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    1. Date: April 3rd 2018 Location: Portland, Oregon To celebrate her best friend Bo's birthday, Lady Gaga got dressed up - in head to toe Versace - for a dinner out in Portland, Oregon. The location was not revealed until later by a fan photo who lives in Portland. To start Lady Gaga wore some kind of black cap that was only partially visible and graphic eyeliner. To accessorize, she wore a new pair of asymmetric earrings from two different designers. On her left side, Lady Gaga wears Laura Lombardi. On her right side, Lady Gaga wears Jennifer Fisher. Lady Gaga's Lombardi earring is the 3.25 inch "Mina Earring" made of brass with a gold filled post. The earring, sold in a pair, is available for $146 here. Lady Gaga's Fisher earring is the angular "Hammock Earring" in 10k Yellow Gold plated Brass. Again, the earring is sold in a pair for $550 here. Lady Gaga's "Versace on the floor" outfit is all from the Pre-Fall 2018 collection. To start, she wears the "Lurex Jacquard Knit Dress" which features a high-neck and long sleeves in an all-over leopard style print. The dress was available previously for $1,795 but is no longer available for purchase. Underneath her dress, Lady Gaga wore matching "Lurex Jacquard Knit Leggings" which were also available for $1,250 when the Pre-Fall collection was released but are no longer sold by Versace. Around her waist, Lady Gaga wore the "Gold Chain Belt" from the Pre-Fall collection which features a variety of Versace charms including a miniature version of a black Versace purse! The belt was sold for $3,200 but unfortunately is also unavailable now. She finished her look with a pair of matching sandals that I have not found previously for sale like the rest of her outfit but the sandals were shown in the look book. Lady Gaga later uploaded more details of her outfit - more Versace! She added the "Icon" handbag from the Spring 2018 "Tribute collection in bright red leather distinguishable by the gold Medusa buttons on each side of the gold buckle in the center of the purse. The bag is no longer available through Versace in red but it is available through outside retailers like FarFetch for $2,675 here. Finally, Lady Gaga appears to have accessorized her handbag with a scarf also from the Spring 2018 collection. This black and gold-tone silk baroque print scarf from Versace features an all-over print from Gianni Versace's iconic prints from the nineties. The scarf is sold out everywhere including FarFetch! By Terran Warden
    2. Date: March 25th 2018 Location: Starbucks (Malibu, California) Back in Malibu, Lady Gaga headed to her neighborhood Starbucks and was captured by paparazzi while leaving. For the trip, she wore a casual yet stylish designer outfit with several new pieces. From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a pair of extreme cat-eye sunglasses from Moschino - thank you Gagapedia for tracking them down! The sunglasses are studded cat-eye frames available in optical or UVA lenses with contrasting silver studs outlining the lenses. They are not available through Moschino but they are still available through outside retailers like Neiman Marcus for $250 here. Next, Lady Gaga wore another jacket from her ever-growing Saint Laurent collection. Back from the Fall 2016 Menswear collection, Lady Gaga wore the black leather jacket with silver studded and cheetah print sleeves from look 74. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find the jacket for sale through any retailer. Lady Gaga then wore what appeared to be just a pair of black jeans but while waiting for the car door to open, paparazzi captured Lady Gaga's right side which revealed distinct embroidery on the back pocket. Little Monster Micah McLaurin pointed out the embroidery belonging to rag&bone. LG wears their "High Rise Skinny in black Japanese denim, distinguishable by black hardware. They're available in sizes 23 through 32 for $195 here. Finally, Lady Gaga wears another pair of new ankle booties. From a distance they appear to be a pair of supple black leather shoes but when zooming in, the shoes have distinct yet faint black stars in an all-over print. A quick Google search discovered the shoes through Barneys New York as the "Hologram Stars" Leather Ankle Boot from Valentino. Unfortunately, these stacked chunky heels are sold out in all sizes. Lady Gaga can also vaguely be seen wearing a patterned black and gold belt that I have not yet identified. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore. Check out more HQ photos of Lady Gaga leaving Starbucks in our gallery here. By Terran Warden
    3. Date: March 24th 2018 Location: Walnut Creek, California The March for Our Lives was a student-led demonstration that took place in Washington, D.C. with over 800 sibling events throughout the United States and around the world. The event followed the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, where protesters urged for universal background checks on all gun sales, raising the federal age of gun ownership and possession to the age of 21, closing of the gun show loophole, a restoration of the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban, and a ban on the sale of high-capacity magazines in the United States. With 2 million marching across the United States, it was the largest student protest in American history, one of the largest marches on Washington in history, and the second largest march in American history, with millions more estimated to have marched throughout the world. A sibing event took place in Walnut Creek, California which Lady Gaga joined alongside the Born This Way Foundation and Channel Kindness reporters! For the day, Lady Gaga started with a special black hat from designer Nick Fouquet. The hat is the "Devil + Rose" made with distressed black beaver felt. The black French grosgrain band is finished with a resin rose and handmade in Venice, California. The hat is available for order through contacting Nick Fouquet for $1,325 here. Next, Lady Gaga wore the vintage sunglasses she got from Zipper Vintage Clothing in Amsterdam while on tour earlier this year. The rimless shades are the "Rebel 1" from BAD BOY, manufactured back in the 1990's. The 53mm square lenses feature thick gold metal etched with "BAD BOY" to connect the frames. LG's pair are made with what appears to be black lenses and tortoise shell acetate - similar pairs made with silver hardware instead of her gold are surprisingly available for only $30 through Sunglass Museum here. As for her outfit, Lady Gaga wore a vintage Rolling Stones baseball shirt which features a dragon and sunset design on the front with The Rolling Stones logo and text on the back. I am unaware of Lady Gaga purchased the shirt but there are several retailers online including one of a kind eBay listings. One of the listings I found, in a brighter tone than LG's, is available to make an offer here. Finishing her look, Lady Gaga appears to wear a pair of black jeans and a pair of shoes from Alexander Wang. Her shoes were finally visible in one fan video posted of Lady Gaga filming a video message for her social media. The "Lyndon" combat style boots have been worn by LG several times before which is how I recognized the signature metal cap along the toe of the shoes. They are sold out through Alexander Wang now but they are still widely available through outside retailers including Net-A-Porter for $750 ($100 less than the original sale price) here. She also wore a beaded rosary style necklace, which she has worn several times before, that I have not tracked down. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! By Terran Warden
    4. Date: March 18th 2018 Location: Vintage Grocers (Malibu, California) Once again, Lady Gaga was spotted with Christian Carino at Vintage Grocers in Malibu, California. This time, she wore another casual outfit complete with sunglasses and a hat. Starting from top to bottom, Lady Gaga wore even more Saint Laurent as she owns nearly every item they released back in 2016 and 2017. Her Saint Laurent hat has only been seen scarcely before - mainly inside her V109 magazine shoot - but is the "Panama hat" from their 2015 collection. The hat is covered in black rabbit fur and features a narrow brim, a bow ribbon and a flat top. Because the hat is from several collections ago, it is now sold out through all retailers but was once sold for $750. Her sunglasses at first appeared to be her round gold sunglasses from Ray-Ban but with a closer look, the arms do not match. If you have a tip on the sunglasses, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! Next, Lady Gaga covers a plain black t-shirt and leggings with a studded cardigan from Saint Laurent's newly appointed creative director Anthony Vaccarello. From the Spring Summer 2017 collection, the "Studded Trim Cardigan" is made with black mohair-wool blend with an open front, long sleeves, two front pockets, silver-tone stud detailing and a star print lining. The cardigan is not available through Saint Laurent but is still available through outside retailers like FarFetch for $1,590 here. Finally, Lady Gaga completed her look with a new pair of Saint Laurent ankle booties. Back from their 2016 collection, Lady Gaga's shoes are the "Rock Leopard-Print" Chelsea boot made with black velvet and silver glitter. They were originally sold for $995 but they are no longer available for purchase. Lady Gaga also wears small hoop earrings but photos are scarce and too far away for me to identify. By Terran Warden
    5. Date: March 16th 2018 Location: Los Angeles, California After paparazzi sighted Lady Gaga in Malibu, a fan ran into LG while heading to a studio in Los Angeles. The internet tracked down the studio to be Levels Studio which is a post-production studio that helped create the HBO Monster Ball special. In the photo, Lady Gaga kept her look simple with a hat and jacket, contrasted with bold eyeliner that gave me Born This Way vibes. Lady Gaga's hat is from - you guessed it - Gladys Tamez Millinery! Lady Gaga seems to own all of the designer's creations and this is one the "Bill." The hat is no longer available through Gladys Tamez but is available for resale through sites like Tradesy starting at $600. The hat was originally made in black felt velour and beige felt velour making Lady Gaga's deep green a custom creation. Barely showing between her leather jacket, Lady Gaga wore a Ramones t-shirt from MadeWorn. MadeWorn was founded by Brian Halvorson in 2013 and is known for their rock-n-roll concert tees among other designs. Her shirt is their Ramones concert tee in distressed, 100% yellow cotton. Unfortunately, the design is no longer available for purchase. But several other Ramones t-shirts are still sold through MadeWorn. Lady Gaga then wore a leather jacket over a yellow graphic t-shirt. Her jacket is another one of her favorites - Saint Laurent! Looking through Saint Laurent leather jackets, I believe Lady Gaga is wearing the "Leather Biker Jacket" from several collections ago identifiable by the smooth and supple leather. The jacket is no longer available through Saint Laurent because it is from an older collection but it is available through outside retailers like Mr. Porter for $4,990 here. Lady Gaga can also be seen vaguely wearing asymmetric earrings and a pearl necklace. I have not identified the jewelry but if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! By Terran Warden
    6. Date: March 11th 2018 Location: Malibu, California After being spotted back in Malibu at Vintage Grocers - see our post here - Lady Gaga spent the day on the beach with Christian Carino and one of her closest friends Bo O'Connor. For her relaxing day in the sun, Lady Gaga wore a casual graphic tee and leggings with simple accessories. Lady Gaga's shirt is a fan gift from H&M. Back in Los Angeles, my friend BreannaMonster was able to give Lady Gaga this muscle style tank top with Iron Maiden's signature album cover. Because the shirt was sold back in late 2016/early 2017, it is no longer available for purchase. To accessorize, Lady Gaga appears to be wearing a custom hat from Gladys Tamez Millinery - who created the Joanne album cover hat. The felt velour and grosgrain band is signature Gladys Tamez but the exact hat is not available for purchase or shown in lookbooks. Lady Gaga also wears metallic silver sunglasses I am working on tracking down. If you have a tip or know the designer, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! BONUS: Christian Carino can be seen carrying Lady Gaga's shoes in paparazzi photos while leaving the beach. Lady Gaga removed them to go barefoot in the sand. Worn back in New York while visiting for Brandon Maxwell's debut fashion show (see left), Lady Gaga's ankle boots are the "Wyatt" Black Crystal-Coated Suede Boots from Saint Laurent. They were last sold for $598 through Saks Fifth Avenue but are now sold out. By Terran Warden
    7. Date: March 8th 2018 Location: Vintage Grocers (Malibu, California) After being spotted at a Starbucks in Oregon, Lady Gaga took a photo with a fan outside of Vintage Grocers in Malibu, California. For her grocery run, Lady Gaga went incognito in a comfy and casual look complete with a throwback hair scrunchie. Lady Gaga's sunglasses are the "Admiral Boom" in black from Karen Walker's new Lost in Paradise collection. Walker is a New Zealand designer Lady Gaga has worn throughout the years, most recently while taking orders at Starbucks in June 2017 (see left). Walker describes the collection like this: you’re on an opulent cruise ship when a storm ravages the deck, sweeping you overboard and into the ocean. When you awake, you come to discover you have washed ashore, left shipwrecked on a tropical atoll with nothing but a steamer trunk full of your worldly possessions. When you pop the lid, what’s the first thing you see? A vital accessory – sunglasses. The "Admiral Boom" sunglasses feature oversized rectangular frames and are available for only $207 here. Unfortunately, I have not yet identified Lady Gaga's basic black sweater and the rest of Lady Gaga's outfit cannot be seen in the photo. As of now, no other photos were taken or have emerged online. By Terran Warden
    8. Date: February 2nd 2018 Location: Genting Arena (Birmingham, United Kingdom) After a second sold out night in Birmingham - this time at Genting Arena - Lady Gaga stopped to take photos and sign autographs for fans outside the show while leaving the venue. In theme with her Joanne album, Lady Gaga wore a pink jumpsuit with beautiful accessories. I have not tracked down her pink jumpsuit (her earring designer lists the look as vintage Chanel...) or her "cloot" style sunglasses but if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! As for her accessories, Lady Gaga started with an asymmetric pair of white pearl earrings. Unlike some of the asymmetric looks she's worn before, the earrings are from two different sets. First, on her left, Lady Gaga wears an extra long pearl earring from Joanna Laura Constantine. Constantine designs are handcrafted and inspired by the duality of women with eclectic collections ranging from the sweet, delicate and sensual to the ultra-edgy and bold. The "Gromment Pearl Earrings" are 14.3 centimeters in length and made of gold plated grommets with Swarovski pearl earrings. They're available for $160 here. On her right ear, Lady Gaga wears a small hoop earring also made of Swarovski pearls. This earring is from Beck Jewels, designed by Rebecca Zeijdel-Paz who combines tropical aesthetics inspired by her home island Curaçao with her life in Brooklyn. Lady Gaga wore Beck Jewels one time previously for the 2016 Oscars Nominees Luncheon. The "OG Pearl Hoops (SML)" are availabel for $210 here. Be aware, slight variations are the mark of artisan work, a true testament to the individuality of each piece as they are made to order. To finish her outfit, Lady Gaga wore a pair of sneakers visible in fan videos online here. Her sneakers are the "Lafayette - Leopard - Pony" from Mercer Amsterdam. Handmade in Portugal with buttery soft Italian Leopard Pony leather, the shoes have golden details for a luxurious look and feel. The golden D-rings and the golden Mercer logo make the shoe uniquely perfect, especially in combination with the Leopard Pony Leather. Get your own pair for 250 euros here. By Terran Warden
    9. Date: January 29th 2018 Location: Madison Square Garden (New York City, New York) After recording a performance for Elton John's I'm Still Standing Grammy Salute concert (set to air April 10th), Lady Gaga was spotted in a full sequin look with special glasses in tribute to Sir Elton himself. The look made fans reminisce about ARTPOP and I've got the details! From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a custom pair of sunglasses from A-morir. A-morir is a sunglasses company founded by Kerin Rose Gold that has been worn by Lady Gaga dozens of times! The sunglasses are made with a one-of-a-kind wire frame to mimic Elton's glasses on Top of the Pops in 1974 (see left) with pink toned lenses and silver crystal frames. Lady Gaga's outfit is the Gen X Suit from Any Old Iron. Any Old Iron was created by British designer/stylist, Andrew Clancey and arts-entrepreneur, Christopher Melton in lower Manhattan. Based in Nashville now, Any Old Iron is known for avant garde high end British-style apparel. The Gen X Suit is made of split panels with no two suits alike! This explains why Lady Gaga's suit is slightly different than Any Old Iron's photos. Styled as a longer, more relaxed jacket, the suit is lined with satin and the pants are fitted to the leg then flared. The suit is available for $1,800 here and can be made as separate pieces or customized by emailing [email protected] Underneath, Lady Gaga wore a plain black t-shirt. Finally, Lady Gaga finished her look with sky-high black heels from Pleaser. They are only slightly visible underneath the flared end of her suit pants but the distinct platform makes them identifiable. The heels are the Xtreme-1020 ankle boots with an eight inch heel in patent black leather. They're available for purchase through Amazon for $91 to $212 depending on size and seller here. Check out dozens of HQ photos in our gallery here. By Terran Warden
    10. Date: January 29th 2018 Location: New York City, New York After attending The Grammys in New York City, Lady Gaga was spotted by fans leaving her hotel to film an Elton John tribute concert at Madison Square Garden. LG recently listed her penthouse apartment for sale which is why she was staying at a hotel while in town. For her outing, Lady Gaga wore a full look from Versace's Spring Summer 2018 Tribute collection which celebrated the life and works of founder Gianni Versace. From look 56, the long sleeved dress is made with bright green and bright blue with decorative baroque print edges and a pop-art style print of Elton John across the chest. Gianni was friends with Elton and created the print design in Spring 1991 - see left image. The outfit, on the runway and on Lady Gaga, comes complete with matching blue tights accented with the same baroque print and a pair of sandals that perfectly blends into the tights for a seamless finish. Lady Gaga however opted to not wear the purple belt as the runway was styled. To accessorize her look, Lady Gaga wore a unique pair of blinged out sunglasses from A-morir. A-morir is a uniquely glamorous and edgy sunglasses company founded by Kerin Rose Gold and worn by Lady Gaga since the early days of her career. This time, Lady Gaga wore the "Bootsy" frames made with black and silver crystals. The sunglasses are an older design but were announced on A-morir's Instagram post (see left) to be re-released in a 10th anniversary collection coming soon! She completed her look with gold hoop earrings - a large hoop on her right side and a small hoop on her left. I have not identified the jewelry designer but if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore. The Elton John Grammy Salute concert is set to air April 10th. Check out all the HQ photos through our gallery here. By Terran Warden
    11. Date: January 28th 2018 Location: Madison Square Garden (New York City, New York) Continuing from her red carpet look, Lady Gaga took the stage to perform with producer Mark Ronson in a second custom Giorgio Armani Privé gown - this time an elegant, baby pink creation. Starting with the piano version of Joanne, Lady Gaga then transitioned into Million Reasons ending by laying against angel wings across her piano. Armani described her look as a "rose gown embellished with clusters of light pink and crystal beading and paillettes. It also featured billowing sleeves and prolonged pieces of pleated tulle that form a train." To complete her look, Lady Gaga wore barely-there silver heels from Stuart Weitzman - a pair she has worn several times before. The shoes are Weitzman's "Nudist" which have become an iconic design and celebrity favorite. Worn throughout the Cheek to Cheek tour (see left image) and much more, this silver variation is no longer sold through Stuart Weitzman however they are available through ShopBop for $385 here. Finally, Lady Gaga changed into a pair of pink-toned earrings from Le Vian Jewelry. Le Vian was founded in 1950 and has since been apart of hundreds of red carpet moments each year for many of Hollywood's hottest celebrities. Lady Gaga's earrings are the "Peach Morganite earrings" which feature 29 total carats of peach morganite with just under 1 carat of nude diamonds set in 18k Strawberry Gold®. The earrings are not listed on their website but a similar pair is without a price. Check out HQ photos from the performance in our gallery here. And catch her performance here. BONUS: Lady Gaga's stage set was designed by Marla Weinhoff of the Haus of Gaga and created by CreativeNYC and Izquierdo Studio. Check out some behind the scenes photos of the angel wing piano before and the process of creating it below! By Terran Warden
    12. Date: January 28th 2018 Location: Madison Square Garden (New York City, New York) Taking a break from the final dates of her Joanne World Tour, Lady Gaga went back to New York City to attend the 60th Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden. For her arrival, Lady Gaga wore an exquisite black bodysuit and skirt that she later showcased on Instagram and re-styled to be in the audience of the show. A custom piece from Giorgio Armani Privé, Lady Gaga wore a long sleeve bodysuit covered in black lace and embellished with black crystals and structured shoulders. Attached around her waist, Lady Gaga wore a glittering silk wrap skirt that exposed her right leg and ended with a full train. Lady Gaga later removed the skirt and added a wide brim hat to transform the look. Her wide brim hat, made with matching black lace was a custom creation from Stephen Jones Millinery - the first time I have seen her collaborate with the designer. For her shoes, Lady Gaga wore a pair of ankle boot heels from Pleaser - a favorite of both hers and mine. She appears to be wearing their "Xtreme 2010 Boot" in custom black satin. The customization was done by Andre No. 1 Shoes & Apparel who also created many of her Joanne World Tour shoes. The original black patent version of the 8 inch heels are available through Amazon for $91 to $213, depending on size and seller, here. Unfortunately, Lady Gaga's satin version are not available for purchase. For her accessories, Lady Gaga wore over 300 carats of black diamonds from celebrity jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, mainly through a pair of large chandelier earrings. Her other black diamonds were used in a unique two-stone upper knuckle ring and a black snake-like ring both worn on her right hand. Her designs are only available to clients by private appointments in New York City. Appointments and information can be found by emailing [email protected]z.com Check out more than 150 UHQ photos of Lady Gaga attending The Grammys red carpet here. BONUS: Lady Gaga's makeup artist Sarah Tanno revealed all the details behind Lady Gaga's look on Instagram! As a Global Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty, Lady Gaga's look was created entirely using Marc Beauty and was inspired by "a dark starry night. Romantic and striking to compliment the gorgeous #ArmaniPrivé creation." For her face, Sarah started with the new "Shameless" Foundation which will be available online starting February 9th. Using shade Y270, the foundation is an innovation with invisible SPF and a self-setting finish. Next, Sarah "put a soft veil of blushon her cheeks" using the "Airblush Soft Glow Duo" in Kink & Kisses or shade 504, available for $42 here. Finally, Sarah added a tap of highlighter to the "high points of skin for a sheer elegant glow." To do so, she used the "Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter" available in one shade only for $44 here. Next, Sarah created heavily rimmed smoky (and glittery) eyes. Starting with lined eyes using the "Highliner Gel Eye Crayon" in Blacquer that were blended all over the lid, Sarah winged the shape to a sharp point using "Magic Marc’er" waterproof liquid eyeliner in Blaquer. The Highliner is available for $25 here and the Magic Marc'er is available for $30 here. For her eyeshadow, Sarah started by blending the peach toned eyeshadow from the Glambition "Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette" all the way to the brow bone. She then used the sparkly black eyeshadow from the Edgitorial "Eye-Conic Multi-Finish Eyeshadow Palette" to blend the transition from her eyeliner. Both palettes are available for $49 each here. Sarah then added a loose silver glitter to make her eyes extra sparkly which Marc Beauty does not make and added a few coats of their favorite "Velvet Noir" Major Volume mascara. The mascara is available for $26 here. Finally, for her lips Sarah first used "(P)outliner Longwear Lip Pencil" in the rosy nude shade Prim(rose) or 304. The liner is available for $24 here. She then finished using "Le Marc" lipstick in Cream & Sugar. The lipstick is only available in a travel set which is available with a matching lip liner and lip gloss for $24 here. BONUS: Frederic Aspiras, Lady Gaga's hair artist, also revealed step by step instructions on how he created Lady Gaga's "Victorian inspired" corset braids. Partnering with John Frieda, Freddy used four different products. Click on each product for the store locator to find a retailer near you (prices listed using Target.com). Step 1: Start by spraying John Freida Luxurious Volume Hydration Detangling Mist throughout the hair to comb out any tangles. Step 2: Apply John Frieda Luxurious Volume Perfectly Full Mousse to give the hair volume and texture before creating a center part, and blow drying with a diffuser to set the hair. Step 3: While braiding both sides, apply John Frieda Frizz Ease Clearly Defined Gel ($5.09) to control and maintain smoothness of the two side braids. Step 4: Braid all the way down and tie the ends with a clear elastic. Then, weave the corset. Step 5: Finish and hold the style by spraying Luxurious Volume Forever Full Hairspray ($6.59) BONUS: Lady Gaga kept her nails short and simple with a black manicure from Naomi Yasuda. Naomi used Red Carpet Manicure's LED Gel Polish in "Black Stretch Limo" which is available for only $10 here. However, a gel polish LED kit is required to use the polish. By Terran Warden
    13. Date: January 27th 2018 Location: New York City, New York Spending "pre-Grammy night" in the city, Lady Gaga took to Instagram to document how honored she was to be singing from Joanne. "This album and this moment with little monsters means so much to me." Lucky for us, Lady Gaga credited the designers she wore! She was later spotted by paparazzi out in New York City with Christian Carino in the same look. From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a large pair of sparkly glasses. Lady Gaga's glasses are from Sospiri Eyewear - Ottica Veneta's signature line which was founded in 2002. Their frames are defined by their use of Australian crystals, light metals, Italian acetates, and unique artistic embellishments. Shoutout to Sospiri for reposting the photo on their Instagram and Oprah who wears their frames frequently. Her frames are the "Vera" in gradient taupe and brown frames with rose gold crystals around the eyes and across the arms. The glasses are available in a variety of colors and lenses but the clear lenses Lady Gaga wore are not one of them. Their frames are not available to purchase online and are hard to access with private registration required to view their catalogue. Store locations worldwide can be found on their website here. Next, Lady Gaga wore a striking blue trench coat from Dion Lee. Lee is an Australian designer known for clean tailoring injected with a technical-sport edge. The double breasted jacket is look 14 from the Resort 2018 collection made with bright plastic like an upgraded rain coat. Unfortunately, the jacket is not available for purchase currently and was not included in the M'oda Operandi trunk sale of the collection. Underneath her coat, Lady Gaga wore a long mustard yellow dress from Concepto with a row of silver buckle designs going down the back. See left for a super detail shot! The dress is the form-fitting "Maissoun Dress" which also features seamless paneling along the front to enhance the silhouette. The dress is available for 523 euros here. Finally, Lady Gaga ended her look with a pair of metallic silver boots - another pair added to her collection of ankle booties. When she first posted the photo she credited them as Stuart Weitzman but later changed her caption to credit Mistress Rocks. The boots are their Silver Mirror "Mercury" ankle boots made with an incredible mirror shine vegan leather. I am in love with the boots are fortunately they are available for purchase for only $124 here! Check out dozens of HQ photos from her sighting in New York City through our gallery here. By Terran Warden
    14. Date: January 22nd 2018 Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands After taking the stage in Amsterdam, Lady Gaga spent time in the Netherlands before traveling to Antwerp, Belgium for the next date on the Joanne World Tour. While leaving her hotel to head for Belgium, Lady Gaga stopped to meet several fans waiting outside. Thankfully, the selfies with fans reveal most of her look for the day. From top to bottom, she started with her black Bianca hat from Gladys Tamez Millinery. Lady Gaga has had her hat customized with a black leather band instead of black grosgrain which Gladys Tamex refers to as the "John Wayne" as she wears the hat while performing the song on tour. The hat, with the original band, is available in black as well as white, red, and more for $620 here. Next, Lady Gaga wore delicate round sunglasses from Saint Laurent - one of her absolute favs! Along the legs of the glasses, "SAINT LAURENT" can be seen etched into the metal. The glasses are the now sold-out "Classic SL 136 Zero" with antique gold metal frames and brown tinted lenses. Thankfully for us, the frames are still available in a limited supply at Saks Fifth Avenue for $405 here. Finally, Lady Gaga wore a knitted hoodie from Canada Goose, again distinguishable by the black leather logo on her left bicep. The "Cassidy Hoodie" provides an elevated twist on go-to hoodies as a heavy knit that softly drapes against the body. Ultra-warm Merino wool is complemented by Thermal Mapping® technology under the arms, which offers natural coolness and breathability in areas where it’s needed most. Clean, tubular details at the hem and cuffs lend contemporary sophistication to an everyday essential. Get your own Cassidy Hoodie for $450 here. By Terran Warden
    15. Date: January 21st 2018 Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands Spending time in one of the cities she loves - she wrote "Mary Jane Holland" on ARTPOP about it - Lady Gaga was spotted by fans leaving her hotel in Amsterdam. She was not spotted later so it is unclear where she went for the night... but for the trip LG wore a killer leather jacket with loads of vintage accessories. To start, Lady Gaga was spotted in a pair of vintage sunglasses. The rimless shades are the "Rebel 1" from BAD BOY, manufactured back in the 1990's which she picked up at Zipper Vintage Clothing in Amsterdam - shoutout to Zipper Vintage for commenting about it on my Instagram posts! The 53mm square lenses feature thick gold metal etched with "BAD BOY" to connect the frames. LG's pair are made with what appears to be black lenses and tortoise shell acetate which are surprisingly available for $30 through Sunglass Museum here. As for her jewelry, Lady Gaga wore dangling black suede earrings and a multiple strand black and white pearl necklace. Zipper Vintage Clothing posted photos of the jewelry and told me they sadly have no clues as to who designed the pieces. Both her necklace and earrings are between ten and thirty years old and were discovered in their searches through the states. For her outfit, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing a black t-shirt with a studded leather jacket. Her t-shirt is unidentifiable from the photos but her jacket is from Saint Laurent's Men's Spring 2016 collection. She's worn the jacket several times before including her Snapchat story on Halloween (see our post on the look here.) The "Classic Studded Motorcycle Jacket In Black Leather And Silver-Toned Metal" featured YSL's classic 3 zip pockets, snap closure flap pocket, waistband with belt loops and zip cuffs but decorated with studs throughout. The jacket was last seen for sale for $5,990 but is no longer available. By Terran Warden
    16. Date: January 11th 2018 Location: El Prat Airport (Barcelona, Spain) Gearing up for the European leg of her Joanne World Tour, Lady Gaga touched down in Barcelona, Spain for her upcoming show. She will have three days in the city before the show. While leaving the airport, Lady Gaga stopped to greet a group of fans and sign autographs. For her arrival, Lady Gaga wore a full Joanne pink look from Versace! From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a large gold necklace from Versace complete with three Medusa medallions on a thick gold chain. The timeless necklace is not available through Versace but similar designs are sold online in replicas. The exact necklace was once sold on 1stDibs but is now unavailable. For her outfit, Lady Gaga wore a light pink blazer jacket from look 41 of the Versace Spring Summer 2018 collection. The blazer features slightly structured shoulders with a plunging neckline and one Medusa logo button. On the runway, the blazer was styled open over a t-shirt while Lady Gaga kept it bare underneath using the one button to keep the jacket shut. Unfortunately, the jacket is not available for purchase online yet. Next, Lady Gaga wore a pair of matching pink jeans, also from the Spring Summer 2018 Versace collection. The jeans feature a high waistline that line up perfectly with her closed blazer for a head-to-toe pink look. Again, because the collection is set for Spring/Summer, the jeans are not yet available for purchase online. Finally, Lady Gaga wore a pair of sandal heels from the same Spring Summer 2018 collection. They feature a large black strap with the same gold Medusa logo, tying Lady Gaga's entire look together. Once again, they are not yet available for purchase. To accessorize her look, Lady Gaga wore a pair of (crooked) black aviator sunglasses. They are not Ray-Bans as they first appeared since the signature logo is missing from the lens. If you have a tip on the exact pair, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore. Lady Gaga also carried a black bag with her. Do you recognize it from the last time she wore a full Versace look? See our post on the look here. The large black bag is the "Medium Sac De Jour" from Saint Laurent. This supple leather bag features tubular handles, side gussets, compression straps with tabs, embossed Saint Laurent inscription and an adjustable removable shoulder strap. Made with black grained 100% calf-skin leather, the bag is sold for $3,250 here. Check out all the HQ photos through our gallery here. By Terran Warden
    17. Date: December 20th 2017 Location: Nobu Restaurant (Malibu, California) After announcing her Las Vegas residency, Lady Gaga and boyfriend Christian Carino were spotted leaving Nobu Restaurant in Malibu, California. Lady Gaga is currently on break from the Joanne World Tour, spending time at her Malibu mansion as well as New York City and more. For their night out, Lady Gaga wore a vintage Versace outfit with an assortment of large accessories. From top to bottom, Lady Gaga wore large pair of patterned hexagonal sunglasses. She later posted the shades in black on Instagram in May 2018 revealing them to be from Quay Australia! While they appeared somewhat green in the low quality paparazzi photos, the sunglasses are actually the Leopard version of their "Rockbaby" frames. The sunglasses are no longer available through Quay but can be purchased through outside retailers for around $50. Next, Lady Gaga wore an extremely large panther necklace which appears to be one of Cartier's Panthere designs. Unfortunately, the design is not currently available and I have not been able to track down the exact one online in vintage archives. As for her outfit, Lady Gaga wore a matching jacket and pants from Versace. Lady Gaga's jacket is the red, blue and yellow 100% cotton Sun Baroque Print Jacket which is a vintage piece. The all-over print jacket features a spread collar, a top button, two chest pockets, gold-tone hardware, and a concealed front fastening. The jacket was momentarily sold through FarFetch for $1,550 (see posting here) but, because it is a vintage piece, it is no longer available for purchase. However, occasional listings may become available online. Lady Gaga's pants are vintage Versace blue, yellow and red 100% cotton Sun Baroque Trousers. The all-over print pants feature a button and zip fly, belt loops, a five pocket design, and a cropped length. Again, the pants are no longer available for purchase as a vintage piece but they were sold through FarFetch, see posting here. To accessorize her look, Lady Gaga wore a thick gold belt that appears to have a matching panther animal design as her necklace when zoomed in. She also wore black ankle boots from Azzedine Alaia, a signature shoe of hers! Unlike her more common Alaia boots, the pair she wore here appear to be a custom creation but she has worn them several times before including back in November 2015 while recording with Mark Ronson. Finally, Lady Gaga was seen carrying a small red purse matching the contrasting red in her vintage Versace outfit. I am still working on tracking down her exact bag so stay tuned for updates. And if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! By Terran Warden
    18. Date: December 19th 2017 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada After rumors hit the internet about Lady Gaga signing a residency deal with MGM, Lady Gaga announced they were true! She will begin a two year residency at The Park Theater starting in December 2018! The deal was signed before her Las Vegas Joanne World Tour but was not announced until after the North American leg of the tour ended. For her contract signing, Lady Gaga wore a beautiful pink dress with contrasting black accessories. From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a pair of angular black sunglasses which she's worn many times in the past - I actually own the same pair after seeing them on her back in 2014. The glasses are the "Neo Noir" in black acetate from Australian eyewear brand Le Specs. The sunglasses are from an older collection so they are no longer sold through Le Specs but they can be found through outside retailers like Zalando for $44 here. Next, Lady Gaga wore a satin wrap dress from Fleamadonna's Spring/Summer 2018 collection. Fleamadonna launched in 2007 by Jei Kim and is a womenswear brand based out of Seoul. Fleamadonna is known as the first Korean designer brand who was distributed by Colette and has also been worn by Rihanna and Paris Hilton. The pink dress was shown as look 19 and features a collared neckline with a metal detail that Lady Gaga removed. While the dress was shown open with another dress underneath more like a coat, Lady Gaga wore hers without another dress keeping it closed. The dress is not available for purchase online and showrooms are located solely in Asia, but purchases can be made through emailing [email protected] Finally, Lady Gaga wore sling back heels from Francesco Russo. Big thanks to Lady Gaga's stylist for identifying the designer for me! Lady Gaga's pair are the "R1P084" made with a 10.5 cm heel in a mauve pink tone. The shoes also feature side panels below the strap made with PVC for a completely transparent look. The heels can be made to order by contacting [email protected] Lady Gaga can also be seen with an added "Vegas" hat. I have not been able to track the exact hat down online but it is likely available at souvenir shops along The Strip. BONUS - Lady Gaga posted a photo signing the contract with a luxury pen from Tiffany and Co. Tiffany actually sells several different pens as well as a new line of home accessories like metal cups, rulers, and more. Lady Gaga's pen is the "Retractable Blue Purse Pen." The 4.5 inch pen is made with Tiffany's signature blue color and a gold logo band which is available for $110 here. By Terran Warden
    19. Date: December 15th 2017 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada For her night off in Las Vegas Lady Gaga got done up in a "Gaga Guinness" look, as in Daphne Guinness, that also resembled her evil but stylish character on American Horror Story: Hotel, The Countess. After posting the look on her Instagram, Lady Gaga attended Lionel Richie's residency show at The Axis at Planet Hollywood. And I've got the details on her look! For her outfit, Lady Gaga wore a dress from upcoming designer Avtandil. Avtandil Tskvitinidze is a Georgian fashion designer based in Tbilisi who was recently worn by Mary J. Blige as well. From his Spring/Summer 2018 collection, the red dress is shown as look 14. The dress features a choker neck, flared hem, plunging neck line, and long puffy sleeves. While it appeared to me that LG's dress was made in a different fabric without glitter, her stylist Tom Eerebout informed me that dress was made with the same glitter engrained red wool, the sparkles just didn't photograph well. Unfortunately, Avtandil designs cannot be purchased online and all stores are located in Georgia. Purchases must be made by contact here. As for her accessories, Lady Gaga put her emphasis on a pair of extremely large dangling earrings. Lady Gaga's earrings are a one-of-a-kind creation from Victoria Hayes' Spring Summer 2018 collection. They were showcased in look 19 of the collection, which had a different pair for each look, and were laser cut by hand by Hayes! She also wore a small dangling necklace that I have not identified. If you have a tip on the designer, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore. Lady Gaga's shoes were never pictured. By Terran Warden
    20. Date: December 15th 2017 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada Gearing up for her second sold-out night in Las Vegas, Lady Gaga arrived in town and spent the day visiting the Bellagio hotel casino with family and her boyfriend Christian Carino. Lady Gaga then updated her Instagram from around where she was staying - at the fountain outside, inside the entrance, and on couch inside. For the day, she wore a bold and beautiful outfit from Norwegian Womenswear designer Edda Gimnes. Gimnes is an emerging designer who's only 25 years old! She took to Instagram to thank Lady Gaga and her stylist Sandra Amador for wearing her designs. First, Lady Gaga wore a beautiful, strapless, flared dress with a belted waist in Gimnes signature pattern print for the collection. The print is made of blue and gold tones in a sketch style, shown as look 1 in the Spring/Summer 2018 show. Underneath the dress, Lady Gaga wears the boots paired with the dress in look 1. Made of the same print, the boots have a small heel and appear to have a stretch fit like a pair of leggings. Over her dress, Lady Gaga wears a bright yellow jacket made with see-through fabric like tulle. The jacket is from look 7 of the Spring/Summer 2018 collection and is paired with a matching feather boa. Lady Gaga wore her boa around her neckline rather than around the arms as the runway showed. Finally, Lady Gaga finished off her Gimnes look with one of the purses from the collection. The purse is made of the same blue pattern with a square shape and top handles. In the runway it was shown in look 9 and 10 but it was showcased better in page 3 and 5 of the lookbook. Currently, Gimnes designs are not available for purchase online or in stores. Purchases must be made by contacting through email, [email protected], or by telephone at +47 944 06 243. To accessorize her look, Lady Gaga wore a hat from Goorin Bros, a premium hat company founded in 1895. Lady Gaga wrote about the piece on Instagram saying "Love this hat by @goorinbros only 24 of them! Hand-made! ❤️☃️❄️keeps me warm, color-coordinated and stylish!" Lady Gaga's hat is “The Musician” beret from Goorin's band new Uncharted collection in collaboration with Hillz Hats. The collaboration is the first high fashion capsule collection which launched December 8th, 2017. Lady Gaga's beret was hand cut and sewn in Newark, New Jersey out of rich, marbled leather and features an lining with original artwork by Lango Olivia. The hat is not available online, as only 24 were made and distributed amongst brick-and-mortar Goorin Bros shops. Finally, Lady Gaga wore cat-eye sunglasses from eyewear company Illesteva. Lady Gaga's pair are the "Emmanuelle" frames in "Rose Tortoise." They were sold for $230 but are no longer available through Illesteva. They are sold online however through retailers like EyeGoodies here. By Terran Warden
    21. Date: November 29th 2017 Location: Miami, Florida "From the woods for Thanksgiving to the beach for Tour in Miami," Lady Gaga updated fans with photos of herself enjoying the day at a beach in Miami. Calling herself Princess Peach, Lady Gaga showed off her body in a stunning crystal bikini and glamorous accessories. First, Lady Gaga wears a dangling pair of earrings from Rosantica. Rosantica is an Italian jewelry line founded in 2009 by Michela Panero. Her pair are the "Ambra" Waterfall Fringe earrings made from intricately twisted gold threads that hang in a triangular arrangement. Featuring a butterfly back fastening for pierced ears, the earrings are not available for purchase online through Rosantica. Rather they are available through outside retailers including TheModist for $215 here. Around her neck, Lady Gaga wore a unique silver necklace from Keren Wolf. Wolf is an Israeli based jewelry and accessories designer who is also a former renowned Israeli actress. For her originality and vision, she has been named one of the 5 most influential women in Israeli fashion. Lady Gaga later wore several of her earring designs on Instagram. This time, Lady Gaga wore her "Navajo Tassel Collar" which features a thick silver band, accompanied by two dangling tassels which create the look of two different necklaces. The necklace is not available for purchase in silver as LG's was but it is available in gold for $288 here. For her swimwear, Lady Gaga wore a crystal chain bikini top. I haven't found the exact but many similar creations can be found at shops like Forever 21. Her bottoms are from Sauvage Swimwear. Made with a white Nylon and Lycra blend, the bottoms feature a Swarvoski thong design but she also wore an added crystal chain around her waist. The "Crystal Chandelier Thong" bottoms are available for $125 here or as a set with a white triangle top for $245 here. The bikini bottoms (and set) are also available in cobalt blue, black, and coral through Sauvage Swimwear. Finally, Lady Gaga finished her look with a pair of new Versace heels. Just released, the "City Stud Strap Sandals" feature a barely-there open toe design made with calf leather, a two-tone studded toe and ankle strap, and a Medusa sole. They are available, also in black and light blue, for $850 here. Lady Gaga finished her look with a black cover-up with an intricately beaded design. She also wears a pair of gold framed sunglasses with an angular bottom. I have not been able to identify them so if you have a tip for the designer, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore! By Terran Warden
    22. Date: November 16th 2017 Location: Sprint Center (Kansas City, Missouri) After arriving in St. Louis, Lady Gaga updated her Instagram with a new #HAUSEditorial from backstage at Sprint Center. Lady Gaga's "Copper Gold & Silver" look came from Jean Paul Gaultier along with her team of Frederic Aspiras (hair), Sarah Tanno (makeup), stylists Tom Eerebout and Sandra Amador. Lady Gaga's outfit is "Gaultier Couture," more specifically it is look 5 from the Autumn-Winter 2017 collection which was based off of ski culture. The look consists of a turtleneck sweater accentuated with a Gaultier style structured crop jacket, black velvet pants (a similar aesthetic to her Joanne World Tour outfit), and open-toe metallic pumps. Look 5 featured a pair of silver heels while Lady Gaga opted for the same pair in gold. They were also shown on the runway in black, green, and silver glitter. Online, I have not been able to find any of the look for sale but the items may be available for purchase in stores. To accessorize her look, Lady Gaga toned down her jewelry wearing only a pair of large earrings. She credited designer Monica Sordo who wrote "Lady G giving us a million reasons to wear MS!" Lady Gaga's earrings are "Silencio Gold-Tone Drop Earrings" from Sordo's "Altamira" collection. The earrings are handcrafted in Venezuela from gold-tone metal and the parts screw on and off to customize the length or style! The earrings feature a silver-toned circle but Lady Gaga's appear to be gold instead. They are no longer available through Sordo but they are for sale through The Modist for $580 here. The same design is also available as a large necklace. BONUS: Sarah Tanno, Lady Gaga's makeup artist posted some of the details on this look which are all available for purchase! Sarah is a Global Artistry Ambassador for Marc Jacobs Beauty so all products used are from Marc Beauty. For her eyes, Sarah laid off the eyeliner and focused on eyelashes using the Velvet Noir Mascara. The "major volume" mascara is available for $26 here. For her lips, Sarah first used a (P)outliner Longwear Lip Pencil in "Oh Cocoa," or shade 310, available for $24 here. She then layered them with a limited edition Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer. The lip gloss is "Ch-Ch-Changes" which is only available through Marc Jacobs in a set. However, the lip gloss is available as an online exclusive at Sephora for $28 here. By Terran Warden
    23. Date: November 13th 2017 Location: KFC Yum! Center (Louisville, Kentucky) While backstage in Louisville, Kentucky, Lady Gaga first took to Twitter to wish everyone a happy #WorldKindnessDay. She then updated her Snapchat story and her Instagram story backstage, including being gifted a new baby horse from boyfriend Christian Carino. For her look, Lady Gaga wore a black hat, black outfit from Saint Laurent, and multiple accessories. From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a custom black hat from Gladys Tamez Millinery, which she has worn outside of her show multiple times now. The hat is the same "Bianca" style from the Joanne album cover in black felt velour. The hat has been customized with a black snakeskin band which Gladys Tamez refers to as the "John Wayne" as Lady Gaga wears it while performing the song on the Joanne World Tour. The original "Bianca" in black with a grosgrain band is available for $645 here. As for her earrings, Lady Gaga wore two different pairs on each ear. On her right, Lady Gaga wears a large metal square earring, on her left Lady Gaga wears a rose earring similar to her Coachella opening interlude. Lady Gaga's rose earring is from Tokyo based AMBUSH Design, who makes clothing, accessories, and more. The "Rose Charm Earring" is available for 27,000 Yen (tax included) in two color options here. Lady Gaga opted for the silver earring with a contrasting gold rose. Next, Lady Gaga wore an assortment of necklaces for one badass look. Her first was a leather "choker" from Chrome Hearts. Chrome Hearts does not make leather chokers but they do make a large variety of leather bracelets - her choker is actually a double wrap bracelet from the brand! Her bracelet choker is 3/4 inch tall and 14.5 inches long and features sterling silver crosses with a snap closure. The bracelet was sold for around $650 but unfortunately, the bracelet is no longer available for sale. Lady Gaga's two metal chain necklaces are from New York's Martine Ali. Lady Gaga has worn Ali many times since 2016 and she has recently worn this combination of necklaces throughout her tour. First, Lady Gaga wears Ali’s “Curb Chain Necklace” (shorter) available for $275 here. Lady Gaga’s second necklace is Ali’s “Pin Necklace” (longer) which is available for $175 here. As for her outfit, Lady Gaga first wears a black blazer from - you guessed it - Saint Laurent! Lady Gaga's blazer is the "Single Breasted Tube Jacket" in black gabardine, distinguishable from it's solo front button. The slim, peak lapel jacket is available through Saint Laurent for $2,990 here. Underneath, she wears a plain gray t-shirt with a loose neckline. Lady Gaga also wears black jeans from Saint Laurent. Saint Laurent has several pairs, each with a slight variation, but due to the low waist, no apparent distressing, and variations in black color, her pair appear to be the "Original Low Waist Skinny Jean in Black Coated Stretch Denim." The jeans are also available through Saint Laurent for $650 here. Accessorizing her jeans, Lady Gaga brought back her "Western Belt" from Saint Laurent which she was seen wearing during the making of Joanne. The black leather belt features an engraved metal buckle, loop, and belt hook. It is still no longer available through Saint Laurent but slightly different variations are still sold through retailers like FarFetch. Finally, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing her butterfly ring from Jewelry Television. The “.70ctw Round Champagne and White Diamond Rhodium over Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring” is made by JTV (Jewelry Television) and has an estimated retail value of $279. The ring is available for purchase here, discounted to $169 for JTV. And if you act now, there is a special holiday discount for $152.99 (or 5 payments of $30.59 through StretchPay)! Lady Gaga wore several more accessories including mismatch earrings and a silver bracelet. I am working on identifying them with her stylist but if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore. By Terran Warden
    24. Date: November 12th 2017 Location: unknown gas station While on the road to Kentucky for the next Joanne World Tour date, Lady Gaga updated fans on Snapchat from a gas station and later tweeted another photo. In the updates, Lady Gaga wears a comfortable yet stylish outfit that she thanked Dsquared2 for. Lady Gaga's jacket was gifted to her by Dsquared2 from their new Spring 2018 collection. Dsquared2 is a fashion label by twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten who debuted their first collection in 1995. Their style has a distinctive concept of alternative luxury by melding of contrasts: sporty and glamorous, laidback and extravagant, masculine and feminine. Lady Gaga's jacket, shown in look 47 of the women's runway, features a cheetah print vest with black leather sleeves and stud details. Unfortunately, the collection is so new the jacket is not yet available for purchase. Some of the collection is however available for preorder on dsquared2.com but the jacket is not one of those pieces. Lady Gaga finished her outfit with comfortable black boots from Ugg, perfect for travel. Her boots are the "Women's Classic Short II Boot" in water and stain resistant black. They are available, in 18 other colors, for $160 here. Lady Gaga can also be seen accessorizing her look with her new favorite butterfly ring. LadyGagaNewz was the first to point out Lady Gaga's butterfly ring was on her television when she posted on Snapchat October 27th. (watch here). The ".70ctw Round Champagne and White Diamond Rhodium over Sterling Silver Butterfly Ring" is made by JTV (Jewelry Television) and has an estimated retail value of $279. The ring is available for purchase here, discounted to $169 for JTV. And if you act now, there is a special holiday discount for $152.99 (or 5 payments of $30.59 through StretchPay)! Lady Gaga also wore a black beanie, sunglasses, and a pair of graphic pants. If you have a tip on any of there, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore and follow us for updates. By Terran Warden
    25. Date: November 11th 2017 Location: Mohegan Sun Arena (Uncasville, Connecticut) Continuing her new Instagram layout, Lady Gaga posted three photos from backstage in Connecticut after her first of two sold-out Joanne World Tour shows. In the photos, Lady Gaga wears a red beret with cheetah print pajamas and sky-high heels. First, Lady Gaga wears a lingerie nightie from Charlotte Olympia's collaboration with Agent Provocateur. Thanks to Lady Gaga's stylist Tom Eerbout for sending me the designer! The collaboration from January 2016 featured three lingerie sets and three complementing shoe styles and several accessories inspired by Old Hollywood glamour. The collaboration also features key Charlotte Olympia signatures including the cat motif and leopard print, seen on Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga's "Leopard Print Silk-Satin Playsuit" was available for only $133 but is unavailable. In her middle post, Lady Gaga added another piece from Charlotte Olympia X Agent Provocateur - the "Wild Cat Naps" eye mask. The mask is available for purchase but only through the "Wild Cat Naps" set. The set includes the eye mask and a matching pair of leopard print slippers in a zip up pouch. The set is available for $595 here. To accessorize her look, Lady Gaga wears large hoop earrings and her layered Martine Ali necklaces. First, Lady Gaga wears Ali’s “Curb Chain Necklace” (shorter) available for $275 here. Lady Gaga’s second necklace is Ali’s “Pin Necklace” (longer) which is available for $175 here. Lady Gaga also wears earrings from Eddie Borgo. Her earrings are the "Thin Safety Chain Hoops Silver" which are a new addition to the Safety Chain Collection. The earrings feature a lobster claw clasp attached to fine chain drapes elegantly from sculptural silver band forming a sleek hoop. Thanks to Lady Gaga's stylist Tom Eerebout for posting the details on the earrings! The earrings are available for $145 through Eddie Borgo here. Finally, Lady Gaga wears 10 inch heels from Pleaser. You may recognize these Pleasers from the ARTPOP era where she wore them several times. The heels are Pleaser's "Beyond 087" in white patent leather with a 6.25 inch platform. They are available on Amazon for $99.95 here. The heels do come with a warning from Pleaser... "Extreme High Heels. Not Recommended for Walking or Dancing." By Terran Warden