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      Beyoncé sends get better gift to Lady Gaga


      Lady Gaga and Beyoncé are the kind of friends that might not meet up often, but still support each other no matter what! Earlier today, Beyoncé 91614247-9A7C-4614-AC57-CD6818115FDE-820sent her a get better gift. As you know, Gaga is currently struggling with her fibromyalgia and today was another painful day. Despite this, she felt very much loved when she received a comfy and warm sweatshirt from Honey B! On Instagram she wrote:

      “Not having a good pain day. Thank you honey 🍯 B for sending me this comfy sweatshirt. Keeps me warm outside in a hammock so I can be w the trees, and the sky, and the sun and take deep breaths. Feel so lucky to have so much love ❤️“


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