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    1. Introducing FTRS!

      FeaTuReS is the brand new section on ladygaganow.co that allows any fan to write their own article regarding Lady Gaga with the chance to be published. All you need in order to write is an account with our website AND make sure your article is written using proper English in order to be eligible for posting. Keep in mind, all articles must be written as a true article or blog post, and should focus on just one specific topic. (Ex: "Reasons Why The ARTPOP Era Had Trouble" or "What's Going on with Lady Gaga's Instagram Posts?") After submitting an article, our team will Approve or Deny whether the article is fit to be published, this depends on the ability to read the article. You should add a proper cover image with your post (1400x700) otherwise one will be provided by us. Feel free to sign any of your articles with your Twitter, Instagram or your facebook. After our approval, we'll share each article across our social profiles! Depending on the success of FTRS, we have plans to expand the column to allow artists to discuss their inspirations and share their artwork too. We look forward to seeing what our fan community can come up with and are excited for what this new column will bring to our site.
    2. In recent years, Kesha's legal battle against her former producer and alleged abuser, Dr. Luke, has become one of the most prominent legal battles in the industry, garnering tremendous support across social media, fans and fellow celebrities. In case you're unaware, Kesha came out as a sexual assault victim in 2014, accusing her then producer Dr. Luke of said abuse, thus opening a legal battle against him in hopes of getting out of her multiple album contract with the producer and his record label under Sony. As of recently, texts between Kesha and several other female artists in the industry have been made public, including those between herself and Lady Gaga, in which Kesha alleged that her former producer may have also sexually assaulted Katy Perry. On August 27, 2018 Lady Gaga's deposition on aforementioned texts had been made public. In her deposition, she recalls talking with Kesha and CEO of Intercope, John Janick, about a rumor that Mr. Janick had heard regarding Katy Perry's alleged abuse. She states that Mr. Janick and herself had been talking with Kesha about what they could do to help Kesha out from her legal binding with Sony and Dr. Luke's record company, Kemosabe Records, suggesting that somehow they could bring Kesha over to Interscope and that Gaga would look after her. Later on, in his own deposition, Mr. Janick redacted his claims of ever alleging Katy Perry had been raped, making it seem as if Kesha was lying to Gaga with her claim over text, ultimately contradicting both Kesha and Gaga's claims that they had heard the rumor from Mr. Janick and making Gaga's deposition appear to lack knowledge of the subject and evidence. Ms.Perry herself also stated on record that she had not been raped, assaulted, or drugged. Lady Gaga's support for Kesha throughout her legal battle has been anything but secret, taking to her various social media accounts to advocate for the singer and helping Kesha continue to spread her message and shine her light as this lawsuit draws on. #FreeKesha