition of the national anthem at the event’s 50th edition on February 7th, a performance that would cement her as a strong candidate to do the half-time show spectacle, something she would conquer just a year afterwards. The rendition reached a global audience of over 120 million people and it was universally hailed as one of the best in SuperBowl history, with many placing it second just behind the legendary Whitney Houston. It could not even be overshadowed by multiple jets that were flying across the football field. 

David Bowie’s Tribute 

It is no surprise to anyone that has been following Gaga’s career that she is one of David Bowie’s most devoted fans, and she would proceed to honor him at the 2016 Grammy Awards after his passing a month prior to the ceremony that took place on February 15th. Gaga had been planning a collaboration with technology pioneer Intel for a while, which had been described as innovative and unimaginable, but due to Bowie’s death in a sudden change of plans, Gaga decided to merge this technology in tribute to him in a five-minute performance to honor the epic rock star. Days before the ceremony, Gaga solidified her admiration for Bowie with a Ziggy Stardust tattoo on the side of her body. "When I fell in love with David Bowie, when I was living on the Lower East Side, I always felt that his glamor was something he was using to express a message to people that was very healing for their souls," Gaga said as she expressed her ongoing love for the legendary artist to The Hollywood Reporter.

Gaga arrived at the Grammys red carpet flawlessly channeling “Ziggy Stardust” and continued to do so throughout her entire performance, combining futuristic and alien-like visual effects, Bowie’s signature dance moves, garments that David himself wore in the past and joining forces with Nile Rodgers, a close friend and long-time collaborator of the late icon. Although it was difficult for her to do this tribute because of how recent his death was and given the fact that Gaga had been adoring him for so long, she completely nailed it, reminding the public the oddities that made Bowie so exciting. She covered a total of ten of Bowie classics, fulfilling her dream of honoring and performing her idol’s discography at the most prestigious ceremony in music. Gaga collaborated with designer and friend Marc Jacobs to bring her Bowie-inspired outfits to life, who later asked her to participate as a model in his upcoming show at the 2016 New York Fashion week.  

On the runway for Marc Jacobs

Just a couple of days after her Bowie tribute on February 18th, Gaga stunned the audience at the Marc Jacobs Fall Fashion Show, walking the runway in 10-inch platforms and a hybrid between 60s punk and 80s goth-inspired fashion, alongside an all-star supermodel roster that included Kendall Jenner. This also marked the first time Gaga walked the runway as a model since she made her debut for Mugler in 2011.

Till It Happens To You

Closing out what was a glorious month for her, Gaga performed The Hunting Ground’s “Till It Happens To You” at the 88th Oscars on February 28th, a song she co-wrote with Diane Warren that earned the star her first ever Academy Award nomination. The purpose of the track was to bring attention to sexual assault in college campuses, which was peculiarly heart-rending since Gaga is a survivor herself. After an introduction by the then Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, Gaga proceeded to take the stage by her piano for a powerful performance that would become one of the most emotional of her career. Nearing the end of the track, curtains opened behind her, to allow over 50 sexual assault survivors to join her on the Oscars stage with words of strength written across their bodies. Gaga stood and held hands with them as the audience gave them a standing ovation in cheering support. This moment was important for many reasons, but mainly as it fuelled the start of a much-needed conversation of sexual assault in Hollywood, a topic that had yet to be as widely touched back then. Later that night, Gaga got a symbol of unity tattooed along every survivor that she brought on stage, and encouraged survivors around the world to join them as well, to remind them that they are not alone. “Till It Happens to You" became the first song ever to be nominated at the Grammys, Oscars and Emmys in the same year, while Gaga became the first ever artist to perform at the Grammys, Oscars and Super Bowl within the same month.

Lady Gaga’s Most Secret Party

On March 26th, Gaga celebrated her 30th birthday with a party in Hollywood that was studded with music superstars including Taylor Swift, Lorde, Kylie Minogue and Lana Del Rey. However, whatever happened at the party still remains a mystery to this day as not a single picture of the reunion has surfaced. 

Manus X Machina

 After a period of being fully busy, Gaga took a little break from the public eye until the 2016 Met Gala on May 2nd, whose subject matter was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” – a theme that was very fitting for her, considering the many times she has incorporated technology into her art and projects. Gaga arrived in a Versace leotard that emulated a circuit board, her signature platform heels and fishnets, shoulder pads and big hair on top that was evoking a bit of 80s nostalgia. She was named one of the best dressed by many publications for following the theme while keeping it unique and fashionista. It was around this time that Gaga and Bradley Cooper first met to have dinner in Los Angeles to discuss the possibility of Gaga starring in Cooper’s directorial debut in the third remake of the 1937 film “A Star Is Born”.

Meeting Bradley Cooper 

Gaga performed a handful of her hits at a charity event for the launch of the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy. Her masterful rendition of “La Vie En Rose” immediately captivated Bradley Cooper who happened to be in attendance, and he followed his gut that he had now found his leading lady for his movie. The rest, as the world knows, is history.

The Making of Joanne

Gaga was spotted over and over around this time of the year visiting recording studios to work on new music for her fifth studio album with English producer Mark Ronson, a musician she has known since the early days of her career. The duo were seen arriving at different studios together, many times with acoustic instruments, to spend several hours presumably recording new music. Fans were quick to notice that she had been toning down her outrageous looks for a much simpler ensemble of jean shorts and crop tops. Gaga had previously hinted at having studio sessions with familiar producer RedOne, and working on brand new music with Elton John and Nile Rodgers during the year. It was later revealed that Ronson introduced Gaga to some of his close friends including Queens of the Stone Age’s Josh Homme, Grammy-award-winning artist Beck, American producer BloodPop and Kevin Parker from Tame Impala, all of whom would eventually end up collaborating on the studio record that was in the making. Gaga did not think it twice and asked Florence Welch to record a female empowering collaboration with her after they ran into each other at one of the studio meetings in New York.

Orlando Rally

Although Gaga was working hard in the studio to make her musical dreams come true, she never put her true passion on the backseat - spreading kindness. On June 14, Gaga joined a rally to honor the 49 members of the LGBTQ+ community who lost their lives in a brutal terrorist attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Holding back her tears, she exclaimed: “I hope you know that myself and so many are your allies. We represent the compassion and the loyalty of millions of people around the world that believe in you. You are not alone.” 

Meeting with Dalai Lama

Soon after, Gaga continued her mission to make the world more compassionate and met with the Dalai Lama to discuss peace and humanity with a touching speech that many resonate with till this day. She invited people to realize the divisive nature of prejudice and realize the strength in joining hand in hand with others in our humanity. Gaga made it a priority to address mental health and encouraged people around the world to spread love and understand the power of kindness. However, Gaga received major backlash in Chinese media for meeting a figure who advocates for Tibetian separation from China, with many accusing the star of “giving up on the Chinese market.”

Tony Bennett’s 90 birthday 

On August 3rd, Lady Gaga, Stevie Wonder and more teamed up in celebration of Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday in an all-star concert taped at the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. They took the stage for a memorable performance to honor Tony who was watching them offstage. Gaga and Stevie performed joint covers of “I Wish” and “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”, while Gaga also sang “La Vie En Rose” and her own hit “Bad Romance.” Gaga was seen having a great time enjoying the event with her friends Tony, Stevie and Paul McCartney but soon after she went back to working in the studio as the release of her next album was upon us.

The Making of A Star is Born

On August 16th, Warner Bros. greenlit Bradley Cooper’s remake of “A Star Is Born” where Gaga was set to star as the lead actress alongside Cooper. It was confirmed that filming would begin early in 2017, and it was also revealed that Gaga would perform and compose new music for the film. Gaga’s friends surprised her with gold balloons to commemorate what would, a few years on, become one of the biggest success stories in media entertainment of the decade. 

Perfect Illusion

Roughly one day after the news broke that Gaga would be the next diva to grace the big screen for A Star Is Born, she took to Instagram to announce her highly anticipated new single to be released as soon as the following month. The song was confirmed for a September release in a set of glowing, colorful pictures that spelled the title, “Perfect Illusion.” Gaga produced the track with Kevin Parker from a demo he had brought to her during the studio sessions with Mark Ronson and BloodPop, who went on to become recurrent collaborators on her fifth studio album with Mark being credited as the executive producer on the record next to Gaga. A disco rock song, which vocally turns more aggressive as it progresses and gives a feeling of adrenaline, is a commentary on the fantasy of social that alienates people from authenticity, as well as a critic about the illusory turn that love can take. In the words of Gaga, “love is the most intoxicating, powerful drug.”  She promoted the single through various radio interviews where she revealed for the first time details about her upcoming studio effort that was about trying to balance her love for music and who she was as a person, connecting to her family and writing about things that make people human. The music video directed by Ruth Hogben and Andrea Gelardin shows Gaga in a desert raging throughout the song in what looks like an ecstatic rush. Although it was a new sound and side of Gaga, the transformation was supported by audiences as a genuine attempt at healing and growth. 


These sessions with Ronson led to many tracks that were produced and written by the duo, including the song “Joanne”, which Gaga confirmed during an appearance on Apple’s Beats Radio to be the name of her record in honor of her late Aunt died at a young age due to an autoimmune disease before she was born. The release was later revealed to be October 21st. She took to Twitter to unveil the album artwork which featured Gaga against a blue background with a pink hat by Gladyz Tamez that would later become a visual centerpiece for the era. 

Joanne had always been a character that influenced Gaga since the beginning of her career: she included a self-written poem for her aunt on her debut album’s booklet, dedicated a prayer to her every night at her Monster Ball Tour, and during her Born This Way interviews back in 2011, talked about how she felt living her life honoring her aunt Joanne for she had been an artist that was cut short of her dreams. Gaga also shared she felt an urge to write about real issues happening in the world, to create an album with a purpose that had something to say. 

Gaga disclosed collaborations with Beck, Hillary Lindsey, Kevin Parker and BloodPop in the course of this interview and confirmed the RedOne track “Angel Down” would be included in the album after drawing inspiration from the fatal murder of Trayvon Martin. It was the only track Gaga produced and composed with RedOne that made it onto the final track list, as it emulated Gaga’s motivation to inspire change and compassion. The production of the album took place mostly at Electric Lady Studios in New York City as well as Gaga’s personal home studio. 

Not long after the release of Joanne’s lead single, the National Football League announced that Gaga would headline the halftime show at Super Bowl 51, a gig considered to be a pinnacle in a musician’s career. She later revealed that the NFL offered her the half-time spotlight after hearing Joanne, and that this had been a dream of hers since she was a little child.  

Dive Bar Tour

Gaga determined to take on this album’s promotional cycle in non-conventional ways, took the stage at dive bars to perform new music from the record in an attempt to connect with the audience in a more intimate experience without compromising the energy and stage presence of a stadium show. This mini tour visited three bars through October where Gaga debuted new material from Joanne each night, including the Father John Misty assisted tracks “Sinner’s Prayer” and “Come To Mama”, the funky “A-Yo”, the pop-rock infused “John Wayne” and the beloved country-pop ballad “Million Reasons” in Nashville. For the second show, Gaga decided to come back to a bar in her native New York City called The Bitter End, a place where she performed regularly in 2006 before she catapulted into stardom. She premiered “Diamond Heart” and the title track by the side of Mark Ronson, explaining that no other event had impacted her life story and family life as much as the passing of her aunt. Gaga also premiered “Grigio Girls” inspired by her friend Sonja who made a huge impact on her life. Going through Sonja’s battle with cancer together, she also played a huge role in the inspiration behind the album, as Gaga wanted to go back to things that were important in her personal life. She also debuted The Beatles inspired track “Just Another Day” - a song she wrote all by herself about focusing on the positive outcomes and the casualties of the everyday. She finally climbed on top of the roof at the bar to perform “Angel Down” for the first time to a street full of fans.

Million Reasons

The release of Joanne was a huge success, becoming Gaga’s fourth number 1 album on the Billboard 200. This made Gaga the female artist with the most number one records on the chart within the decade, a feat that she would surpass herself with 2018’s A Star Is Born soundtrack. The album’s second single was revealed to be “Million Reasons”. Gaga wrote this song after bonding with Hillary Lindsey, who is a skilled songwriter that has scored multiple hits across the country music market, working together on a potent ballad that would become another Grammy nominated track in the star’s catalogue. The music video for this song is a continuation of “Perfect Illusion” where Gaga is left alone in the desert after her explosion of adrenaline and rage. She is then picked up by her friends and family, symbolizing her one reason to keep moving forward and fighting. 

After its debut on the Dive Bar tour, Gaga performed the song at numerous award shows and TV broadcasts, including Saturday Night Live, James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke, the American Music Awards and the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Highlights from this set of performances were nothing short of extraordinary: Gaga delivered some of her rawest performances in years and let her voice shine through all of them, receiving widespread acclaim for her vulnerability and her vocal abilities. Eventually, Million Reasons became one of her signature hits and is now regarded as one of the essential Gaga moments of the decade. No stranger to the runway, she also performed the album track “John Wayne” at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in needle high heels, a million-dollar hat covered in 45,000 Swarovski crystals and hidden angel wings that opened once she reached the end of the platform to conclude her performance. The audience went crazy and Gaga proved yet again that she’s an outstanding performer with a unique sense of style and a spirit onstage matched by hardly any. 

Lady Gaga & Hillary Clinton

As the United States presidential elections were coming closer, Gaga was very outspoken on her support for democratic candidate Hilary Clinton and she was chosen to close out Clinton’s political campaign at her last rally. Gaga didn’t hesitate to voice her opinion that supporters of the opposite candidate needed to show and demand respect amidst racial, misogynistic and xenophobic comments that were made by him during the electoral process. She also urged people to vote for whom she considered was the candidate that put the and people’s heart and well-being at the forefront. Gaga chose to wear a jacket that was previously owned by Michael Jackson in hopes of spreading his message of unity and love to the audience, then followed her speech with a trio performance of “Come to Mama”, “Born This Way” and a duet of “Livin’ on a Prayer” with Bon Jovi who was also at the rally.

As the year was coming to an end, “Joanne” ranked in several year-end best album lists with music outlets praising Gaga’s vulnerability and the risks she took going for a softer, more minimalistic musical style. The album received a nomination for Best Pop Vocal Album at the Grammy Awards and it was also credited by many critics for “bringing back the vocalist era” and “ushering a new wave of country sounds inside Top 40 radio”. Joanne let the public and the most devoted fans alike see and interact with features of the superstar that we were unfamiliar with; it also allowed us to explore musical genres that were new in Gaga’s ever-evolving musical path. It will always be a monumental era for Gaga on her journey to become a living legend as it revealed her most authentic and personal self to date.

By Roman (MrBroRo)


Taking a look back at the decade that Lady Gaga has had up until the the year 2017, one might’ve entered the year asking themself: How could it get any bigger than that? How could it get any better than that? How could it get any more “Gaga“?“ Well, entering the year with yet another #1 album, a hit single that was about to become even bigger than one could imagine and a Super Bowl deal under her belt, Lady Gaga was set to deliver an answer to everyone’s questions with a 2017 ahead that became one of the most ecstatic and exceptional years of her career — and life.

January 2017 perfectly represents the calm before the (perfect) storm that was headed towards us. The weeks prior to the big Super Bowl weekend in the beginning of February were filled with levels of excitement from a fan perspective that are indescribable up to this day. Looking at the past years, the first month of the year was always the one month fans and the public could take a minute in to breathe in and out before February was about to go full on "Gaga" with them. In the meantime, Gaga was carefully taking her time to rehearse for her upcoming Halftime Show, while fans, the public and the media were dying to see what she would have in store for them. 

The Super Bowl LI Halftime Show:

On February 5th, Lady Gaga took over the stage of the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, with a performance unlike anything she’s ever done before. Gaga, who decided to perform the show with no other than family in form of her dancers and band on stage, became the first artist since 2009 to headline the show with no special guests. Performing a medley of her greatest hits and newest material, Gaga opened the show in the most unforgettable way possible. With 500 Intel drones in the sky behind her, the show commenced on the roof of the stadium as Gaga started off the show with “God Bless America“, "This Land Is Your Land“, the ending of the Pledge of Allegiance and the drones in white, "Red & Blue“ forming the US flag behind her; a statement of unity was made in a country that was as politically divided as can be. Gaga proceeded to jump right over the edge of the stadium right down to the stage to awaken everyone’s nostalgia by performing a catalogue of timeless hits and classics, a new version of her signature "key- tar“ and finale that was accompanied by 'Bad Romance‘, an outfit change, lots of pyrotechnics, even more fireworks and a mic-drop that was followed by her catching a football and jumping off the stage. The Halftime show was critically acclaimed with Gaga garnering praise from fans, the media and the public in the same time for what was inarguably one of the best halftime shows of all time — if not the best. 

In the aftermath of the halftime show, Gaga’s entire catalogue was skyrocketing up the top of the charts worldwide, she surprise-dropped the dates of her upcoming Joanne World Tour dates, introduced a campaign as the new face of Tiffany & Co. and casually dropped a music video for 'John Wayne‘, directed by Jonas Åkerlund. On top of that, her entire album discography from 'The Fame‘ (#6), 'Born This

Way‘ (#25) and "ARTPOP‘ (#175) re-entered the US Billboard 200 with 'Joanne’ rising up to #2.

Moth Into Flame

Gaga continued to surprise fans and the rest of the world alike as the 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards were approaching on Feb 12th. Letting the "Lady“ rest for a while, "Gaga“ took the center of the night during a fiery performance with no other than Metallica to perform "Moth Into Flame“ along with a matching tattoo gracing the back of her body, dressed in black leather. Minor technical difficulties during the performance were creatively put to good use as Gaga and Metallica’s James Hetfield seized the moment of improvisation by sharing a microphone — a moment Hetfield would later recall as a "blessing“ of a real collaboration between artists.

“Oh. My. Gaga!”:

The upcoming month of March promptly followed with an appearance by Gaga on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The premiere of the 9th season, titled "Oh. My. Gaga!“ featured Gaga as a guest judge as the contestant queens performed in an epic pageant featuring the best and most creative takes on iconic Lady Gaga outfits throughout the years. After years of having her songs featured and performed during the show, the season 9 premiere featuring Gaga was more than just worth the wait, thanks to Gaga recording a segment as a new male alter-ego "Ronnie“ and surprising the queens by pretending to be a contestant with the final entrance of the night and leaving the queens in disbelief once she dropped the bomb — and her mask.


Entering the month of April, on May 15th, Lady Gaga became only the second female artist in history to headline Coachella: the biggest musical festival in the world. What was kindly dubbed as "Gagachella“ became a celebration of her greatest hits and lots of fan favorites. 

The show featured visuals from Lobster Eye, the collaborative creative team consisting of Ruth Hoben and Andrea Gullardin, that gave the "Lady“ aspect of the past two eras another break by putting "Gaga“ in the forefront with tentacles, glitter, bubbles, steamy choreographies and lots of other surprises. 

For two consecutive weekends starting from April 15th, Gaga’s show became the highlight of the festival with Lana Del Rey, Katy Perry and a high Rihanna in the audience who dizzily showed Gaga her teeth as she belt out "Show me your teeth!“ from the closing track of 'The Fame Monster‘. Gaga went on to perform her greatest hits, tracks from her most recent album 'Joanne‘ and even went on to perform fan-favorites such as 'Venus‘ and 'Sexxx Dreams‘ from 'ARTPOP‘ and provide the audience and die-hard 'ARTPOP’ fans (such as myself) with a sing-along interlude of 'Applause‘. To top things off, Gaga thanked the audience of over 100,000 people for "curing“ her with their love by singing a new song called 'The Cure‘ and surprise-dropping it right after. 

As 'The Cure‘ saw Gaga return to her pop-roots and took over radio stations worldwide in the following months, the world watched her "dive into“ the next project already as filming for her first leading role in a feature film commenced in the end of April and Gaga became ready to introduce 'Ally“ from 'A Star Is Born‘ to the world.


Longtime friend Sonja Durham, inspiration for Joanne’s 'Grigio Girls’, who was battling cancer for years at the time and got married the same year with Gaga as her bridesmaid, sadly passed away on May 17th when Gaga was on the set of a 'A Star Is Born‘, leading to her dropping everything on set to see her friend in the hospital and returning on set to perform 'I’ll Never Love Again‘ in one take.

Joanne World Tour: 1st leg

As Gaga finished filming 'A Star Is Born‘ with co-star Bradley Cooper, the months leading up to August were filled with rehearsals for the beginning of her 'Joanne World Tour‘. Gaga kicked of the headlining concert tour in support of her fifth studio album 'Joanne‘ on August 1, 2017, in Vancouver, Canada. The world tour was quickly sold out when tickets went on sale and received critical praise for the conception of the tour, the stage and its visuals, the outfits and choreography and, of course, Gaga’s stage power and performances. The commercial success of the tour resulted in Gaga’s first headlining stadium concerts in the US with sold out out shows in New York City’s Citi Field, Boston’s Fenway Park, San Francisco’s AT&T Park and Chicago’s Wrigley Field with attendances up to 42,000 per concert. 

Naturally, the Joanne World Tour had to be unlike any of her other tours in the past and as such, Gaga’s previous "lighting is a big thing this year“-hint was incorporated even greater than imagined with lighting productions that made the splashy 'artRAVE‘ look dark in comparison: The stage itself consisted of moving platforms that changed from elevated to flat, criss-cross or diagonal throughout the show and even formed moving staircases. Additionally for those who wanted even more than that, Gaga included three inflatable lightning pods with video projection displays that descended to function as bridges in order to connect the main stage with circular B-stages, allowing Gaga to move through the entire arena at all times to be closer to the audience. 

On September 14, however, Gaga was forced to back out Rock in Rio festival in Brazil after being hospitalized for body pain. Further chronic pain forced her to postpone the European leg of the tour which would reconvene in the beginning of the next year.

Gaga: Five Foot Two:

The chronic pain Gaga had been suffering from was a result of her fibromyalgia, a medical condition characterized by chronic widespread pain and heightened pain response to pressure. Gaga’s struggle and experiences with the chronic pain caused by the onset of her fibromyalgia was thematized in a documentary film about her that followed the events around the production and release of album 'Joanne‘ up to her historic Halftime Show performance. "Gaga: Five Foot Two“ was directed by Chris Moukarbel and debuted at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival with Gaga in attendance. 

The film was made available for streaming worldwide via Netflix on September 22, 2017 and was later shown on the remainder of her Joanne World Tour dates before each concert. The documentary provided "unfiltered“ view into Gaga’s life from 2016 to 2017 and, next to the making-of of Joanne and her Super Bowl performance, featured distinct perspectives into her private life and family, her life on set of sixth season of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story: Roanoke and even featured guest appearances by Mark Ronson and Florence Welch

One American Appeal:

After a time of recovery in September and October, Gaga was ready to go back on stage as she performed solo piano renditions of her greatest ballads at the One America Appeal event in Texas, a hurricane relief benefit concert in order to provide support and recovery efforts for the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria in the US. The concert "Deep from the Heart: The One America Appeal“ took place on October 21, 2017 in Texas and was organized and headlined by the five living former US presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Jimmy Carter. Gaga’s unannounced surprise appearance resulted in performances of 'Million Reasons‘, 'Yoü & I‘ and 'The Edge of Glory‘ and featured her looking down at the five former presidents and exclaiming "Now that’s what I call an audience!“, as she used the moment to call on the audience and people at home "put our difference aside“ and "come together“.

Joanne World Tour: 2nd leg

Gaga continued her Joanne World Tour on November 3, 2017 with a sold out show at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada. On November 19, Gaga joined the American Music Awards live from her Joanne World Tour at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C. with a televised live performance of 'The Cure‘ which marked the first ever televised performance of the hit single. Gaga had her very own personal AMAs red carpet backstage at her tour stop and was dressed in Azzedine Alaïa to pay tribute to the late designer and friend. Her concert was interrupted for a live broadcast to the AMAs during which Gaga was presented with the award for Best Pop/ Rock Female Artist by three fans.

The Las Vegas Deal:

As if 2017 alone had not been filled with enough events for an entire decade already, Gaga closed out the year in December by announcing a two-year Las Vegas residency at MGM Park Theater on Dec. 19th. The deal was reportedly worth $100 million dollars and included 74 performances with the possibility of extending her residency. 

Looking back at the year 2017, it is clear to say that it quickly established itself as one of the most defining years in her career. From the celebration of her career at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, to Coachella to the Joanne World Tour and Gaga: Five Foot Two, 2017 was filled with so much energy that it almost seems unbelievable all of the points mentioned above actually happened within a single calendar year. But of course, that is the Gaga we know, that is the Gaga we adore, love and treasure and also the Gaga that, despite all odds and expectations, managed to have an even greater rest of the decade in 2018 and 2019.

By Frankie & Christophe


2018 was the year where we witnessed a star being reborn and ascend to a whole new legendary status.

Lady Gaga releases ‘Joanne (Piano Version)’

 2018 started with the release of ‘Joanne (Where Do you Think You Are Goin’) (Piano Version) on January 25th. The song features a stripped version led just by her powerful voice and her piano. The piano remake of the namesake song from her 5th studio album, was recorded all in one session and went onto securing a Grammy nomination later in the year. 

 Lady Gaga celebrated its release with a donation to the Lupus Research Alliance and invited her fans to donate as well. This version has become a fan favourite with time and was a great track to bid goodbye to the Joanne era. The music video to accompany the release is simple, magnetising and features the likes of Gaga’s sister Natali Germanotta in it. 


Lady Gaga attends and performs at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards 

 In the midst of the European leg of her sold out Joanne World Tour, Gaga flew to the US on January 28 to attend the 60th Grammy Awards ceremony, where she was nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance with her smash hit ‘Million Reasons’ and ‘Best Pop Vocal Album’ with ‘Joanne’. She may not have won either of the nominations but she sure made that a memorable and show-stopping night as she graced the red carpet wearing a custom Armani Privé black lace gown featuring a long train and later performed a stunning medley of ‘Joanne’ & ‘Million Reasons’ while wearing an angelic gown. She was also joined on stage by co-writer Mark Ronson, who accompanied her with the guitar gifting as with a one-of-a-kind duet. 


Lady Gaga Ends The Joanne World Tour 

 On February 3, Gaga shared a heartfelt message on her social media accounts announcing the cancellation of the remaining European concerts of her successful and critically acclaimed Joanne World Tour.

The reason behind this devastating announcement was her pain due to fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder. Gaga is no stranger to pushing boundaries and continuously raising bars, topping herself tour after tour, thus deserving all the support, compassion and respect the world could possibly offer.

The first part of the tour ended with 49 sold out dates, over 800K tickets sold & a gross of nearly $95 million, which would result into the tour becoming Gaga’s most successful in terms of margins. 


March For Our Lives 

On March 24 Gaga joined the first March For Our Lives protest in Washington D.C. alongside her mum Cynthia Germanotta and The Born This Way Foundation to show her support for stricter gun laws. The march was created to show the support of legislation to prevent gun violence and followed the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School which left 17 people dead and 17 injured. Later that day, Gaga shared a few Instagram posts were she could be seen holding signs saying ‘Disarm Hate’. 


Elton John Tribute

 Lady Gaga flew back to New York on March 30th, where she was spotted wearing a retro style inspired by Elton John. On the very same day Lady Gaga joined the Grammys special tribute along with stars of the caliber of SZA, Adam Lambert, Alessia Cara, Sam Smith & more to pay tribute to the iconic star. Lady Gaga left us speechless with her live performance of “Your Song” which also aired on a CBS special, becoming the highlight of the night and the most acclaimed performance part of the tribute.


Lady Gaga announces Enigma and Jazz & Piano Las Vegas shows

 On August 7 Gaga took to Twitter to unveil all the details about her upcoming Las Vegas residency: to everyone’s surprise she revealed the residency would be comprised of two shows: 

‘Enigma’: a pop odyssey through 10 years of her pop hits and 

‘Jazz & Piano Engagement’: a stripped down and jazz-infused version of her hit songs. 

Tickets for both shows went on sale shortly after and were sold out in a matter of days.

The visuals for both shows were shot by Inez & Vinoodh and styled by long-time Haus of Gaga member Nicola Formichetti.


Lady Gaga makes headlines with mysterious Instagram pictures

On August 15, Lady Gaga sent the world into frenzy as she made headlines from gradually releasing a series of mysterious photos taken by Eli Russell Linnetz, creative director of her upcoming Las Vegas residency ‘ENIGMA’.

These photos were released in sets of 3 every other day or so and showcased Gaga sporting creepy and extreme body alterations. 

All the confusion and total silence in which it occurred, caused ‘mass hysteria’ in the fanbase as no one knew what they were for. The media speculated the images were relating somehow to LG6, further fuelling hype, already at an all high.

However, Eli himself confirmed later on these were part of the initial unused concept for the Las Vegas residency.

Venice Film Festival: where it all began 

 On August 30, Lady Gaga landed to Venice and made her triumphant entrance in the city seated on a luxurious boat. This was her very first time visiting Venice. The entrance made headlines showcasing and highlighting her classic and gorgeous look. 

The following day, Bradley Cooper joined Gaga to grace the red carpet of Venice Film Festival for the Worldwide Premiere of Lady Gaga’s debut movie as a lead actress: A Star Is Born, the fourth iteration of a classic which saw the likes of Barbra Streisand and Judy Garland cover the role.

For the occasion, Gaga wore a Valentino Couture pink feathered gown and looked otherworldly while rain was pouring: it became an instant classic among fans and the general public.  

Despite the intense rain during the red carpet, Gaga didn’t care and instead made sure she’d greet everyone who came there to see her and went from one side to the other of the barriers. The red carpet was followed by the worldwide premiere of the movie. A lightning interrupted the schedule and caused the screening to be delayed. Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut and his performance with Lady Gaga proved an instant success with the general public and the fans as at the end of the screening the couple received an 8-minutes-long standing ovation. 


Toronto International Film Festival goes GAGA

 Another day, another standing ovation: after a flawless premiere in Venice, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper headed to Toronto to pursue the movie press tour for a second successful premiere. 

Their weekend in Toronto started sitting down for various interviews including Good Morning America, eTalk and more. Lady Gaga then attended a private reception and screening of the film to then finish off by heading to Entertainment Weekly’s TIFF party. 

The movie left the critics beyond impressed, receiving rave reviews and ending up stealing most of the Oscar buzz for the season ahead.

Later that day, Lady Gaga emerged on the red carpet wearing a jaw-dropping veiled dress by Giorgio Armani, a long time renewed collaboration, accompanied by 25-carat Chopard diamond earrings: at this moment we knew Lady Gaga’s intention was to give us an unforgettable press tour and Oscar campaign.


Los Angeles Premiere

 On September 24, Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper premiered their movie in Los Angeles at The Shrine Auditorium. Many celebrities attended the event such as Steven Spielberg, Rupaul, Lea Michelle, Adam Lambert, as well as American Horror Story co-stars Kathy Bates and Cheyenne Jackson. Other artists involved in the creation of the movie’s music like Lukas Nelson, Diane Warren, Mark Nilan Jr. and DJWS were also present. 

 Consequently on this date, Lady Gaga shared a preview of “Is That Alright?”, a fan-favourite track from the movie and soundtrack.

The location of this Premiere is particular, as it is the exact same place where the finale scene of the movie: Ally Maine’s performance of her husband’s heart-wrenching song ‘I’ll Never Love Again’. 

 A Star Is Born Movie is released 

October 5 saw the main release of the A Star Is Born movie happen. The movie went onto grossing over $434 million worldwide and became a global phenomenon. 


‘Shallow’ World Premiere 

 Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper continue their press tour for A Star Is Born, this time back to Europe, in London. On September 27 a red carpet event for the UK premiere of the movie was held, at Leicester Square. As usual, Lady Gaga stunned once again, this time flawlessly combining Avant-Garde and Old Hollywood together in an Elizabethan-inspired gown and full ruff collar by Alexander McQueen: Lady Gaga beholds the power to transport and immerse her surrounding to the century envisioned by McQueen; in an effortlessly yet magnetising manner. 

Most importantly, the UK Premiere landed at the same time as the World Premiere for Shallow as attendees were given the opportunity to exclusively listen to the song. Shortly afterwards, the song has officially been launched as the first single off the A Star Is Born soundtrack and little did we know this was about to become a modern classic of this century. 

As part of the UK Premiere, the new Hollywood pair stopped by The Graham Norton Show sitting down with Ryan Gosling, Rod Stewart and Jodie Whittaker. Last time Lady Gaga attended this show was back in 2013 promoting her 4th studio album ‘ARTPOP’. During the episode the guests discussed their latest projects and Gaga had a go at playing The theremin, a musical instrument played without physical contact.


‘I Want Your Love’

On September 28, Nile Rodgers & The Chic released ‘It’s About Time’ a record which includes a cover of their 1988’s hit song I Want Your Love by Lady Gaga.

 The first iteration of this cover was a hit among the fans when it was first featured in Tom Ford’s Spring/Summer 2016 promo video in which Gaga herself starred. The 2018 version differs slightly and has a more EDM vibe to it. It also samples Gaga’s very own ‘Bad Romance’. 


A Star Is Born Soundtrack

On October 5, Lady Gaga becomes the first female artist with FIVE #1 albums in the US this decade

The soundtrack to the universally acclaimed and box-office hit 'A Star Is Born' debuts at #1 on the Billboard 200 with 231,000 units. The first position saw her beat Twenty One Pilots who had released a new album that same week, resulting in a social media competition between the two fanbases.

This accomplishment leads to Gaga onto becoming the first female artist this decade to earn five consecutive #1 albums in the US. 


Elle Women In Hollywood 

On October 15th Lady Gaga arrived on the red carpet of the Elle Women in Hollywood event wearing an oversized Marc Jacobs’ suit. There she gave a powerful speech where she opened up about her sexual assault and her mental health supported by fellow friends and actresses: Mia Farrow, Shonda Rhimes, Charlize Teron and Sarah Paulson to name a few. The iconic speech resonated in the tabloids for its deep meaning: 

“After trying 10 or so dresses, with a sad feeling in my heart, that all that would matter was what I wore to this red carpet, I saw an oversized Marc Jacobs suit buried quietly in the corner. I put it on to a resounding view of eyes glaring at me in confusion. [...] As a woman who was conditioned at a very young age to listen to what men told me to do, I decided today I wanted to take the power back. Today I wear the pants”.

Lady Gaga visits the victims of the Woolsey Fires

After the devastating fire started in California on the earliest days of November, Gaga herself had to be evacuated from her Malibu mansion. Luckily her home suffered no damage. 

The following day Gaga visited a Red Cross site sheltering victims of the Woolsey Fires and shared some words of comfort and offered help to the rescued people. In the following days Gaga herself cooked some lasagne for the whole firefighters’ department. 

The Actress Roundtable

At the end of November, The Hollywood Reporter organized the ‘Actress Roundtable’ which saw six leading actresses – Glenn Close, Lady Gaga, Nicole Kidman, Kathryn Hann, Regina King & Rachel Weisz get together around a table to discuss current topics including Me Too. This event contributed to solidifying her consideration as a candidate for the Academy.  


Awards season kicks off for A Star Is Born 

November officially kicked off awards season as the soundtrack received two awards at the Hollywood Music In Media Awards, followed by 4 prizes by The National Board of Review at the NBR Awards.  

December also saw Gaga receive 5 nominations (4 for Shallow and 1 for Joanne (Piano)) at the Grammys and 2 nominations at the Golden Globes (4 in total for A Star Is Born). 

Little did we know, this would be the beginning of a memorable season which would see Gaga become the first woman to win all 5 main awards in one season.

Lady Gaga shapeshifts into an Anime character with ‘ENIGMA’ 

Teasers for Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas residencies started surfacing on Instagram stories some weeks before the announcement, in which she presented herself wearing a motion-capture suit recording movements, dancing and speaking. Shortly after, an Instagram account dedicated to the residency was created. On there, some previews of the stage were initially shared along with a super futuristic anime themed trailer inspired by digital singer Hatsune Miku.

 As we previously witnessed her alternating between her EDM and Jazz personas in 2014, Gaga took it to a complete higher level as she continued her reinvention legacy shapeshifting into an Anime-inspired character while being in the middle of an Oscar campaign.

Lady Gaga kicked off her highly anticipated sold-out Las Vegas residency ‘ENIGMA’ on December 28 at Park Theater.  

Lady Gaga solidified her rank in pop culture and entertainment business as she proved once again she can successfully combine an unconventional show with commercial success and acclaim, with this time a theatrical production mixing a narrative that is “part Wizard of Oz and part Ghost in the Shell” as Billboard said.

Lady Gaga is familiar to incorporating technology and avant-garde performance art into her shows, this time she has created an ethereal character through CGI motion capture in which she previously recorded movements and speeches for. This character, named ‘Enigma’, was brought to life to help Lady Gaga, trapped inside a simulation, to find her inner voice.

On Enigma’s opening date, Gaga served a capacity crowd of 5,200 but also a star-studded crowd which included stars like Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom, Regina King, Adam Lambert. Later on Lady Gaga attracted many more music icons such as Céline Dion, P!NK and Christina Aguilera.


In loving memory of Rico Genest aka Zombie Boy and Little Monster Logan who left us this year.

By Dogukan


During the last months of 2018, Lady Gaga shocked the world with her astonishing lead actress debut in Bradley Cooper's remake of the classic A Star Is Born. Soon enough, she received a number of career-defining nominations, both in film and music. The first two months of 2019 saw Lady Gaga taking home awards and making award show history. In 2019, Lady Gaga also continued her hit Vegas residency and became the boss of her own beauty company. 

Lady Gaga wins Golden Globe for "Shallow"

The 2019 Golden Globes marked the beginning of a successful award season run for Lady Gaga and A Star Is Born. Gaga was nominated for two awards: Best Original Song for Shallow and Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for her breakthrough role as Ally in A Star Is Born. On January 6th, Gaga walked the carpet in a pastel blue, Cinderella-esque Valentino haute couture gown with a massive train that extended for days, light blue hair to match the dress and 100 carats of Tiffany diamonds. She presented the award for Best Actor in a TV series - Musical or Comedy alongside co-star and director Bradley Cooper. Although she lost the award for Best Actress to The Wife's Glenn Close, Gaga took home the award for Original Song for "Shallow' with co-writers Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt. 

Lady Gaga wins big at the Critics' Choice

The 24th Critics' Choice awards was another massive success for Lady Gaga, where she won Best Song for "Shallow" and tied with Glenn Close for Best Actress. On January 13th, Gaga walked the blue carpet and accepted her awards in a simple, yet dreamy Calvin Klein gown: "I am so honored by this" Gaga said on her best actress win alongside Glenn Close. She dedicated her award to "all people who have suffered from alcoholism and addiction, or who have watched their loved ones suffer", alluding to the relationship between Ally and Jackson in "A Star Is Born" which was compromised by her on-screen husband's abuse of alcohol and drugs. 

One memorable moment of the evening was when a piano started playing in the middle of her speech as a signal for Gaga to wrap up, to which she responded "It's OK, I can still do this with a piano background." The reaction went viral on Twitter in no time. 

Lady Gaga plays first Jazz & Piano show in Vegas

Lady Gaga embarked on her Vegas residency at the end of 2018 at Park MGM with Enigma that offers a selection of her biggest pop hits. On January 20th, Lady Gaga gave the first show of her Jazz & Piano engagement which included a setlist of songs from The Great American Songbook, and stripped-down versions of some of the biggest hits of her career. "You know, it was just last night I was bent over in a thong singing some progressive pop" Gaga said referencing her show Enigma that opened in the same venue three weeks earlier. 

The show became a huge success overnight and garnered rave reviews from critics with Variety describing it as probably the "most triumphant night Gaga will have in 2019, if not in her career."

Lady Gaga attends the SAG awards

On January 27, Lady Gaga attended the 25th Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards ceremony held in the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles California. A Star Is Born was nominated for 4 awards including Cast in a Motion Picture, Male Actor in a Leading Role for Cooper, Female Actor in a Leading Role for Gaga and Male Actor in a Supporting Role for Elliot. 

Although no awards were won that night, Lady Gaga still stole the show with her floor-length Dior Haute Couture gown and the deep slit up her left leg. Gaga was also up on the stage to introduce her film A Star Is Born alongside co-stars Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliot and Anthony Ramos. She might have lost her award, but the nomination itself allowed Gaga to make history as the first person to be nominated at the Oscars, Grammys, SAG Awards, BAFTAs and Golden Globes within a single year. 

Lady Gaga takes home 3 GRAMMY Awards

On February 10, Lady Gaga attended the 61st annual Grammy awards in a silver sequin Celine dress designed by long-time friend Hedi Slimane. She was the most nominated female artist of the night with 5 nominations tied with Cardi B, out of which she won 3 including Best Song Written for Visual Media and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for Shallow, and Best Pop Solo Performance for Joanne (Where Do You Think You're Goin'?). Earlier in the night, she graced the stage alongside Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Obama, Jada Pinkett Smith and host Alicia Keys in a one-in-a-lifetime moment that celebrated music and the artists. Later on, she took the Grammys stage to deliver a rock-infused performance of her Grammy award-winning song Shallow.

Lady Gaga wins at the BAFTAs

On February 10, the 72nd British Academy Film Awards took place at Royal Albert Hall in London. A Star Is Born was nominated for a total of 7 awards, including Best Actress for Lady Gaga and Best Film Music. Lady Gaga could not attend as the ceremony took place on the same day as the Grammys. Although Gaga lost her Best Actress nomination, she took home the BAFTA https://twitter.com/ladygaga/status/1094695186695839744award for Best Film Music for her masterful curation of the A Star Is Born Soundtrack.

Lady Gaga wins her first Oscar for Shallow 

On February 24, the 91st Academy Awards took place at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles where A Star Is Born was nominated for 7 awards including Best Actress for Lady Gaga and Best Original Song for Shallow. The singer-turned-actress gave an impassioned speech as she collected the Oscar for Best Original Song for Shallow alongside her co-writers and collaborators Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt. "If you are at home and you're sitting on your couch and you are watching this right now, all I have to say is that this is hard work," Gaga said. "I worked hard for a long time and it's not about winning. What it's about is not giving up." She also gave an acclaimed performance of her Oscar-winning song with Bradley Cooper on the piano which sparked rumors of love between the duo and went on to garner over 200M views on YouTube. 

Lady Gaga owns The MET Gala 

The first Monday in May, Lady Gaga co-chaired the camp-themed Met Gala alongside Anna Wintour, Serena Williams, Harry Styles and Gucci's creative director Alessandro Michele. Gaga shocked the world once again with her grand entrance that took over 16 minutes to be completed. The superstar showed up to the carpet in a massive hot pink Brandon Maxwell gown with a gigantic train and a matching bow on her head, accompanied by the designer himself, makeup artist Sarah Tanno, hair stylist Frederic Aspiras and a group of dancers in tuxedos. She performed 4 outfit changes and delivered a live performance that went down in history as one of the greatest fashion moments of all time. First, she took off the pink cape to reveal the black dress underneath, and posed with a black umbrella as camera lights kept flashing on her. Then, she removed the black dress to reveal a hot pink gown that completely hugged her body, accessorized with sunglasses and an embellished phone-shaped bag by Judith Leiber. She walked the stairs up and down pretending to talk on the phone as she put on more lipstick. Finally, she revealed her final look as she stripped down to a set her bedazzled bra, fishnets and underwear. She owned the carpet and reassured her place as the ultimate Queen of Camp.

Haus of Gaga Las Vegas 

At the end of May, Lady Gaga opened her HAUS of GAGA LAS VEGAS at Park MGM curated by her artistic director and friend Nicola Formichetti as an ever-evolving experience featuring the star's most iconic fashion pieces and moments that span across a decade-long career of constant reinvention. Lady Gaga was there at the opening night to celebrate it with her fans. Some of the fashion pieces featured in the exhibit include the iconic meat dress, the egg-shaped vessel of the Grammys 2011, many tour outfits, the body suit from her 2017 Super Bowl performance, the 2019 Met Gala outfits and many more. 


Lady Gaga attended Pride Live's Stonewall Day Concert held in New York City on June 28 for WorldPride 2019 in celebration of the LGBTQ riots against the police raid that happened at Stonewall Inn, Manhattan 50 years earlier. Lady Gaga showed up in a head-to-toe rainbow look, including crystal encrusted, thigh-high rainbow boots, high-waisted denim shorts and a strapless black bandeau paired with a Versace branded rainbow denim jacket. She took the stage to give an inspiring speech to a crowd of millions. "True love is when you would take a bullet for someone, and you know I would take a bullet for you any day of the week" Gaga said during her speech that centered around the themes of unity, love, kindness and compassion, "Love each other, raise your voice, and, my gosh, VOTE! DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!" exclaimed Gaga as she ended her speech.

Haus Laboratories 

Lady Gaga announced her beauty brand Haus Laboratories curated with makeup artist and friend Sarah Tanno with the hopes to create an all-inclusive brand that the customers could see as home. The brand became available for pre-order back on July 15 and the official launch took place on September 17 both on the brand's official website and the exclusive partner Amazon. The products of the first launch included all-over shimmer powders called Glam Attack, Le Riot Lip Gloss and the RIP lip liner, which became an instant hit and topped several makeup charts on Amazon. Since then, Gaga expanded her line, launched her holiday collection that she named "Cosmic Love" and put out the brand's first ever eyeshadow palette called Glam Room No.1: FAME. 

She collaborated with YouTube star NikkieTutorials in a video, graced the cover of Allure in Haus Labs makeup and opened a two-day pop-up shop at the Groove in Los Angeles early December. -

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