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    Lady GaGa performs on XFactor

    Lady GaGa performed on XFactor with an amazing outfit and an incredible perfomance of Bad Romance and Bad Romancr acoustic.. Pretty Amazing. Here you can watch the video of the Intro + Perfomance + Small Interview.
    Soon the download link for the HQ Tv-Rip.


    Udpate: Replace with a video in Higher Quality.

    Behind the scenes of lady gaga shooting for nick Knight

    Watch this video of Lady GaGa taking a new photoshoot with photographer Nick Knight, the same who directed the Monster Ball Tour videos and photoshoot.
    Nicola Formichetti was on the set so he should be the stylist.

    More than 500 photos/captures from the behind the scenes:



    Smokey Robinson on Lady Gaga: 'Unique always has a chance'

    Over his five decades in the music business, legendary Motown singer and songwriter Smokey Robinson seen many artists come and go. And with a new crop of artists breaking boundaries and being nominated for the 2010 Grammy Awards — in which is Lady Gaga is a major player — Robinson, who was a host at the Grammy nominations concert on Wednesday night, said be believes they all have a shot at legendary status.
    "Music is a wonderful, wonderful genre and it's a wonderful life, so everybody who is nominated has a chance to be like Jon Bon Jovi or AC/DC," Robinson told MTV News. "To have that lasting music all you've gotta do is stick to your craft and make some good music."
    Gaga has never been shy about making artistic statements of any kind, even if they might not set well with everyone. She has spoken candidly about doing what feels right to her when it comes to both her songs and her image. That, Robinson said, is what will keep Gaga working in the industry for quite some time.
    "I think that Lady Gaga is so different and she has taken the world by storm," he said about the five-time nominated singer, who is up for awards like Record of the Year and Song of the Year, among others. "I enjoy her music. So I think that she's unique, unique always has a chance."

    Adam Lambert says working with Lady Gaga was 'crazy'

    Lady Gaga gave Adam Lambert "Fever" — the duo hooked up in the studio to record the Gaga-penned track for Lambert's album, For Your Entertainment. And for the "American Idol" alum, it wasn't just another session in the studio.
    "Gaga! Working in the studio with Gaga was a trip. The Haus of Gaga came in at the end to say hi. She was just there. We were working with her and Jeff Bhasker and we recorded the song, and she egged me on and it was crazy."
    The retro-sounding disco tune definitely has a Scissor Sisters vibe to it, a revelation Lambert came to after he listened to the track when they were finished. "That was kind of like an afterthought," he said. "Once I heard it back I was like, 'God, that sounds like a Scissor Sisters song.' It's disco."
    Lambert revealed that while recording the song, on which he sings such provocative lyrics as "Oh baby, your light's on/ But your mom's not home/ I'm sick of laying down alone/ With this fever," the group worked in a kind of party atmosphere. "There might have been some libations passed around, maybe," he laughed. "That's real rock and roll."
    Lambert hasn't ruled out one day possibly hitting the road with the pop superstar, who recently talked about how much she liked working with him on the song.
    "If she'd have me, yeah — she's amazing," he said. "I have no clue [when that would happen]. I have not heard anything about that. I think she's going off solo right now. I think she's pretty amazing. I want to be at her show," Lambert gushed.