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      The JOANNE World Tour kicks off in Vancouver

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      The first show of Lady Gaga's highly anticipated JOANNE World Tour took place in Vancouver, Canada! IMG_1020-300x300.jpgA first look at the official merchandising emerged hours before after a fan posted images on Twitter. It features t-shirts and sweatshirts with never-seen-before photos of Lady Gaga printed on them. Fans have already noticed that the items are, however, somehow expensive (the prices on the picture are in Canadian dollars).


      Lady Gaga opened her show in Vancouver with Diamond Heart and changed the lyrics to "Young, Wild, Canadian". A-YO, Poker Face and Perfect Illusion followed right after. An interlude with Lady Gaga in a car aired at this point and anticipated John Wayne, which she sang with a different outfit. Scheiße and Alejandro followed right after. Another interlude was aired on the screen before Lady Gaga started performing Just Dance with a different outfit. LoveGame and Telephone followed right after. Another interlude anticipated Lady Gaga's performance of Applause. She then turned to the piano and performed Come To Mama and The Edge Of Glory, which she dedicated to her friend Sonja who recently died after years of cancer battle. Born This Way followed right after. A fourth interlude aired on the screens before Lady Gaga got on stage with a different outfit singing Bloody Mary. She performed Dancing In Circles for the very first time right after. Paparazzi followed before she had another outfit change and performed Angel Down and Joanne, which she performed with her guitar alone. Following a fifth interlude, Lady Gaga got on stage with a different outfit while singing Bad Romance and her latest song The Cure! She closed the show with Million Reasons.


      Stay tuned for photos and videos!


      The setlist:

      Diamond Heart


      Poker Face

      Perfect Illusion

      John Wayne



      Just Dance




      Come To Mama

      The Edge Of Glory

      Born This Way

      Bloody Mary

      Dancing In Circles


      Angel Down


      Bad Romance

      The Cure

      Million Reasons

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