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    1. This is the official thread to post all the photos and videos that Lady Gaga posts on Instagram. Feel free to post and discuss! TIP: to embed her Instagram posts, simply paste the link and that's it!
    2. After months of hard work, we are very glad to announce that our photo gallery GagaImages.co is finally back! We have decided to move all of its content to this new platform which enables you to stay logged and get the full experience, in the highest quality possible! The old url gagaimages.co will redirect you to the new one: http://ladygaganow.co/gallery. A couple of rules apply to all users: GUESTS (non-registered): can view up to 10 images in medium size. REGISTERED USERS: can view all photos with no limit and high-res. More functionalities will be implemented with time. We are still moving the content that’s older than 2017, nothing will be lost, but we need time for this. In the meantime, everything from 2017 is available, as well as the entire photo shoot archive and more. We are slowly trying to offer a complete experience for you Little Monsters. Although not everything is successful from the very first time, we hope that it will be appreciated later on! We wish you a Happy New Year! With Love, A
    3. Some new footage of Lady Gaga rehearsing for the American Music Awards has been released on the internet! Enjoy
    4. New to Lady Gaga Now? Please introduce yourself with a few words on who you are, where you come from and whatever else you feel like sharing with the rest of the community. Let’s get to know each other!