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    1. What is your favorite Gaga album?

      Extremely difficult to choose. But Joanne is so different compared to others. It´s diversity is on another level. It´s deep loaded masterpiece. <3
    2. Pictures of you

      Normal? I´m not sure am I ever normal But I think this is quite close the real life look.
    3. Whats on your Christmas wish list?

      100 kg marmalade candy would be nice and much snow so I can go skiing in christmas eve.
    4. Opinion Lady Gaga | Joanne | Album Discussion

      Diamond Heart, A-yo, John Wayne, Dancin´ In Circles, Perfect Illusion, Million Reasons, Sinners Prayer I like most. I like the whole album and force-feed it to my companion in the Gagatti Its my car, Toyota Corolla which I named again, because I always play there some Lady Gaga record.
    5. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Hey I´m 47 years old bitch from Finland. Loved many kind of music all my life. Old Michael Jackson, Alice Cooper, Stray Cats, Kiss, Madonna fan also. Been Gaga fan since 2009, but really freaked out after American Horror Story and Joanne album speed more. Besides music I love books, art, nature, dogs,, vaping and hiking alone in the National Parks.
    6. Opinion What do you think about the forum?

      Looks good Even that I wander like a Little Red Riding Hood in the nightly forest. But thats just me.