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      Black Friday Deals & Lady Gaga Calendar 2018

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      Lady Gaga Now and SPACENEIL are glad to announce our BLACK FRIDAY deals starting TODAY. Visit our shop online and get up to 50% off any item you like! Just for this week, we are also offering a FREE SHIPING deal for orders of min. 50€ 🔥

      We are also glad to introduce new items in our catalog!

      • Mistery-Box: choose your size and we'll send you a random Lady Gaga thee!
      • Polaroid Set: Add this exclusive set of polaroid to your cart for just 10€. It will easily help you to get FREE SHIPPING;
      • Lady Gaga Wrapping Paper: Box your favorite gifts with this exclusive and elegant paper!
      • Lady Gaga Calendar 2018: Following the huge sucess of our 2017 Calendar, we've decided to make another run! Take a sneak peak below and pre-order it this week with our Black Friday deals and receive the calendar before the years ends! 

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