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    1. What is your favorite Gaga tour?

      The Red and Blue Ball
    2. Movies The Incredibles 2: Trailer

      overrated GARBAGE! early 00s fad.. OUT!
    3. Katy Perry

      she's a skinny iconic legendary QUEEN! We stan! Witness is her best album!
    4. Opinion Create LG6 track list

      1. Onion Girl 2. Onion Girl (Acoustic Guitar Version) 3.Onion Girl (Orchestral Version) 4. Onion Girl (Jazz Version) 5. Onion Girl (RnB Version) 6. Onion Girl (Ballad Version) 7. Onion Girl (Country Road Remix) 8. Onion Girl (Instrumental) 9. Onion Girl (Acapella) 10. Onion Girl (feat. Lina Morgana) 11. Onion Girl (feat. Lina Dunham) BONUS TRACKS 12. Onion Girl (DJWS Mix) 13. Onion Girl (Madeon Mix) 14. Onion Girl (RedOne Mix) 15. Onion Girl (Work Tape)
    5. Communication Operation Gaga Reunion Thread

      Haroon was harassing me with senseless warning points cuz he had some personal issue against me. A corrupt fraudulent mod! He once gave me 3 WPs just for posting "lol." .......
    6. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Give me upvotes sweetie jk got twitter?
    7. Communication Operation Gaga Reunion Thread

      My original GGD account was banned 6 times, then permabanned. I made a new account 3 months later and it lasted 6 months before H*roon discovered that it was me
    8. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Zedd reused the Onion Girl instrumental on his album. Dave Russel confirmed that it's Addicted To A Memory. I love it so much omg
    9. Communication Operation Gaga Reunion Thread

      same qirl omg, i was mistreated and ABUSED there
    10. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Hey skinnies! User artblockedT has arrivedT! SKINNY! Get ready for excessive tea and shade! ARTPOP is Ms. Fad's best album! Onion Girl is Gaga's BEST song ever and I will NOT rest until i hear Onion Girl! Karma's not 🙅🏻 a liar she keeps receipts 😇💅 Xoxo, artblockedT, your fav mid 00s 17y/o onion fad.
    11. Communication Operation Gaga Reunion Thread

      i hope this forum becomes more successful so that "Gigi D." can go rest with Joanne
    12. Communication Operation Gaga Reunion Thread

      yes. "ga ga day leigh" WISHES