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    1. Lady Gaga changes Twitter header + Picture

      She looks gorgeous in those pictures!
    2. Katy Perry

      A flawless mashup! Who knew these songs went so well together?
    3. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Welcome, Marcelo! I've never seen Gaga either, so don't worry. You can talk with me anytime you want and I'd love to be your new friend. :)
    4. Indeed. Joanne is precisely the album I needed especially at this point in my life.
    5. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      Hey, there!
    6. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      Yes, it is! I'm liking their confidence.
    7. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      I couldn't agree more!
    8. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      Me too! It fucking goes off.
    9. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      Yeees! It's probably one of my favorite remixes of PI as well as the U-GO-BOY remix.
    10. True, BUT at least we would get to enjoy lots of new music. Besides, I think she needs a bit of a break anyways, haha. She's worked hard for the past 9 years.
    11. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      It's actually a different one, sweetie! This remix I'm showing you reminds me of what Perfect Illusion would sound like if it was on The Fame.
    12. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      She's already slayed us with plenty of rock songs, but either way, her possible collaboration with Metallica would be spectacular!
    13. I agree! I wouldn't know how to contain my excitement, lol.
    14. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      Now THIS would be interesting. However, I think you might like a remix of Perfect Illusion that one of my friends did.