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    1. First time seeing Ga! Ga!

      A little story...I haven't listened to Lady gaga in years. My daughter wanted me to fly to Dallas to sit her little ones for her to go to the concert. Well, On my flight to Dallas she sent me a message that said: I hope you know your going to the concert tonight! Wow! what a surprise and treat! I totally love Stephanie Joanne "Ga Ga". The concert blew me away. I always was a Madonna fan and didn't know anything could be better than 4th row at Madison Square Garden, but Lady gaga in a seat high up on the side was so awesome. I feel her performance shows how in touch and authentic to her audience. So, down to earth and talented out of this world. Thank you to my daughter I'm an official monster, maybe an older monster, but a monster:) I'm ready for another concert:). Thank you for having me in her fan site. It's an honor:)