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    1. What is your favorite Gaga album?

      tbh, i prefer the whole her discography.
    2. the same opinion, but i hope that they don't boycott our Gaga.
    3. Opinion Create LG6 track list

      TITLE: Side-B RELEASE DATE: July 19, 2018 PRODUCERS: Lady Gaga, DJ White Shadow & Nile Rodgers. SONGS: 1. Franksteined (Lady Gaga&Nile R.) 2. Princess Die (Lady Gaga&DJWS) 3. Outherside (Lady Gaga &Hillary Lindsay) 4. Heal Me (Lady Gaga&Elton John's ft/prod: DJWS/Nile) 5. After Long Time. (Lady Gaga&Diana Warren prod: DJWS) 6. Room In My Heart (Lady Gaga&Elton, prod: Nile R.) 7. Breaththink (Lady Gaga&DJWS/Nile R.) 8. Freak Time (Lady Gaga&Nile R.) 9. Second Time Around (Lady Gaga&RedOne) 10. Body (Lady Gaga&DJWS)
    4. Favorite Gaga Music Video?

      My favorite gaga's mv is Marry The Night, it's the best in my opinion, obviously.
    5. Family Guy predicted Joanne PI and JW

      Simpson are shooked.
    6. I hope it has 80's influence (preferably new wave/dance rhythms). I pray every single day about it.