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    1. I wanted DIC to be a single so bad and I think that it's a wasted opportunity tbh... She could shoot a video while she was on break and perform it at AMAs/Grammys and it would SLAY. :( The same goes for Angel Down. She really seemed to love this song but I guess MR was much more commercial...
    2. NEW Welcome to Lady Gaga Now!

      Great job guys :) LG forums are never enough. Keep up the good work!
    3. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

      Is it November 2018 already? I literally CANNOT wait for this The only thing that I don't like is Johnny Depp tbh #sorrynotsorry but... In Rowling we trust!
    4. Random Introduce Yourself!

      I'm Andrew, 24, I live in Greece (for the time being) and I've been a fan since the Paparazzi 2009 VMA Performance but became a hardcore fan since the ARTPOP era. I've seen her live 3 times (2 artRAVES and c2c tour) and I can't wait to see the JWT. I was devastated when she cancelled because I've been waiting for this/saving money since 2015, but now I'm looking forward to February! She's an incredibly dedicated hard worker and the Joanne era has been perfect in my opinion.
    5. The design is really cool and easy to use! The idea with the Gaga gifs is really great.
    6. Tour Joanne World Tour Discussion

      I had tickets for the Berlin & Cologne concerts before the cancellation, but now these dates are a month apart so I have to chose one of them and I am kinda disappointed, as I wanted so much to see 2 shows of this tour. I'm sure it's going to be incredible tho! I really hope it gets professionaly filmed and released/livestreamed
    7. She was so genuinely happy and emotional even though she knew (of course) that she was going to receive it. I love how many times she hugged her fans and dancers!
    8. She was so great! However, I think that the camera work could be better. Also, they didn't showcase the JWT stage (bridges, lights, projections, extra stages) at its full potential. But damn, those vocals. She never disappoints.