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    1. Communication Operation Gaga Reunion Thread

      don't see the need in slamming GGD because some people broke the rules and can't understand that but oh well!
    2. she can always do RiR in 2019, too many fans are way too harsh and forget she's a human being the worst part of their day was the news of a cancelled show, her day was spent in agonising, incurable, chronic pain in hospital (and she has to live with that for the rest of her life whilst these fans will get another chance to see her)
    3. poor bobby, he didn't deserve any of those hateful comments at all and so many are from misinformed fans who think she'll never come to latin america again until 2021 i don't think they realise it's even more likely she'll tour during her residency than her just sitting around between the legs.
    4. News Lady Gaga will perform at The Grammys!

      i think a quick medley is most likely, since the whole album is nominated or just the title track
    5. Random Introduce Yourself!

      permaban works better so shush

      why did i get a notification
    7. Fur gate: part 667.

      it's one of the very few things gaga has done that i can't agree with i just hope she's now wearing faux fur, if she ever does again
    8. Random Introduce Yourself!

      im ryanripley and im here to make it clear i know you love me baby, thats why you brought me here was a bitch on gagadaily, im gunna make it right give me a giffing challenge and i'll give you what you like i'm full of tricks baby, just like on gagaween a room full of (little) monsters and its makes me wanna scream! i have to get this right, so you don't waste your time not like my permaban, i'm killing on this rhyme