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      Lady Gaga talks Oscar Win and her relationship rumor with Bradley Cooper on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

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      Lady Gaga has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Show after her big Oscar win on Sunday, February 24th. 

      She initially thanked the host Jimmy Kimmel for his generous donation to Lady Gaga and Cynthia Germanotta's Born This Way Foundation for empowering the youth. She, then, suddenly and unexpectedly, pulled her recently won Oscar out of her Givenchy handbag and smilingly put it on the host's table.

      She confessed, "I swear when we won, my whole artistic journey flashed before my eyes. I instantly saw myself sitting on my studio apartment in New York, on the concrete. This is hard work. I have said it in my speech and I'll say it again, if you work hard and you don't give up you can do anything"

      Jimmy Kimmel then asked Gaga about the long-standing rumors whether she and Bradley Cooper have been dating after the perfect chemistry between the duo during the Oscar's performance. Gaga replied, "first of all, social media is the toilet of the internet", "people saw love but guess what, that's what we wanted you to see. This is a love song, Shallow. This movie A Star Is Born is a love movie. We worked so hard on this performance all week. From a performance perspective, it was so important for both of us that we were connected the entire time"



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