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    911 - The new single by Lady Gaga is out now. Check it out here.


    We've build a custom page for Valentino's new fragrance featuring a commercial with Lady Gaga. Click here.


    As we're currently rebuilding our community from scratch, we're giving you the opportunity to join our team. Send your application now and help us build a kinder, safer community: https://forms.gle/a1fXXbHHDkzxBcrw8


    I’m happy to announce that LadyGagaNow & GAGAIMAGES has been partially recovered after the recent attack to our server. It’s gonna take me some time to reupload all the 400k pictures, but I’m working day and night to bring GAGAIMAGES back along with LadyGagaNow as soon as I can.

    Thank you everyone.

    If you wanna support us recovering the website you can send us a donation on PayPal, it really helps: https://paypal.me/gaganow


    I’m sorry.

    Unfortunately last night our website was attacked by hackers. They took the server down while everyone was waiting for the VMAs to start; but besides that they managed to ruin the server’s operating system. Unfortunately this damage caused a huge loss of data, which led to the inevitable shut down of the platform. I don’t know if I will ever recover form this. It’s been more than 7 years that I work daily, every hour every day, no holidays on this project which I believe since I was a kid: a kinder and open community that makes fans fell like they are really part of something. Seeing your entire life ruined in front of your eyes in the span of 10 seconds isn’t easy and I might need some serious time to recover from this. The first thing that I wanna say to you guys is that I’m sorry. I’m sorry for not being able to defend our community as I should have, and I’m sorry I will not be able to give you all the media and info you expect in the best way I know. GagaImages has been also heavily damaged and trust me when I say that my heart feels broken. Not because it’s been a work of a lifetime, but because it was my legacy. I know some people will have a laugh about this and will finally jump on the edge of your seat, but what I can promise you is that even though heart feels numb right now, I will take everything in my power to bring the community back to life. 

    Please forgive me, I love you all.


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