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    1. News Lady Gaga will perform at The Grammys!

      My bets are on the title track tbh. If she intends on a new era in 2018, and with confirmation that she is performing a song from her Grammy Nominated Platinum Album Joanne, I guess it would be a great choice.
    2. CĂ©line Dion wants to do a duet with Gaga

      My poor weave disintegrated at the thought of this!
    3. I'm happy for Gaga, but damn the big 4 nominations are so messed up! ROTY is literally all men, and I'm almost certain that Ed Sheeran will get those pop awards :/
    4. Opinion What sound do you hope to hear on LG6?

      Disco pop! I wouldn't mind some rock too. I hope she works with Kevin Parker again.
    5. Favorite Gaga Music Video?

      I really can't have a favourite. It keeps changing every now and then. As of now, it's this visual masterpiece
    6. Artists Who do you stan besides Lady Gaga?

      Apart from Gaga, Troye Sivan, Lana Del Rey, Tame Impala and Lorde.
    7. Music Unreleased Gaga songs

      No Way and Out of Control. I love these songs so much! I still hope to hear at least a couple of songs from ACT II! Also, I still prefer I Wanna Be With You over Dope and I'd liveeee for a studio version!
    8. Random Introduce Yourself!

      Hey guys! My name is Shethin, and I'm from India. I've been devoted to the good sis gags since 2009 (and I'm YET to see her live as she hasn't toured here yet ) I'm about to be a lawyer soon, hoping to change the world, slowly (maybe one sequin at a time!). I love creating, writing, discussions on philosophical theories, art and pop culture. #JusticeForPerfectIllusion
    9. Opinion What do you think about the forum?

      The new LGN looks FANTASTIC tbh! Everything suggested above would be great additions to this space. Also, gaga emojis too! Some of us could help in making them too! I feel that gaga emojis and reactions would bring about a bigger sense of belongingness within the community due to the niche humor and the inside jokes :D
    10. NEW Welcome to Lady Gaga Now!

      AAAAAH YAAAS! It's so nice to see LGN like this! Keep up the good work y'all!