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      EXCLUSIVE: Original concept for Lady Gaga's 2016 GRAMMYs performance

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      Three years ago Lady Gaga announced her partnership with INTEL releasing a stunning videoclip featuring her and what their technology could do. The artist and the tech company were joining forces to create an unforgettable performance made with the latest avant-guard technologies for the Grammys 2016.

      One week before the show, David Bowie passed away, and the Grammy's director asked Gaga if she wanted to change her performance into a tribute to the late singer.

      We can exclusively reveal today the official original concept for the performance, that was approved by the HAUS of Gaga in December 2015. Read the original script below.

      The live performance beings following the illusion from the teaser: Lady Gaga and The Cube are one: a hybrid.


      1. The Cube

      The performance begins with a white cube on a black stage. Then it starts to disintegrate to reveal a glitchy statue inside: Lady Gaga.



      2. Anti-Gravity

      Using a robotic arm, the structures starts moving, lifting the Lady Gaga statue into air.


      3. Sensory technology

      The stage transitions from deep black to a brilliant white. A bright white spotlights turns on and Lady Gaga enters the stage "coming to life".


      4. Multiple Lady Gaga

      Lady Gaga appears in different parts of the stage as a hologram. The audience is unable to tell which is the real one.

      As she reaches her climatic note, the holograms disappear in spectacular way revealing the real Lady Gaga at end of the show, ready for her applause.


      We would like to thank you our friend and co-admin @beetle for allowing us to publish this with you.

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      P.S. There was a different idea for the 90' advertisement, later scrapped, that would incorporate some elements from the original #LG5.


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