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    Lady Gaga talks New Music, Upcoming World Tour, Dive Bar to Billboard

    Below, find Billboard's conversation with Gaga, where they talk all about the Dive Bar Tour, where she is in her preparations for the Joanne World Tour (which kicks off Aug. 1 in Vancouver), and what it means to her to play Manchester Arena in the fall after the fatal bombing outside Ariana Grande's concert last month.

    You're picking up where you left off last year with the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour, but this time around, you're heading to Las Vegas. Why did you want to get back out on the Dive Bar Tour?

    I just love playing in bars, and I got to tell you: All the time, I think about how I started out in my career, and I was just playing in bars downtown in New York -- and you miss that, you know? It's a very wonderful, intimate connection that you get to make with the audience, and it's all about, you know, friendship and love and bonding. It's incredible.

    I was at the Silver Lake stop of the Dive Bar Tour last year, and you were truly able to connect and make eye contact with every person in that room.

    Thank you very much! It was an amazing time. I loved performing there, and it's just one of those things I always tell people: "You gotta play a dive bar like an arena, and you play an arena like a dive bar."

    What are some of your favorite memories from last year's Dive Bar Tour stops?

    I gotta say, when we went to New York and we played at the Bitter End [in October], it was a very special night for a couple of reasons. The first being that I got to sing "Grigio Girls" from my record Joanne to my friend Sonja [Durham], who recently passed of cancer [in May]. And I will always cherish that moment, and I know she's looking down and cherishing it too. You know, she wanted to be on the live stream because she wanted people to know that you can still be strong and have stage 4 cancer, and it was pretty special. And then after [that], me and Mark Ronson went up on the top of the roof and we sang "Angel Down" to a giant crowd of people in the streets, and the song is really about the world and about how it's important to be loving during a tumultuous time, and caring about, you know, the angel that's down and picking them up -- it was really special. Everybody was singing in the street. It was awesome.

    How will this year's Dive Bar show be different now that fans have had eight months with the Joanne album instead of it being the first time they hear many of these songs like it was last year?

    The Dive Bar shows last year, they were informed by the fact that the fans hadn't heard a lot of the material yet. So I approached them more like a sort of pseudo-electro, pop-underground moment, as opposed to just me at the piano. But this time around for the Dive Bar Tour, I intend for it to be even more intimate than it was the last time. I really want to break the songs down and talk to the audience even more and just, you know, sing the hell out of my songs.

    The Dive Bar Tour is a little different this time around, since you're passing the torch to two new artists who will have their own stops. I know those artists are under wraps for now, but can you tease what fans might be able to expect from the other Dive Bar shows down the line?

    I feel like it's really exciting that this is happening, because this Dive Bar/Bud Light concept was something that we invented together, and I feel so excited that it's living on. And what I will tell you about these future artists that are playing is that it's a very diverse group. Everything that you're seeing at these dive bars are not going to be the same: It's not the same types of artists, it's not connected in any way. It's all about celebrating diversity.

    After your Vegas concert in July, you'll be kicking off the Joanne World Tour on Aug. 1 in Canada. Where are you now in the preparations for the tour?

    Well, the stage has been designed and is being built, and we have been building the story of the show since the Super Bowl. And we are beginning to sort of delineate where we want choreography, what songs I'd like to play at the piano, and lighting is a big thing this year. The stage is very different from anything we've ever done before, and I'm really in love with it. So I'm very excited about the show.

    What are some of the major differences between getting in a tiny room of 250 at a bar in Silver Lake and getting in front of a crowd of 40,000 at some of the baseball parks you have lined up for the Joanne tour?

    When you're playing in a baseball stadium, it's possible to see some fans in the front, but it's not possible to see as many up close and personal. And at the dive bar, depending on the configuration, you can really see everyone. So I think the intention is to, when I'm in the arena, to really kind of slow it down sometimes and really connect with each person in the most intimate way that I can, like it would be in a dive bar. And then when I'm playing in a dive bar, the idea is to be intimate at times but then to be explosive and big as well, to give people a feeling of what it would be like to see me in a bigger venue.

    Speaking of a bigger venue, you headlined Coachella in April and debuted your new song "The Cure" there. Do you have any plans to bring out some new music on the world tour?

    Absolutely! It's going to be really fun, and I'm really excited.

    How did Coachella or your Super Bowl halftime show kind of inform your preparation for the world tour?

    Well, you know, we never like to do the same thing twice, but we do, obviously, love to represent the choreography that me and my dancers -- who I've been with for 10 years, all of them [Laughs] -- have been doing for a long time. So we like to bring back certain moments, but we're creating something completely new. It will grow out of what you saw at the Super Bowl and Coachella, but you know, we always like to keep it fresh.

    One of the stops on your tour will be the Manchester Arena, which will reopen in September just before your October concert. What will playing that arena mean to you after the tragedy that took place at Ariana Grande's concert last month?

    It will mean a lot to me. I'm excited to share that moment with my fans, as I am in every place that we go. I think it's important, in every city that I stop in, that we honor that tragedy and be there for one another and remember that life is precious and we have to be kind and stick together.

    And finally, the Joanne album was such a personal one for you, so what does it mean to finally be able to get out and bring these songs to your fans across the world?

    It feels really great. I mean, I absolutely put a lot of my soul into that record -- into the sounds, into the words, into the way I was singing -- and I'm looking forward to integrating that with my other songs, to contextualize it, in a way. For the fans, I hope they are able to celebrate with me what Joanne is: a woman looking out, putting a hat on and saying to herself, "I'm about to go somewhere, because I'm getting out of here. And I don't know where I'm going, but I'm out of here, I'm leaving. I'm not sure what will happen, or if I'll even like it, but I don't care, because I can't stay here." And I think more than anything, I just want my fans to feel a message of liberation, that they can at any point in time change where they are in their life and move forward.

    Lady Gaga set to bring the Dive Bar Tour back to life this Summer

    Whether it’s at a bar or baseball park, Lady Gaga says she’s going to give every performance her all. The singer will launch a summer tour with stops at arenas and stadiums across the globe. She’s also returning to the Dive Bar Tour with Bud Light to perform a show in Las Vegas on July 13.

    She called the first bar crawl, completed last fall around the release of “Joanne,” a deep experience. Last year’s tour included a stop at The Bitter End, the New York City bar where Gaga performed before her pop-star days. The new Dive Bar Tour will also include shows in Los Angeles on July 26 and New Orleans on August 30, to be headlined by other artists.

    Lady Gaga will launch a world tour on Aug. 1.

    Source: The Washington Post.

    Lady Gaga's Staples Commercial for Students

    The PSA features the call to action to promote kindness in school and support teachers with the resources they need for a successful classroom.

    The PSA highlights DonorsChoose.org – a charity that has helped donors fund more than 25,000 classroom projects for teachers that have positively affected more than 23 million students across the country – and Born This Way Foundation, which was founded by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta, to support the wellness of young people and empower them to create a kinder and braver world.
    Driven by several sobering statistics, Staples and Lady Gaga have teamed up to promote kindness in schools across the country and ensure that teachers and students have the resources they need for successful classroom learning. According to a report by Sesame Workshop, 86% of teachers (and 70% of parents) admit to worrying often that the world is an unkind place for children. Further, the Education Market Association reports that an estimated 99.5% of public school teachers use their own money to equip their classrooms – frequently at a cost of more than $400 per year.
    In support of this mission, Staples also announced that it is making $1 million donations to both DonorsChoose.org and Born This Way Foundation.
    “We’re thrilled to team up with Lady Gaga, Born This Way Foundation and DonorsChoose.org to support education and positive classroom experiences nationwide,” said Frank Bifulco, chief marketing officer, Staples. “There’s a correlation between kindness and overall well-being among students, and we’ll work together to create an environment for students that will allow them to flourish and propel them into their bright futures.”

    Join the Lady Gaga Now Team!

    Managing a big website like Lady Gaga Now isn't simple; everyday we try to cover and give as much content as possible to fans around the world. We grew up a lot since the begging when we were just a blog and a relatively limited gallery; as of today, we have expended towards more and new directions like our merchandising partnership with SpaceNeil, a fashion blog, Instagram updates and so on.
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    Lady Gaga Teams Up with Staples to Support Education and Inspire Positive Classroom Experiences Nationwide

    Lady Gaga is teaming up with Staples, Inc. to support education and create a positive classroom experience through its Staples for Students program. The partnership builds on Staples’s long-standing commitment of supporting education and helping teachers and students.
    Staples today announced it is donating $1 million to Born This Way Foundation, an organization founded by Lady Gaga and her mother, Cynthia Germanotta. Born This Way Foundation supports the wellness of young people and empowers them to create a kinder and braver world by fostering kindness, improving mental health resources and creating more positive environments. For the fourth year in a row, Staples is also donating $1 million to DonorsChoose.org, an organization that has funded more than 900,000 classroom projects for teachers since its founding, benefiting more than 22 million students.
    Together through this unique partnership with Lady Gaga, her Born This Way Foundation and DonorsChoose.org, the Staples for Students program will help to promote kindness in schools across America and ensure that teachers and students have the resources they need for successful learning in classrooms.
    “Teaming up with Lady Gaga, Born This Way Foundation and DonorsChoose.org is an amazing opportunity for the Staples for Students program to support teachers and help create a more positive classroom experience,” said Frank Bifulco, chief marketing officer, Staples. “There’s a correlation between kindness and overall well-being among students, and we hope that together with these perfect partners that we’ll be able to create an environment for students that will help them flourish in school and propel them into their bright futures.”
    Lady Gaga said, “Classrooms that are positive and welcoming are classrooms where students can discover their passions and unlock their full potential. I’m excited to work with Staples, DonorsChoose.org and Born This Way Foundation to help teachers and students make their schools more supportive and engaging places. Kindness is one of the most important and most impactful values we can instill in students, and I look forward to working with Staples to foster a positive classroom environment where every student feels safe, heard and empowered.”
    The 2017 Staples for Students program is propelled by several sobering statistics:

    According to the Education Market Association, an estimated 99.5% of all public school teachers use their own money to equip their classrooms – frequently at a cost of more than $400 per year.
    Sesame Workshop reports that 86% of teachers (and 70% of parents) admit to worrying often that the world is an unkind place for children.
    Lady Gaga and Staples are also collaborating on a Public Service Announcement that debuts nationally at the end of June, further emphasizing the need to support teachers and students.
    “Staples has been a generous and valued partner of ours for years, and we’re so thankful for its continued support of our mission, which has helped bring learning to life for thousands of teachers and students in classrooms nationwide,” said Charles Best, founder of DonorsChoose.org.
    “By creating school climates that are grounded in compassion and generosity we can help to support the emotional well-being of our young people, ensuring they can learn effectively and grow into happy, thriving adults,” said Cynthia Germanotta, co-founder and president of Born This Way Foundation. “We thank Staples for its generous donation and for understanding that the boundless potential of young people can be unlocked by spreading kindness.”
    Win a $50,000 Scholarship and the chance to meet Lady Gaga
    Staples is a proud sponsor of the 2017 Lady Gaga Joanne tour promoted by Live Nation. Beginning June 25, 2017, fans will have the opportunity to enter the Staples for Students Sweepstakes for a chance to win a $50,000 scholarship. The lucky grand prize winner will also win a trip to Las Vegas to meet Lady Gaga and see her in concert. Five additional winners will receive a trip to Las Vegas and tickets to Lady Gaga in concert on December 16, 2017.
    Visit StaplesForStudents.org starting June 25, 2017 for sweepstakes rules and to learn how to enter. Entries must be submitted before September 16, 2017 at 11:59 PM ET and entrants must be 13 years or older.

    'Million Reasons' Director is back to work with Lady Gaga

    Director Ryan Hunter Phillips, well known for directing the Million Reasons music video, has recently updated his Instagram profile with a picture of himself back to work on the set of a project which is apparently involving Lady Gaga as well. The post, in fact, includes hashtags like "ladygaga", "film" and "commercial". Except for the fact that this is not for 'The Cure' music video, no other information is available for now, but according to Ryan previews are set to come soon!
    Even more interesting is Ryan's reply to a fan who commented by calling the Million Reasons video a "tragedy". He replied saying "lol all I can say is that wasn't my edit. I was equally surprised by what came of it".

    Listen: Mary Jane Holland (Concept Demo)

    An early demo version of Lady Gaga's track Mary Jane Hollandfeaturing new lyrics leaked on Twitter earlier today. Give it a listen below and let us know what you think.
    Press play from your browser(not from a twitter or Facebook) and close all adds.

    Lady Gaga Partners With Starbucks to Advocate for Kindness

    Lady Gaga and Starbucks share a mission: to build a kinder, braver world. Through the Born This Way Foundation, Lady Gaga has inspired her fans to embrace kindness in their communities—online and in the world. With your help, we can empower young people to spread more kindness.
    Introducing the Cups of Kindness collection: four very special drinks as delicious and refreshing as they are beautiful. Two new creations, Matcha Lemonade and Violet Drink, will join Pink Drink and Ombré Pink Drink as instant summer favorites. For each one you purchase between June 13 and June 19, Starbucks will donate $0.25 to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and the Channel Kindness project.
    A project of the Born This Way Foundation, Channel Kindness empowers young people to document stories of kindness in their worlds. Grounded in the belief that compassion and kindness are key to building vibrant, productive communities, the platform gives young people the resources and opportunities they need to help change the world—one act of kindness at a time.
    Starbucks will donate $0.25 US for each Pink Drink, Ombré Pink Drink, Matcha Lemonade and Violet Drink sold from participating Starbucks® stores in the U.S. and Canada to the Born This Way Foundation to empower young people to be braver and kinder. 6/13 through 6/19. Visit https://bornthisway.foundation. Starbucks will make a minimum donation of $250,000 USD.

    RECAP: Lady Gaga's demos leak on the web

    Today a lot of demos of Lady Gaga's songs leaked on the web, most of them are from ARTPOP, including Gypsy, VENUS, Burqa and MANiCURE, but that's not all! Below you will find a list with all the links to listen to each of them.



    MANiCURE (Swinefest Demo)

    Applause (Concept Demo)

    Fashion! (Concept Demo)

    Fashion! (Early Final Demo)

    Fashion! (Final Demo)




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