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      Glenn Close is open to work with Lady Gaga

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      Throughout the award season, The Wife's Glenn Close and Lady Gaga have proved to us many times that friendship between the women of Hollywood is not something as rare as the mainstream media has led us to believe. Glenn Close has opened up about the possibility of working with Lady Gaga on a project in a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter:

      You seem to have formed a connection with Lady Gaga this awards season. Would you consider working on something together?

      We haven't talked about working together, but I would certainly be open to that. She's remarkable, incredibly courageous and creative. A prodigy. So many gifts. I met Cynthia, her mother, before I met Stefani, as I call her. I remember when she first sat down at the [THR] Roundtable and she was next to me, I could really sense her nervousness. I tried to put myself in her shoes. Even though she's accomplished incredible things, as a personality, performer, artist, writer, she'd never been in that particular combination of women before, who are actresses. I tried to put her at ease as much as I could. I was just thrilled that she was there. She's very articulate and smart. I felt like that was almost a rite of passage for her around that table. I'm very proud of her.

      Have you seen her in Vegas yet?

      No, I can't wait.



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