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    1. Lady Gaga sent in a personal video message to Heels On Wheels, A Homecoming Celebration over the weekend, a benefit concert in support of Jerad Bortz and Steven Skeels. In the heartfelt video, she says "I wanted to tell you from the deepest part of my heart that i have been thinking about you", and explains that she wishes "for recovery in all forms". Bortz and his partner were in a terrible car accident in February and while they never lost consciousness, it was a critically serious situation, as Jerad couldn't feel his legs. The event brought together the Broadway community at Stage 48 for a variety of performances and messages. Watch Lady Gaga's heartfelt personal video below. You can send a donation to, and read more about Jerad Bortz and Steven Skeels story here.
    2. Get ready, Little Monsters! Lady Gaga has been hard at work in the studio crafting new music for a variety of upcoming projects. While not alot is known about the future releases, we can be certain that Mother Monster never disappoints! On Wednesday evening, German electronic music producer and Dj 'Boys Noize' tweeted this, prompting an exchange of tweets between the pair: But things were resolved quickly, as explained in a reply from Gaga: And finally, Boys Noize replied, teasing the new music: Beautiful weirdness? Sounds very intriguing! It is unclear what project their music is for, but chances are the pair are hard at work for Lady Gaga's upcoming sixth studio album, dubbed "LG6". Other confirmed collaborators include Dj White Shadow & Nick Monson. But it doesn't end there. On Thursday night, BloodPop® posted a picture of Gaga in a recording studio on his Instagram story. Following his work on various tracks from her fifth studio album "Joanne", it was revealed several months ago that the pair were collaborating for a new track said to be BloodPop® featuring Gaga (as opposed to being a track with Gaga as the lead artist), so it is likely she was re-recording vocals and polishing the upcoming single. We aren't sure when it is due, but is safe to assume the wait shouldn't be too long as BloodPop® has liked a selection of tweets from fans asking about the track. Check out the photo of the pair in the studio below!
    3. Rumors Mark Nilan -- #2018RadioIsOurs

      Wait why is this in rumors if it’s posted by Mark Nilan? Doesn’t that make it news? I can’t waaaaaait for this omg it likely means two albums next year
    4. One of my fave performances of hers already wow
    5. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Hey everyone! I’m Anthony, 18 from Sydney. I’ve loved Gaga since the start and my love for her has only grown ever since. Growing up with Gaga means growing up with the fan base and I’ve met so many incredible people that are some of my closest friends. Forums like this are awesome because they allow you to meet other fans like yourself and have great discussions about a whole range of topics so I can’t wait to start posting here and meeting more of you guys!