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    The Joanne World Tour Set & Stage Design

    The stunning aesthetics of Lady Gaga’s Joanne World Tour gave many attendees goosebumps as the set and stage, built by TAIT, took over the entire arena. The full layout consisted of a very dynamic and kinetic main stage, three flying bridge platforms which double as projection displays, two satellite stages and an LED integrated b-stage.
    The jaw-dropping 85 ft. wide main stage is fashioned with three automated lifts used for scenic props and staging equipment, in addition to, five performer wave lifts surrounded with LED video panels. The lifts transform the stage into several intricate looks throughout the show.
    Three of the five performer wave lifts are 17 ft. wide and sit side by side upstage. Parallel to the upstage performer wave lifts are two 50 ft. wide performer wave lifts. When moving in unison, all of the wave lifts appear as one massive lift that transforms into five different configurations: Flat, Elevated, Criss-Cross, Diagonal, and Staircase. The upstage performer wave lifts also move independently from the larger wave lifts forming four different movements: Flat, Elevated, Staircase, and Zig Zag.
    TAIT designed and manufactured three inflatable lighting pods which hang 60 ft. above the audience and house billboard-like, video projection displays. When not being used in billboard display mode, each video projection display descends 50 ft. below its lighting pod and converts into a 50 ft. long bridge platform giving Lady Gaga and her dancers a catwalk to travel on from the main stage to the satellite stages and to the multi-dimensional, LED lit b-stage at the other end of the arena.
    Additionally, TAIT custom designed the jagged, heart-shaped, laser piano to match the b-stage’s neon aesthetics by furnishing it with 44 lasers that shoot beams of vibrant colors through the arena with every single keystroke she played. The shell of the piano is built out of a 1.25 inch acrylic, in addition to, a mixture of mirror and dichroic filmed polycarbonate fascia which amplified her flashy laser show.

    The JOANNE World Tour kicks off in Vancouver

    The first show of Lady Gaga's highly anticipated JOANNE World Tour took place in Vancouver, Canada! A first look at the official merchandising emerged hours before after a fan posted images on Twitter. It features t-shirts and sweatshirts with never-seen-before photos of Lady Gaga printed on them. Fans have already noticed that the items are, however, somehow expensive (the prices on the picture are in Canadian dollars).
    Lady Gaga opened her show in Vancouver with Diamond Heart and changed the lyrics to "Young, Wild, Canadian". A-YO, Poker Face and Perfect Illusion followed right after. An interlude with Lady Gaga in a car aired at this point and anticipated John Wayne, which she sang with a different outfit. Scheiße and Alejandro followed right after. Another interlude was aired on the screen before Lady Gaga started performing Just Dance with a different outfit. LoveGame and Telephone followed right after. Another interlude anticipated Lady Gaga's performance of Applause. She then turned to the piano and performed Come To Mama and The Edge Of Glory, which she dedicated to her friend Sonja who recently died after years of cancer battle. Born This Way followed right after. A fourth interlude aired on the screens before Lady Gaga got on stage with a different outfit singing Bloody Mary. She performed Dancing In Circles for the very first time right after. Paparazzi followed before she had another outfit change and performed Angel Down and Joanne, which she performed with her guitar alone. Following a fifth interlude, Lady Gaga got on stage with a different outfit while singing Bad Romance and her latest song The Cure! She closed the show with Million Reasons.
    Stay tuned for photos and videos!
    The setlist:
    Diamond Heart
    Poker Face
    Perfect Illusion
    John Wayne
    Just Dance
    Come To Mama
    The Edge Of Glory
    Born This Way
    Bloody Mary
    Dancing In Circles
    Angel Down
    Bad Romance
    The Cure
    Million Reasons

    WikiLeaks founder documentary featuring Lady Gaga premieres July 22nd

    Risk, a documentary filmed by Laura Poitras about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, will premiere this Saturday night, July 22nd, on Showtime at 9PM EST.

    The documentary features a segment where Lady Gaga interviews Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where he has found asylum to avoid extradition. The interview took place in 2012 while Lady Gaga was visiting the U.K. to promote her Fame perfume.
    [caption id=attachment_24103" align="alignleft" width="1200] Promo poster.[/caption]

    Lady Gaga performs with Tony Bennett at his LA concert

    Lady Gaga gave a surprise on-stage performance tonight alongside Tony Bennett at his concert in Los Angeles at the Hollywood Bowl. The pair performed their duets Cheek to Cheek from their album of the same name and The Lady is a Tramp from Bennett's Duets II album. Bennett was celebrating his 55th anniversary of hitting the Hollywood Bowl stage for the first time on July 13, 1962.

    Billboard recently asked Bennett what he thought about touring with Lady Gaga and he replied "to this day, I’m still thinking of doing another album with her. And she’s just a wonderful artist to perform with and a great person that we love very much."

    Lady Gaga's halftime show nominated for 6 Emmy's

    The nominations for the 2017 Emmy Awards were announced this morning and the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show Starring Lady Gaga has been nominated for 6 Emmy's! The Emmy's is a televised award ceremony that recognizes excellence in the television industry.
    Lady Gaga's halftime show has been nominated in the following categories:

    Outstanding Production Design For A Variety, Nonfiction, Event Or Award Special

    Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special

    Outstanding Music Direction

    Outstanding Special Class Program

    Outstanding Sound Mixing For A Variety Series Or Special

    Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control For A Limited Series, Movie Or Special
    Congratulations to all the crew members who made Lady Gaga's halftime show possible and are being recognized for it!
    We would also like to congratulate Perry Meek, Lady Gaga's costume designer, on being nominated in the category of Outstanding Costumes For Variety, Nonfiction Or Reality Programming for his work on the Oh. My. Gaga! episode of RuPaul's Drag Race! The episode received a total of 4 Emmy nominations this year.

    Lady Gaga postpones Las Vegas dive bar show

    Lady Gaga was set to kick off Bud Light's Dive Bar Tour in Las Vegas this Thursday, but the show has since been postponed. On Tuesday, Lady Gaga's team released a statement to ABC News stating she was "deep in rehearsals for her world tour and is working to reschedule a date as soon as possible." Bud Light has also confirmed the postponement on their Twitter account in their replies to curious fans.

    The Joanne World Tour starts in less than three weeks on August 1 in Vancouver, Canada. Good luck to Lady Gaga, her team and her dancers as they work around the clock rehearsing for the closely-approaching world tour.

    Lady Gaga contributes to Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real's new LP

    Lady Gaga's backing vocals are featured on a new song called Find Yourself by Lukas Nelson and Promise of the Real. Lukas Nelson, the guitarist-frontman and son of country legend Willie Nelson, says that Find Yourself is about "taking my power back and owning the love that I deserve." The track itself sounds very kick-back and relax and Lady Gaga's vocals add that extra sense of soulfulness.
    Listen to Find Yourself below on the SoundCloud player, streaming exclusively through Rolling Stone, and let us know what you think of the song in the comments.

    Unseen interview of Lady Gaga introducing The Dive Bar Tour

    Art Director Nathan Wigglesworth has recently published a case study on Lady Gaga's partnership with Bud Light for the Dive Bar Tour. The video features a short and unseen interview of Lady Gaga introducing us to the tour, which, as you may know, she is embarking on again this Summer for total of 3 stops in the United States!