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    1. Lady Gaga, you are powerful in changing people’s lives. You were the critical stabilizing influence in my daughter’s life and were my daughter’s support and “friend” in 8th grade when she was bullied by her peers. My daughter applied to UC Berkeley and wrote her college admission essay on “The Biggest Influence on my Life is Lady Gaga” (not her mother or father, but you) and was admitted to her dream school. My daughter has planned her money, budgeted around the year to attend every single concert around Sacramento/San Francisco/Lake Tahoe area. Lady Gaga, tickets to your concerts are her favorite birthday and Christmas presents! Lady Gaga, you are a constant, I mean constant presence, in my daughter’s life and every interaction is marked by kindness just as you tell your “little monsters”. Lady Gaga, my daughter introduced your lyrics and poetry to me on a 6 hour road-trip and the discussion of your work brought us closer than ever before. She was in 9th grade then! Lady Gaga, my daughter and I saw “A Star is Born” on opening night. My daughter cried through the entire movie, in her words, “because she just makes me so happy, makes me feel secure and you can just see how loving and kind she is”. I agree with every word. I saw you in concert and was touched by how authentic you are towards your craft and your fans. We now plan to see you, hopefully meet you in Las Vegas over the shows. Thank you for your steady presence in my daughter’s life, Thank you for cementing our mother-daughter bond over your poetry, Thank you for touching/influencing/changing course of people’s life just by being your sincere, genuine caring self. May the Universe keep you healthy and bless you with infinite love.... p.s: wrote this appreciation on my daughter’s behalf because she is “too shy” to let you know!