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    1. I'd love to see more behind the scenes/rehearsals
    2. Opinion Lady Gaga | Joanne | Album Discussion

      I actually think The Cure was written and recorded at the beginning of 2017 when Joanne had already been released
    3. AMAs Performances

      There are still a few performances missing and some of the ones I posted are just 30 sec previews but I can't seem to find them anyway, I actually really liked this year's show! Pink performance was so impressive and scary! I'm kinda pissed at Selena for lip-syncing
    4. AMAs Performances

    5. AMAs Performances

    6. She is adorable She even cried how sweet!
    7. I wasn't expecting the performance to be this good! I loved the outfit and the position of the piano!
    8. Family Guy predicted Joanne PI and JW

      The Simpsons and their predictions are shook
    9. Opinion Lady Gaga | Joanne | Album Discussion

      This Era is proving day after day to be the most exciting so far! So many great things happened during this year and I can't wait to see what she'll do next As far as the album itself I think it's great and definitely underrated by many people, including fans...I do feel she was kinda "rushed" by the record label to finish this album and I'm convinced she suddenly changed the themes and the main vibe of the songs because of her breakup with Taylor
    10. Opinion What do you think about the forum?

      It would be great if we could have signatures
    11. Opinion Performance Live

      I was expecting a few changes but I wasn't ready for the massive slayage She looked and sounded amazing and the pyro effects were so good
    12. Media The Official Instagram Topic

      I was going to say exactly that, she feels radiant and more beautiful than ever
    13. Random Introduce Yourself!

      My name is Francesco I'm 20 years old, Italian and I've been a stan since around 2010. I went to art school and I'm currently figuring out what path to follow in life... One of my main passion is drawing but I'm still figuring out my own style so some of my drawings/paintings end up being a little wonky sometimes I am also obsessed with photomanipulation and digital artworks and I've been using online free websites to experiment and refine my graphics skills for the past 5 years. Here are some of my best works Gaga-related. Born This Way Ball (Alternative Poster) Diamon Heart (Single Cover) Joanne World Tour (Poster) Super Bowl LI Halftime Show (Poster) VS Fashion Show (Mountain Romance Wallpaper) 2016 AMAs Performance (Poster Gif) Perfect Illusion (Music Video Poster) Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel (Concept) Lady Gaga in AHS: Hotel (Poster) DWUW (Wallpaper) Some fun Gaga-related stuff about me: - FAV ALBUM: Born This Way - FAV SONGS (IN EACH ALBUM): Paparazzi, Telephone, Hair, Venus, Nature Boy, Perfect Illusion - FAV VIDEOS : Born This Way Era - FAV LOOK: 2010 VMAs Red Carpet
    14. Artists Who do you stan besides Lady Gaga?

      I properly "stan" just Gaga because stanning is actually a very demanding hobby and it takes a lot of time to do it right That said I find myself enjoying pretty much every female pop artists and a few other bands/male singers recently I found myself constantly listening to Dua Lipa, MØ and Allie X which are all pretty "new" artists and I really suggest listening to them because they're great and definitely have a lot of potential