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    1. “Lady Gaga is the most beautiful, down to earth, kind person I’ve ever met”, said literally every person that has ever met her. And if you thought that’s how I was going to start this article, you’re absolutely right. Lady Gaga was in Toronto for the North American premiere of A Star Is Born at the Toronto International Film Festival 2018. Over the weekend our small group of fans managed to meet at least five times, have very sweet conversations with her, give her gifts, letters and of course take photos and get signatures. I decided to share some of our experiences with everyone, even though I can’t fit everything in one article. Before I start, though, I would like to highlight a few important points. First of all, Gaga, as a human being, has a right for privacy and respect. If you’ve watched her Five Foot Two documentary, you know how much “crazy” fans that yell at her, touch her, pull her clothes etc. scare and disturb her. These kinds of things are highly disrespectful and creepy, and let me assure you that if you act that way, she will not be willing to engage with you. If you do get a chance to meet her some day, please be respectful towards her, keep it quiet, don’t touch her without her permission. Try to have an actual conversation with her, ask her how her day is, how her family is, tell about how her music has helped you or how you’ve been a big fan since forever, show her pictures of you at her concerts and so on. Gaga is SUCH a nice human being, she is an excellent person to talk to and she actually likes to engage in such kind of conversations wit her fans. Treat her as the beautiful princess that she is and trust me, you will have a great experience. Second of all, there are many fans that think Gaga’s fiancé, Christian hates us. That’s absolutely absurd and wrong. Christian is an actual sweetheart and likes us, but he cares about Gaga and knows about how she feels about the things discussed above, so if you act like a crazy freak he is going to try to protect her and try to pull her away from the crowd, for Gaga’s good, not because he hates us. In fact, we as a group were so respectful and quiet towards both of them, even Christian said “You guys are the most polite group of fans ever”. So that’s it on that. Now let’s talk about our weekend. DAY 1 I noticed the tweets about her being at the Graffiti Alley and of course, Starbucks during Friday afternoon. I was still at work and started freaking out because she appeared to be about 10 minutes away from me. I wasn’t sure if the tweets were true or somebody was trolling us, so kept digging Twitter for more information and photos, and eventually linked up with another monster who was visiting from New York and was trying to locate Gaga as well. While I was at work, he and his (now also my) monster-friends wandered around the city looking for her and eventually ended up finding out where she was staying. He messaged me and I quickly ran there (the hotel was two subway stations away from me). I was so happy to meet them that night and we have become such good friends ever since! There was only the four of us waiting by the hotel. We went back and forth between different entrances hoping to catch Gaga when she arrives. Finally, after about 30 minutes, a black SUV pulled up to one of the entrances and when the back window of the car rolled down, we all froze in our places. In front of our breathless bodies was Lady f-cking Gaga, sitting in the car with Christian. There is only one word that could describe what we felt at that point, and if you are on stan twitter, you know exactly what word I’m referring to. Gaga looked fantastic, but that’s no news. She said hi and told us how much she loved us, but couldn’t stop for photos as she had to go to bed and get ready for the upcoming busy day. While talking to us she made sure to make eye contact with each and every one of us, which was a small detail in her communication language that really impressed us. As her car left, we tried to convince ourselves that wasn’t a dream and we actually just met Gaga. We decided to go home to get some rest and come back in the morning. I barely got any sleep that night, as I too excited from seeing God herself. But I woke up at 6 am and was by her hotel at 7 am. DAY 2 Next morning two other little monsters that were close with my new friends joined our group. After waiting for about 4 hours in freezing cold and discussing how much we were excited for A Star Is Born and Enigma, we finally saw Gaga’s car leaving the hotel. She stopped to say hi and take a few quick photos with us. Trust me when I say this, she is the cutest, purest, the most beautiful woman on this planet, and as you can see in the photo below, she looked absolutely gorgeous. Even though we were all shaking, we managed to get very organized on spot. While one of us was taking the photo of the other, the third person was messaging the rest of the group that was waiting on the other side of the hotel. When my turn came, I asked her if I could give her a small gift to which she replied, “Of course!” I handed her a small box with my gift, a note about its meaning and a personal letter and she said “Thank you so much, you are so kind”. Honestly, I couldn’t feel my legs when I heard her say that and felt like I was melting away. Her voice has the magical ability to warm one’s heart. Unfortunately Gaga had to leave before the rest of the group would get there from the other side of the hotel, so she asked us to come back later that night. We made a deal that when we saw here again that night, those who didn’t get to see her that morning would be the first to take photos and talk to her, and only after that the rest of us would try to get something signed or talk to her. Most of our group also went to see the premiere of the movie that night, too. When it was done, everybody started sending selfies of them crying in the group chat, and that said a lot about the movie. They were all so shocked and emotional. WE ARE NOT READY! Our group waited for Gaga by her hotel for another 3 hours. It was already midnight, some of us had to get up for work by 4 am and others had school/work next morning. We had been up since 5 am, stayed in cold for most of the day and hadn’t gotten much sleep throughout the weekend, so were pretty exhausted. Luckily Gaga and Christian showed up shortly after midnight, and she was so excited to see us again! Christian said “Look, it’s the same party!” And even though she was wearing diamond earrings worth $50 million, we were chatting like regular friends, talking about how her day was and how good the movie was. She was especially excited to hear about that, as we were probably the first fans that got to talk to her after the premiere. She teared up when one of us told her her acting was fantastic and people were going to love it. Some of us asked Gaga to sign on them/on a paper to get it tattooed later, which she gladly did. She also told us she wished we were at the party she was coming from! I still cannot believe this weekend was real. In all honesty, those three days were some of the best in my life. I met Gaga in person 5 times, I got to talk to her, give her a gift, letter, take a photo with her, get her signature… I also made incredible new friends who I’m so grateful for. This weekend many of my dreams of 8 years became true, and I couldn’t be happier. Don’t forget to be kind and polite towards each other and towards Gaga. She lives for our love, so make sure she feels it if you get a chance to interact with her. Follow our squad on twitter! @teasiswbk @electracore @idkjenna @goddessnuknoit @mattytoophatty @ITSWH0RECHATA @mikefoucault