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    "A Star Is Born" Available on iTunes

    Bradley Cooper's phenomenal reimagining of "A Star Is Born" starring the exceptionally talented Lady Gaga is now digitally available to purchase on US iTunes as of January 15th, 2019. You can now immerse yourself into the heartbreaking tale of Jack and Ally as their relationship is challenged and slowly blurred by Jackson's continued substance abuse and the demons of Ally's rising fame. 
    The movie has rapidly claimed the top spot on US iTunes movie charts within a few hours of its release. The iTunes version of the movie also features extras such as performances, music videos and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes footage that were not shown on the big screen. 
    In "The Road To Stardom", you can go behind the camera and take a closer look at the making of "A Star Is Born", including Gaga's emotional speech to the audience during the filming of "I'll Never Love Again" right after the death of her close friend Sonja. It features the deleted performance of Gaga's deeply moving ballad "Is That Alright?" from the wedding scene as well as a the full performance of Elvis Presley's  "Baby What You Want Me To Do?" sung by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. You can take a glimpse at the first day Bradley and Gaga met in the iPhone recording of the duo belting out to "Midnight Special" in Gaga's Malibu house after a meal of leftover pasta and witness the instantaneous chemistry between them in the first ever screen test before the filming began. What stands out the most, however, is a brief clip of Gaga's powerful, raw vocals during a table read, which leaves the entire room cheering her in awe. 
    You can view the featured bonus content below.
    "Baby What You Want Me To Do?" Preview:
    "I'll Never Love Again" Behind-The-Scenes:
    Behind-The-Scenes Footage including the table read: 
    "Is That Alright?" Deleted Scene:
    Screen Test:
    Midnight Special:

    Lady Gaga Wins at Critics Choice Awards 2019

    Lady Gaga graces yet another awards show this season as she steps on the blue carpet at the Critics Choice Awards in a stunning, custom Calvin Klein gown. 
    With another award show, comes more awards for Gaga’s work on A Star Is Born. Securing another win for Shallow for Best Original Song at the start of the night. She posed with one of the three co-writer’s of the song, Anthony Rossomando.
    But the most shocking win of the night was the TIE  for Best Actress between Glenn Close and Lady Gaga with both women receiving the award. Gaga accepted the award second with a face full of emotion and a beautiful speech you can watch below. 
    Congratulations Lady Gaga!
    Lady Gaga’s Arrival to the CCA’s:
    Lady Gaga’s Reaction to the Tie for Best Actress:
    Winning Best Actress:

    Lady Gaga’s Acceptance Speech for Best Actress:
    Interview Question: Will Lady Gaga prioritize music or film?
    Lady Gaga Accepts “Best Original Song:”
    Press Room with co-writer Anthony Rossomando:
    Lady Gaga in the Press Room:
    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper:
    Lady Gaga and Amy Adams:
    Lady Gaga and Regina King:
    Lady Gaga and Darren Criss:

    Lady Gaga Releases a Statement on R. Kelly and removes her song from Streaming Platforms

    Lady Gaga took to Twitter to respond to an outpouring of criticism for her 2013 collaboration and hit single with R. Kelly “Do What U Want (With My Body).
    After the airing of “Surviving R. Kelly” it was revealed allegedly that several artists and celebrities who had worked or had ties with Kelly were asked for comment on the matter and had declined interviews. Gaga was one of those reported to decline comment and twitter erupted demanding a statement from the singer to shine an even bigger light on the subject having been known for being so outspoken against sexual assault.
    In her statement Gaga says she stands by R. Kelly’s victims and anyone who has ever been the victim of sexual assault and that she believes them 1000%. 
    She also touches on how dark of a place she was in her life during the ARTPOP era and admits she didn’t make the best decisions, and for that has decided to pull “Do What U Want ft. R Kelly” from iTunes and all streaming platforms. 
    Her full statement:

    A Star is Born scores 7 nominations at the British Academy Film Awards

    A Star is Born has just scored 7 brand new nominations from the British Academy Film Association!
    The nominations includes:
    Best Movie Best Leading Actor (Bradley Cooper) Best Leading Actress (Lady Gaga)  Best Director Best Original Music Best Adapted Screenplay  Best Sound Congrats to the entire cast and crew who had a hand in making this cinematic masterpiece! You can watch the full list of nominees below

    Lady Gaga Wins ‘Best Actress’ at the NBR Awards

    Sometimes award ceremonies DO get it right! Lady Gaga has just picked up another trophy for her work in A Star Is Born as she wins ‘Best Actress’ from the National Board of Review Awards! Stephen Colbert was the one who presented her the award. Bradley Cooper was also awarded ‘Best Director’ Which was presented by the legendary Steven Spielberg. 
    Take a look at the pictures from the event below.

    Lady Gaga Attends Sam Elliott’s Hand & Foot Print Ceremony

    Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were among those in attendance at their A Star Is Born co-star’s monumentous hand and foot print ceremony at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles on January 7. The ceremony is to honor actors and actresses of great achievement. 

    Congratulations to Sam Elliott on this accomplishment! We are gonna update this post with more medias as soon as we'll get them.

    Lady Gaga Wins Golden Globe for Best Original Song

    Lady Gaga is now a two time Golden Globe Award winner after Shallow's won for Best Original Song last night. This was the only award won by this movie out of its 5 nominations (Best Motion Picture, Best Director, Best Actress and Best Actor).
    We congratulate Lady Gaga, Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando, and Andrew Wyatt on their win and wish them luck as The Grammys soon approach on February 10th. 
    Here's a recap of the night:
    Lady Gaga arrives on the red carpet
    Lady Gaga meets Remi Malek

    Lady Gaga gets dragged for her "100 people in the room"
    Lady Gaga's "Shallow" wins "Best Original Song"
    Lady Gaga joins Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando & Andrew Wyatt in the press room
    Red Carpet
    Acceptance Speech
    Press Room

    Lady Gaga Kicks Off Her Las Vegas Residency

    Lady Gaga kicked off the first ‘Enigma’ show of her Las Vegas residency last night, and we were there to experience it!
    She started the show flying in from above the crowd, proving that this is no ordinary residency show within mere seconds, much like her Super Bowl performance, with her debut single, “Just Dance”. She finally lands on the stage, an other-worldly, distant planet looking spectacle designed by Eli Russell Linnetz (who also designed the merch). She then got straight into other hits from her debut album, including “Poker Face” and “Love Game”.

    This show was full of outfit changes, props, and most importantly, energy. Many songs that she had only performed as ballads returned in full studio form, including “The Edge Of Glory” and “Yoü And I”.

    The setlist [full below] has already proven to be one of her best, containing several of her global hits, as well as deep album cuts that haven’t been performed for many years. She didn’t shy away from any of her studio albums, performing tracks from every one of them, including her most recent Soundtrack for “A Star Is Born”. Many fan favourites were revived for the residency, including “The Fame”, “Government Hooker”, “Dance In The Dark” and Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”.
     Petga, from the de-commissioned ARTPOP app, also makes an appearance. With a fresh look, and a new name, Enigma, she is a key part of the show’s storyline, guiding Gaga throughout the way. She is seen in several interludes which also feature new music by producer Boys Noize, who has been working on Lady Gaga’s upcoming sixth album expected to drop in 2019.
    Many other celebrities attended the show to support Gaga, including Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, James Charles, Regina King and Adam Lambert. Katy was seen multiple times throughout the night singing and dancing along to the performances.
    Gaga also hinted during the show that her residency may be extended, saying “I’ll be here for two whole years, three if I’m lucky.” As of now, her Enigma and Jazz & Piano Las Vegas residency continues through til November 9, 2019.
    Buy tickets here, using our code GAGANOW for 20$ off.

    Lady Gaga's Residency Could Be Game-Changer for Las Vegas Residency Model

    The "Star Is Born" singer's show opens tomorrow at the Park MGM in Las Vegas
    “We’re always trying to do the unexpected,” says Lady Gaga’s manager, Bobby Campbell, weeks out from launching the most hotly-anticipated show on the Las Vegas strip. It’s early December, a decade since the New York native was rocketing to success with her debut album, The Fame, and while the holiday buzz is all about her award nominations for A Star Is Born, behind-the-scenes it’s the “unexpected” next chapter of her musical endeavors which the 32-year-old singer is focused on. 
    It’s a chapter that entails a new challenge for the megastar -- whittling all the awe-inspiring creativity, energy and production value of the arena-style shows she has become accustomed to and renown for into an intimate, 5,200-seat theater.
    “The past eight years of her life has been touring the world in stadiums and arenas," Campbell says. "Scaling down to a theater and living with the production limitations of a smaller space isn’t easy. I think fans will be really excited by what we’ve come up with, but it certainly hasn’t come without its challenges.”
    For an artist who has conquered music, film, philanthropy and fashion, and now has the world at her fingertips, it was exactly that kind of challenge which lured Gaga into Sin City, where she will launch a groundbreaking two-part residency tomorrow night (Dec. 28) – the hit-fueled Lady Gaga Enigma show and accompanying Lady Gaga Jazz & Piano concerts, featuring stripped down versions of her songs and music from The Great American Songbook. 

    But while she may not have intended it, in her shadow comes a new dawn for Las Vegas’ ever-evolving musical residency scene, with Gaga and fellow icon Britney Spears arrival into Park Theater at the newly-rebranded Park MGM hotel cementing the venue as the hottest new spot on the Strip, igniting residency interest from other A-listers and breathing new life into the booming business of attracting pop royalty to town. 
    “That wasn’t the case for years,” says Live Nation Las Vegas president Kurt Melien. “Residencies are now the dominant form of entertainment – the idea that the biggest artist on the planet is doing Vegas sends a message to the world that this is the thing to do.”
    While the city’s residencies date back to the likes of Elvis Presley, Liberace and Frank Sinatra, acts like Celine Dion, Cher and Elton John re-birthed the scene with stints at The Colosseum at Caesar’s Palace over the last decade. But it was Spears who ignited a wave of nostalgia-led productions serving younger fans with her Piece of Me launch at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino’s Zappos Theater in 2014. The “Slumber Party” singer’s arrival came at a time when the average age of visitors was dropping rapidly, from 50 to 45 in the four years leading up to her show. The shift was largely fueled by the thriving electronic dance music scene, led by DJs like Calvin Harris who continue to enjoy lucrative club residencies, but there was also a notable rise in visitors aged 30 and 49 – people who were in their teens and twenties during the peak reign of Spears and other nineties pop powerhouses.
    “A couple of artists got in there quickly and proved it was a great place to see a show. Bruno Mars is the best example,” Melien says. “He was in there right away, and people were like, ‘This is incredible,’ and the domino started to fall from there.”
    In December 2017 Gaga announced her two-part residency – the first of its kind, which will allow fans to see the musician in two productions over one weekend. Campbell and Gaga had been entertaining the idea for years before entering negotiations with MGM in mid-2017, with Gaga having previously watched Spears, Cher and Lionel Richie in action.
    “We end up Vegas every time she’s on tour and you see the signs for different shows and Cirque productions and the possibilities start to bubble in your mind,” Campbell says. “We’ve casually talked about it for years and had various companies saying, ‘When you guys are ready, we’d love to have a conversation.’”
    “For her, right now, it’s not necessarily what everyone expected she would do, but it’s what we wanted to do,” Campbell adds. “It’s not super-calculated or strategic as much as it’s the perfect storm of right time.”
    Part of that challenge was creating a point of difference from other residencies, which is how Gaga’s game-changing two-part engagement was born, a format set to challenge other artists to push the boundaries with their shows.
    “The one thing that was important for me was, how do we differentiate?” Campbell says. “How do we do something no one else has done and remind people that whenever Gaga does a project, she tries to bring something fresh, new and innovative to the table? I challenged her with that and she said, ‘Well, let’s do two shows. I love singing jazz, I love singing pop and there’s no reason I can’t do both.’”
    While getting Gaga marked a musical coup for Park MGM, the resort clinched their position as a trendy new pop residency hot spot by also signing Spears, who will commence Britney: Domination at Park Theater in February. Spears had touring and other options at her disposal following Piece of Me, but she was clear with Rudolph early on that she wished to stay in Las Vegas. And, although her move was only announced in October – 10 months after Gaga confirmed her shows – the Park Theater was on the radar as far back as 2016, when Rudolph did a walk-through of the yet-to-be opened venue while considering it for both Spears and Aerosmith. 
    “We were supposed to do 96 shows over two years at Planet Hollywood and ended up doing 250 shows over four years and it was incredibly successful, but it got to the point where Britney wanted a change of scenery,” says Rudolph, who also signed Aerosmith at Park Theater for their upcoming stint, which he describes as an “elevated” Aerosmith concert experience. “She wanted to come out with a new show at a new place and do it differently.”
    Of course, the money on offer for A-listers helps, with Gaga reportedly cutting a deal worth $100 million and set to pocket just over $1 million-per-show (plus her cut of VIP experiences and merchandise sales,) a new high for the city’s residencies. In comparison, Dion and Carey reportedly took home $475k per show, while Spears and Lopez supposedly earned in the $300,000 range per show for their first runs at Planet Hollywood (with Spears reportedly making $500,000 per show for her upcoming stint.) 
    Jason Gastwirth, president of entertainment for Caesars Entertainment (who own Zappos Theater and The Colosseum,) reiterates there’s more to the deals than money, with his team taking pride in building long-term relationships with artists in order to keep them coming back. While losing Spears isn’t ideal, Gastwirth believes those who attend Park Theater shows, will also have interest in Zappos Theater acts, and he’s thrilled the venue now has availability for new artists.
    “If you can refer to them by one name, you probably know who it is,” he adds about who might be coming up. With competition heightened, Caesars is also making efforts to ensure their venues remain at the top of their game, with major refurbishments at The Colosseum, including new technology and VIP amenities.
    For now, all eyes await the new residents who Gaga may help attract to Sin City as she breathes new life into the competition for top artists.
    "I don’t think there’s a bigger star in the world right now," he says. "Not only thanks to her music and live performances, but her acting career. There are also no female icons in the last couple of years who are producing the kind of live shows that she does. We expect something as big, if not bigger, and completely over-the-top on the pop side … and that’s Vegas in a nut shell."
    The article was originally written here.

    FULL COVERAGE: 'Enigma' opening night

    Lady Gaga’s first Enigma show is just around the corner, and we will provide real-time updates!
    Several members from our team will be in Las Vegas at the first show of the residency. While we cant promise a full livestream, we will provide live streamed portions of the show via Instagram, as well as photos and videos from the event as it is happening on our social media sites! Be sure to follow, and turn post notifications on for our Twitter and Instagram pages to not miss a single thing on Friday.
    Follow us on Twitter here.
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    The show kicks off at 8PM local time in Vegas. Check below for times in your location.

    Lady Gaga sends video message to Japan 'A Star Is Born' premiere

    The 'A Star Is Born' premiere took place in Japan today, ahead of the films upcoming release in the country. Bradley Cooper was in attendance, where he spoke to the crowd about the film. 
    “I know all of Lady Gaga’s fans are the best in the world here [Japan] and she knows that. I think you’ll be hearing from her shortly [via video message]” - said Cooper, adding that Gaga wishes she could have been in attendance, before discussing the creation process of the film and its original music.
    Lady Gaga sent in a video message though, and announced a special competition! Two fans can win the chance to be flown out to Las Vegas to watch her rehearse for her upcoming show "Enigma". There are also runner up prizes to be won, including signed merchandise and guitar picks. 
    Entries are open now to all residents of Japan. She also added that she will be moving to Vegas next week.
    Watch Gaga's video message below.

    A Star Is Born Nominated for 9 Critics’ Choice Awards

    Another day, another handful of nominations for A Star Is Born! Today, the critically acclaimed film has rightfully picked up 9 nominations at the Critics’ Choice Awards including Best Picture, Best Actor (Bradley Cooper), Best Actress (Lady Gaga), Best Director, Best Supporting Actor (Sam Elliott) and Best Song (Shallow)
    Congrats to the entire cast and crew who had a hand in making this cinematic masterpiece!
    Press release photo with full nominations here: