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    Found 2 results

    1. Since yesterday morning, Lady Gaga joined an association in charge of reconstruction following the disaster caused by hurricane Harvey in Texas back in January. Click Play On behalf of the Born This Way Foundation, she joined Team Rubicon to give her own contribution in demolishing and re-building for free houses for people who cannot afford paying for it. The Born This Way Foundation has been holding an important place in the United States thanks to its benefitting initiatives. Last week, the BTWF helped those in need with some Christmas gifts. Meanwhile, yesterday, Lady Gaga put her outfits away and wore a helmet and a tracksuit to help demolish houses. At the end of the day, she gifted tickets to her Joanne Tour shows to volunteers and citizens. You can send your donations to the Born This Way Foundation on their website.
    2. Seems that the "feud" between the three divas has ended! As seen in this photo, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Katy Perry get close to take a picture at the MET Gala after party. If you don't remember the feud between the queens here's how it went down: January 13th, 2012. During an ABC interview with Madonna, Cynthia Mcfadden (the interviewer) asked Madonna on her thoughts about Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" single. With everyone saying gaga coped Madonna's "Express Yourself" this question literally blew up the internet. Madonna retaliated with "it feels... reductive." This comment seemed to rip apart the two fandoms almost immediately. November 12th, 2013. Lady Gaga appears on the Howard Stern show to promote her new album, ARTPOP. During the interview, Howard asked her what her thoughts were on Madonna. Gaga replied with "I think she's more aggravated that I'm not upset that she doesn't like me." This was obviously a response to the nasty comment made by Madonna back in 2012. We don't blame her, criticizing someone's work is very rude. May 8th, 2014. Katy Perry's tour kicks off and Gaga tweets "It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now" Obviously referring to Katy's green wig and big mechanical horse. But it seems the queens have gotten over it. They even joked around about dropping a single, hopefully the single will become a reality. We want to hear from you! Do you think Gaga, Madonna, and Katy should collaborate in the future? Leave a comment letting us know.