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    1. What is your favorite Gaga album?

      The Fame Monster obvi, its also the one that made me a LIttle Monster.
    2. Favorite Gaga Music Video?

      You and I and or Telephone, i cant decide between those two!
    3. Photos TREASURE HUNT

      Im so excited askjdkal my favorite site to get UHQ pictures of Gaga i have to win this!
    4. Random Anyone Here from other Gaga Forums?

      Yes StringOfPearls
    5. Whats on your Christmas wish list?

      I asked for an iphone, 7, Gaga to come to my country and a The Sims 4 bundle.
    6. Favorite YouTubers ?

      Dont judge me but Simgm, Shane, Tyler, and Issa Twaimz.
    7. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Hello my name is Diaz, im from Indonesia, im newbie to this site. I visit LadyGagaNow daily to get UHQ pictures of Gaga :) x
    8. Opinion Is Gaga gonna win her Grammy?

      In my opinion? yes! at least onen, and she must! if she doesnt win after the used her for all the promos i swear to god...