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    1. Hey @Admin and @Matt How about a Lady Gaga anniversary section to celebrate what our queen has done in 10 years? It deserves to get celebrated on a special way!
    2. Camila Cabello

      Discuss anything about Camila here! She is about to release her debut album as a solo artist! Cant wait!
    3. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Always fun to meet new fans! Who else do you stan?
    4. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Stanning is like being a fan but then a level up. I dont know how else I should try to explain haha. Dont worry about your English. As long as we can understand each other, we're good :)
    5. CĂ©line Dion wants to do a duet with Gaga

      That would be a smash hit! Imagine they performing that at the VMA's!
    6. I hope we will get new music!
    7. First time seeing Ga! Ga!

      Thats amazing! Yeah she is so good! I'm gonna see her in a few weeks. It will be my 5th time and probably wont be my last. She is just too good!
    8. Random Happy new year!

      If needed, I'm willing to help with that. I have way more emoticons in my computer than I've shown. I have some great experience in building forums and communities as well. :)
    9. Hard work will pay off soon!
    10. The Big CD Collectors Thread

      Update: I recently bought/got: Rihanna - LOUD Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa Grace VanderWaal - Just the beginning 3 amazing albums!
    11. Random Happy new year!

      Here are my best wishes to all of you! May this forum grow to a huge succes next year! 2017 was a heavy year for me so I cant wait for it to be over!

      Who knows she will release some new music. But I wont believe anything until confirmed by an official source. Tbh I think that if she will release something, it will have to do with Las Vegas.
    13. Yaay! Those are great numbers!