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    Found 9 results

    1. Wll she win her Grammy for Million Reasons? Or at least for Joanne?
    2. The best would be: Song Of The Year: Million Reasons Best Pop Vocal Album: Joanne Best Pop Solo Performance: Million Reasons Best Music Film: Gaga: Five Foot Two What do you think?
    3. What do you think about Lady Gaga's new look lately? Would you like it for the new era?
    4. The Fame: The Fame The Fame Monster: So Happy I Could Die Born This Way: Black Jesus + Amen Fashion ARTPOP: Jewels 'N Drugs Joanne: Grigio Girls What about you?
    5. What sound do you want Gaga to revisit or explore on LG6? Gaga is known for always experimenting with different sounds, going out of the box or stepping inside the box and reinventing it, in her Gaga way. Personally, I'd LOVE a Disco Album. Since we've seen with 'I Want Your Love' that it's really suiting her voice. Besides that I'd also die for more R&B Inspired Songs, so Gaga can explore her beautiful Falsetto. What do you think?
    6. Opinion Create LG6 track list

      I know this will be fun especially with Gaga and DJ White Shadow making new music, so I figured I'd come up with a track list concept for LG6. :) TITLE: GAGA RELEASE DATE: January 28, 2018 PRODUCERS: Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow, BloodPop, Kuk Harrell, Twice as Nice, Nick Monson SONGS: 1. The Cure (ft. The Weeknd) (remix) (Lady Gaga, Nick Monson, Detroit City) 2. Frankensteined (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow) 3. Room in My Heart (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow) 4. Renaissance (Lady Gaga, BloodPop, Twice as Nice) 5. Blessed By Love (Lady Gaga, Nick Monson, DJ White Shadow) 6. Fragile (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow, Twice as Nice) 7. Suffocation (Lady Gaga, Kuk Harrell, DJ White Shadow) (based off of one of the Joanne interludes) 8. Second Time Around (revamped) (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow, Nick Monson) 9. Nothing On (But The Radio) (revamped) (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow) 10. Blanket of Lies (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow, Twice as Nice, BloodPop) 11. Sire (Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow) 12. Underneath (Lady Gaga, Nick Monson, Detroit City)
    7. Opinion Performance Live

      What do you think about the AMAs performance? Do you like the new version of The Cure?
    8. Discuss any thoughts about Joanne here! What is your favorite track on the album? What is your least favorite?
    9. Hi guys, we are very excited to open this new chapter in our lives. We hope you will enjoy this new and improved website as much as I do. I know there is a lot more to do, and we'll fix everything as soon as possible. We are just two admins, but we rebuilt everything from 0. Please, partecipate, be kind and let us know if you have some suggestions or tips for us. With Love - Matt