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    1. Earlier today, the official nominations for the 2018 GRAMMY Awards have been announced. Lady Gaga has successfully received a total of 2 nominations, which are as follows: Best Pop Vocal Album (Joanne); Best Pop Solo Performance (Million Reasons); The 60th GRAMMY Awards will take place at Madison Square Garden in New York City on January 28th, 2018. The show will be broadcasted on CBS. Good luck, Gaga! Join the discussion on our forum.
    2. Statuses are available, I believe you should enable it from your own profile. It is what I did for me. And you can tell me what username you’d like and we’ll change it. I registered your account quickly so I simply used the username you had in your email when you contacted us. Let me know!
    3. Thank you for your suggestions, we are taking all of them into consideration. We are very much determined to do our very best!
    4. Tour New Joanne World Tour boxscore

      Thanks for posting this! 😄👏🏻
    5. You may have probably heard about Owen; he is a boy with severe autism who was personally invited on stage by Lady Gaga during her Joanne Tour concert in Philadelphia back in the day. Last night she invited him again to sing Million Reasons on the piano together. After the performance, as you will see in this emotional clip, she helps him to get back to his place in the crowd. She truly has a Diamond Heart!
    6. Activity stream page will easily help you check all the topics that you’ve missed. It is available in the menu and at this link at any time: http://ladygaganow.co/discover/unread
    7. Random Anyone Here from other Gaga Forums?

      Of course you are
    8. Random Anyone Here from other Gaga Forums?

      Welcome everyone! I am so glad to see that you guys are starting to get to know each other. Just know that this place was not built for competition with other fan sites; we felt like this had to happen sooner or later, but never really had enough time to dedicate (because we were already managing news, photos etc.). Now I personally feel this is the best thing ever and that we should have done this way before.
    9. Sorry to hear that, not sure why that happened. Either way, welcome to our community! I am personally sure that there is still A LOT to do and to improve, it is an endless process, but we are ready to step up our game and take your suggestions very much into consideration.
    10. Tour Joanne World Tour Discussion

      I believe one of the hardest thing for her would be to find a company that will manage and take responsibility for the show she wants to deliver there... although, in Dubai, she still managed to do it, but yeah it’s complicated, that’s what I am trying to say. It is not entirely up to her, unfortunately, otherwise I am sure she’d be visiting many more countries!
    11. Signatures should be available, I turned them on today. Could you check that out?
    12. Glad to hear you guys love the layout! And yes we are working on: Custom/Gaga GIFs Gaga Reactions