Lady Gaga praised by critics for Hotel: ‘Gaga is a perfect match.’

Ahead of the airing of American Horror Story: Hotel‘s first episode on FOX, Lady Gaga has been almost unanimously praised by critics who both attended the premiere on the evening of Saturday, October 3rd, and those who have seen advance copies. Below are some of the things the critics have said so far:

This season of American Horror Story, AHS Hotel, features an all-star cast including the infamous Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga is haunting and brilliant in her role as Countess Elizabeth, who is twisted and blood thirsty.

Latino Weekly Review

Gaga delivers only a few clipped lines of dialogue, but who cares? She’s gloriously photographed, in a venue where strands-of-hair placement are vital, plot scarcely matters, and sensual pleasures invariably go hand in hand with buckets of blood.


[Lady Gaga] purrs like no other American Horror Story cast member has, turning the arch dialogue into something spellbinding, maybe even sexy…. More interesting than its tepid attempts at horror, and its even lousier ones at humor, is that American Horror Story is examining history through subjective perspective, art, architecture, and so on.


countessIn her time onscreen as the notional owner of a mysterious haunted hotel, Lady Gaga speaks in a vaguely European,
unplaceable accent; call it actress-ese. She makes textual all of her long-running subtextual references to drugs and sex by setting up lines of cocaine onscreen and engaging in a fatal ménage à quatre. Without spoiling the events of the episode, she’s evidently willing to take part in the carnage that the show demands of its participants […] and she’s so far less “morally ambiguous” than “morally despicable.” […] With AHS, Gaga ends up doing something that the nonstop album-promotional cycle never allowed her to do: leave us wanting more.


Gaga is a fantastic match for the show, projecting an electric combination of danger and lust that sets the season’s heart pumping triple-time. She’s fearless, and the same goes for Bomer; after last year’s season of creepy clowns, the pair set the tone for Hotel with their characters’ blatant sexual chemistry, filling the screen with the energy of an after-hours fetish club.

The Verge

Our first glimpse of Lady Gaga, the new star of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s well-oiled machine of camp and cameos, is a seduction sequence, following the singer’s mysterious hotel owner and Matt Bomer’s not-so-mysterious arm candy as they bring another couple home from movie night at the local cemetery. What follows is sexy, gory, wordless, and set entirely to She Wants Revenge’s “Tear You Apart.” Basically, it’s a music video. Gaga, whose theatricality fits in perfectly with American Horror Story‘s precise-yet-chaotic aesthetic, is a breath of fresh air.


She’s The Countess, a socialite sex fiend and maybe vampire, we’re not really sure. Her performance as a high-fashion regal diva is dripping with enough camp and affectedness to make Joan Crawford look Method.
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The new fifth series of Ryan Murphy’s hit horror series American Horror Story: Hotel premieres on FOX in the US at 10pm on Wednesday, 7th October. Stay tuned to the new American Horror Story section of our website and Twitter account for a livestream and (later on) upload of the episode, as well as international airing times.