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    1. Yaay! Those are great numbers!
    2. 2017 is almost over but had a nice year in music. Its not the best year for music but it had its moments. What are your favorite songs released this year?
    3. Charts Discussion

      As soon as there is news about Gaga's previous albums (TF, TFM, BTW, Artpop) it will be updated here! So stay tuned for more!
    4. I'll add a poll! Whats your favorite album? Vote in the poll and explain why below!
    5. The latest news about Joanne and its sales. Current news brought by chartdata:
    6. Pictures of you

      I’ll start with a selfie I took when I was waiting for Fifth Harmony.
    7. Pictures of you

      How do you look like in real life? Its the well known thread “Pictures of you”! Remember to only post it if you want to. Its not a must and we dont push anybody. Go!
    8. I personally didnt have a wishlist for Sinterklaas (Dutch Xmas) But what about you? Share with us!
    9. Favorite YouTubers ?

      I really like the Dutch youtubers of StukTV. :)
    10. What are you listening to?

      Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony album