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      Some new footage of Lady Gaga rehearsing for the American Music Awards has been released on the internet! Enjoy
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      I really believe that the first movie is one of the biggest and best movie form the last couple of years.
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      Statuses are available, I believe you should enable it from your own profile. It is what I did for me. And you can tell me what username you’d like and we’ll change it. I registered your account quickly so I simply used the username you had in your email when you contacted us. Let me know!
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      Really love this, makes navigating the form a lot more streamlined!
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      Here we can post all of the new professional photos taken for and on the set of a photo shoot. If you come across any, just share it in this thread.
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      I hope she keeps the copper curls forever tbh.
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      she's serving a lot of very 80's inspired vibes with the big hair and neon colours so if that means we're getting a synth-heavy 80's album on the way consider me excited af.
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      Also stream guys, we can't let it flop Her MR peformance last year as at 7million+ and was one of the most watched from the AMAs
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      I signed up for GGD and FameMB way back in like 2009 - I only lasted a couple of weeks on GGD but I stayed on FMB for quite a few years. I was sad when LGN's first forum closed so let me tell you the surge of joy I felt when I saw that it was brought back, stronger and looking better than ever !
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      Oh finally they remember that channel
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      Hi, I'm Cola from the old OGG. I'm 21 years old from Sweden.
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      Congrats guys! We got a ReTweet from Lady Gaga! @Admin :D
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      Activity stream page will easily help you check all the topics that you’ve missed. It is available in the menu and at this link at any time: http://ladygaganow.co/discover/unread
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      I'm going alone! I went to Fifth Harmony on my own and that was great. I'm gonna see Katy with 2 friends though. I'm really excited!
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      You don’t have to. Only Pink’s performance was good.