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    1. Lady Gaga has announced new dates for her Las Vegas residency, extending her ‘Enigma’ and ‘Jazz & Piano’ shows until May 2020. The Little Monsters pre-sale begins tomorrow, with general release on June 28. You can sign up here. See the new dates below: OCTOBER Oct .17 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 19 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 20 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 23 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 25 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 26 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKETS - VIP Oct. 31 - ENIGMA: TICKETS - VIP NOVEMBER Nov. 2 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Nov. 3 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKET - VIP Nov. 6 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Nov. 8 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Nov. 9 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKET - VIP DECEMBER Dec. 28 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Dec. 30 - ENIGMA: TICKET - VIP Dec. 31 - JAZZ & PIANO: TICKET - VIP APRIL Apr. 30 - ENIGMA MAY May 2 - ENIGMA May 3 - JAZZ & PIANO May 7 - JAZZ & PIANO May 9 - ENIGMA May 10 - JAZZ & PIANO May 13 - ENIGMA May 15 - ENIGMA May 16 - JAZZ & PIANO Don't forget that you can also buy tickets from sold-out shows on SeatGeek.com using our code GAGANOW you'll get 20$ off any ticket.
    2. For the first time ever you can now watch Lady Gaga’s career defining music video, Bad Romance, in stunning 1080p quality! In an effort to improve clarity on past music videos, YouTube is revamping the video quality on tons of music videos, with Bad Romance, Just Dance and Poker Face being among the many. This means that for the first time in 10 years you can see Gaga ride an inflatable whale, play some poolside underwear poker, or murder her lover with a pyrotechnic bra in beautiful quality! Just Dance Poker Face
    3. Lady Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation teamed up with the National Council for Behavioral Health to bring teen Mental Health First Aid (tMHFA) to Enigma. This fall, the Born This Way Foundation is expanding this evidence-based program to reach more than 20 high schools, empowering young people to support each other in times of need or crisis. Speaking with high school children who have already taken part in the program, Gaga thanked them for their bravery and invited them to join her onstage at one Enigma show. Check out this video to see what Lady Gaga had to say about the program.
    4. Almost 4 years ago, Lady Gaga Now and Spaceneil began a strong partnership with the mutual goal of delivering the best possible merchandising experience to Little Monsters worldwide. With permission to use Lady Gaga's image, Spaceneil and Gaga Now's collaboration brought out the best in some of the most talented artists and designers, as well as engaging in paid collaborations with some of the most talented fans. This creative bond is continuing to grow, helping to support the costs of the Gaga Now gallery and platform, making the ultimate and most diverse merchandising experience for any fan. With merchandise from the Joanne World Tour to A Star is Born and Enigma, including our annual Lady Gaga Calendar, thousands of little monsters have found something just for them, taking advantage of the Free Worldwide Shipping on special occasions and our custom super-pack bundles. Following the growing popularity of this partnership worldwide through the years, we began doing exclusive giveaways on Twitter through games, quizzes and trivia giving everyone the opportunity to win. As time passes we're always trying to give fans something new and original, and that's why we're very proud to present our brand new collection, inspired by the most famous cartoons, tv shows and animations in the world. You can watch the trailer below. We imagined Lady Gaga as a character in cult shows and films, creating a brand new merchandise range featuring all 10 designs to give you the chance to choose your favorite piece from the following: Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Pokémon, One Piece, Bojack Horseman, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Fairly OddParents, Cinderella and Avengers. Starting from today we're also releasing 3 special bundles: 10 Toon Megapack: 50% off this amazing megapack that includes all 10 new designs + free worldwide shipping. Toon Bundle: Get 1 shirt, 1 hoodie and the brand new Gaga Sticker Set. Lady Gaga Toon Sticker Pack: an exclusive sticker pack made with the brand new designs (+ 2 special ones). If you have further questions or you want to collaborate with us, feel free to send us a DM on Twitter, and we'll contact you as soon as possible. We really hope you enjoy our new collection. If you want to support the artist (who also made the Youtube Add), you can follow him on Instagram. Paws Up. Click on any picture to open our shop.
    5. Lady Gaga was invited by Apple to be the first artist to perform inside the new Apple Park in Cupertino, as part of the grand opening on May 17. Gaga took to the stage playing a shorter version of her Enigma show for over 15000 Apple employees, exceeding original predictions of a 12000 crowd, on the Rainbow Stage, built as a tribute to the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The crowd enjoyed the private concert much more those at the Sapphire Conference last week, where Lady Gaga had to motivate the developers many times during the show. The stage was fairly different from the usual setup, including her name in the Enigma font in large LED lights as part of the design. Here are our favorite moments: When Gaga asked the crowd to tell her to go Fuck Herself: Lady Gaga dedicated Million Reasons to Laurene Powell late's husband. "If we could all, 15 thousand of us for one minute, that I will time, I would like silence, in honor of your late husband. I think it takes a true genius like Steve Jobs to be able to make so many people talk and communicate, and also, to leave us speechless. Laurene, you do so much for the world, with the Emerson Collective and so much more that you do. You help people, you're kind. This is the most important thing in the universe, kindness. This is what heals the whole world. So I hope you take this as a true sincere kind gesture. I would not only like to dedicate this to your late husband, but to you for carrying on his legacy." When she talked about being a nerd. "In moments like these I remember having really frizzy hair and a retainer in my mouth at school, and now i go like what the fuck, I'm the first performer at Apple Park. And it's even more exciting because I'm a nerd, and I fucking love nerds and you're just a bunch of fucking nerds. Because you're so fucking smart and so brilliant. And I used to feel so weird and now I don't. I don't feel so weird cause I'm not alone." When she asked the Apple Developers to create a "Be Kind" Emoji. "I'd also like to say thanks to Zane Lowe, because you know, he's always really encouraged me to do whatever the fuck I want. So I'm gonna ask you something, I actually think have to go through a different company and you guys have to approve it. But I would like, if you know anybody, an emoji that says 'Be Kind'. So I'm going to get to work on that."
    6. Earlier today Lady Gaga was spotted boarding on a private jet in Los Angeles, holding a portfolio labelled "HAUS LABORATORIES".
    7. There is probably no other screen star which has gone through the most style transformations as Lady Gaga. The pop diva, actress, model, and philanthropist has gone through a number of outfit changes than one could ever succeed in a lifespan. Throughout the years, Lady Gaga has raised eyebrows by adorning unique and fashionable outfits which were deemed by certain fashion designers as way ahead of the time. She has been constantly pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry through her immaculate sense of music, style, and art. The fashion sense of Lady Gaga is unmatched. Very few celebrities fall in the category of having a fashion sense in every sense of the word. Many fans have adored her for her dressing and ever changing looks. However, there are a select few who think she does not wear modest dresses, and promotes immodest culture. Whatever the case, Lady Gaga has made it a habit to reinvent herself every other year. Below we have a look at her ever changing styles over the years from ‘Raw Meat’ to ‘A Star is Born’: Raw Meat at MTV VMAS - September 2010 At the 2010 MTV VMAS awards, Lady Gaga wore a raw meat dress which was actually a tribute to a friend. The tribute was for the late friend and designer Alexander McQueen. The raw meat dress was made by Franc Fernandez. Gaga was wearing a hat, dress, and shoes made entirely of raw meat. This dress was actually projected at making a statement which implied that she was not a piece of meat. Judas - May 2011 Lady Gaga has looked into various religious themes in her music albums but arguably not as clearly as in her music video ‘Judas’. She adorned a sacred looking dress with a blue hood top and a sacred crossed heart on her chest. She wore a lot of other sacred jewelry throughout the music video. You and I - August 2011 After the release of this music video Lady Gaga celebrated her outstanding looks by releasing ‘Haus of U’; which were five ‘fashion films’. She tried many different personalities in this video from smoking a cigarette sitting on a piano to becoming the mermaid called ‘Yuyi’. MTV VMAS - August 2011 Lady Gaga’s lover Jo Calderone took the stage on MTV VMAS to deliver a speech about his affair with Lady Gaga and then performed ‘You and I’ the music video released that very month. Later while talking to the press Lady Gaga would answer the queries as alter ego in character. Academy Awards - February 2015 A few months after Gaga released her jazz standard music ‘Cheek to Cheek’, the 2015 Oscars arrived. This meant only one thing; Lady Gaga’s fashion rebirth. She stood on the red carpet wearing an Alaia gown together with red gloves. Golden Globes - January 2016 In the Golden Globes 2016 Gaga won the Miniseries or Movies best actress award for performance in the movie American Horror Story. She attended the ceremony wearing a black Versace gown and a retro bob which was platinum colored. Grammys - February 2016 At the 2016 Grammys, Gaga gave tribute to Bowie who had died just about a month ago. She paid tribute by red colored hair and a cobalt coat. She performed paying tribute to Bowie. Academy Awards - February 2016 Lady Gaga was nominated for the Best Original Song for “Til it Happens to you’ in the 2016 Oscars. Although by her standards it was a low key dress that she adorned but still stood out. She wore a white jumpsuit with a lengthy train by Brandon Maxwell. Met Gala - May 2016 The theme of this gala was a match made in heaven for Lady Gaga. The theme was ‘Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology.’ Gaga stood on the red carpet wearing a Versace jacket and blond hair. She looked elegant yet bold. Grammys - February 2017 & January 2018 At Grammys 2017, Gaga leaned towards heavy-metal vibes. She hit the carpet with spiky sleeves and shiny leather ensemble together with hips covered in chains. At the January 2018 Grammys, Gaga had different outfit when she hit the red carpet and when she went on stage to perform. She wore a laced bodysuit under a black shirt on the red carpet. On stage she changed to a pink gown with beads at the front. Venice Film Festival - August 2018 At the premier of ‘A Star Is Born’, Lady Gaga made entrance like a true star. She wore a pink Valentino dress when she stood on the red carpet with Bradley Cooper. The film was received positively among the fans and Gaga started a long list of fashion awards. Golden Globes - January 2019 Gaga looked like Cinderella when she wore a light blue Valentino gown. The wardrobe referred to ‘A Star IS Born’ highly as reported in the media and fan tweets on twitter. Lady Gaga has been more or less a fashion icon apart from an artist over these past years. She is a trendsetter and the fashion industry looks up to her for inspiration. We can safely assume that she won’t be stopping this fashion disruption anytime soon. The more her haters bash her for various reasons the more she comes out on top through her fashion and artistic abilities! Article by Covered Bliss Write your article for Gaga Now: Read more here.
    8. THIS GAME HAS ENDED, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING WITH US. YOU CAN SEE THE FINAL SCORES BELOW. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RESULTS The LadyGagaNow team invites you to enter our 2019 Easter Contest! Join us this Saturday, April 20 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 11pm CET / 7am AEDT on our website. Worldwide Timetable HOW TO PLAY Wait for the countdown below to reach 0 and then refresh this page. We'll open the game 30 minutes before it begins to ensure everyone is able to join. Remember to set you Twitter name as your nickname for the game! Make sure you're following our account on Twitter @LadyGagaNowNet as that is how we will contact you if you win. HOW TO WIN Be the fastest to answer all 50 questions on the quiz: The monster with the fastest time and most correct answers will win! WHAT YOU WIN The top 3 little monsters with the highest score will win a special prize from our Lady Gaga Store. 1ST PLACE: 1 VARSITY JACKET + 1 T-SHIRT 2ND PLACE: 1 HOODIE 3RD PLACE: 1 T-SHIRT The winners will be contacted on twitter to ask their favorite design, so make sure to take a peek at our merch collection here and get an idea of what you'll order if you win: bit.ly/gagamerch We encourage everyone to take part in this contest and wish the best of luck to those who join!
    9. UPDATE: The release of Haus Beauty has been postponed. Lady Gaga is gearing up to launch her own cosmetics empire, Haus Beauty, as early as next month. The songstress-turned entrepreneur is expected to debut her beauty line in a boutique at MGM Grand's Park Theatre, late May in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Review Journal reports, at the same time as the next run of her Enigma and Jazz & Piano Engagement performances. The Journal reports: Back in December, Gaga's Ate My Heart company has applied to trademark her highly anticipated Haus Beauty brand with a range of products encompassing makeup and skin care essentials. Very recently, this past Wednesday, a new website HausBeauty.com for Gaga's upcoming beauty line has surfaced online as well as a brand new Haus Beauty YouTube channel featured on Gaga's official YouTube account. Industry publications note that she is eager to follow a similar brand-expanding effort as Rihanna’s successful Fenty Beauty line. Gaga has previously served as celebrity spokeswoman for M.A.C.'s Viva Glam campaign in 2009 and 2010, developing her very own lipstick and lip gloss shades in efforts to raise funds for AIDS research. Gaga also launched her signature fragrance, Fame, with COTY in 2012 and her follow-up scent, Eau de Gaga, back in 2014, under the name of Haus Laboratories, whose website is now being redirected to HausBeauty.com. Source.
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