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    4. THIS GAME HAS ENDED, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING WITH US. YOU CAN SEE THE FINAL SCORES BELOW. CLICK HERE TO SEE THE RESULTS The LadyGagaNow team invites you to enter our 2019 Easter Contest! Join us this Saturday, April 20 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 11pm CET / 7am AEDT on our website. Worldwide Timetable HOW TO PLAY Wait for the countdown below to reach 0 and then refresh this page. We'll open the game 30 minutes before it begins to ensure everyone is able to join. Remember to set you Twitter name as your nickname for the game! Make sure you're following our account on Twitter @LadyGagaNowNet as that is how we will contact you if you win. HOW TO WIN Be the fastest to answer all 50 questions on the quiz: The monster with the fastest time and most correct answers will win! WHAT YOU WIN The top 3 little monsters with the highest score will win a special prize from our Lady Gaga Store. 1ST PLACE: 1 VARSITY JACKET + 1 T-SHIRT 2ND PLACE: 1 HOODIE 3RD PLACE: 1 T-SHIRT The winners will be contacted on twitter to ask their favorite design, so make sure to take a peek at our merch collection here and get an idea of what you'll order if you win: bit.ly/gagamerch We encourage everyone to take part in this contest and wish the best of luck to those who join!
    5. TIME Magazine has begun the rollout of their annual 'TIME: 100' list of influential people for 2019, and Lady Gaga has made their list per the decision of both the publications editors and a public vote. She joins an array of other big names who have made an impact within the last 12 months, including the likes of Taylor Swift, Lebron James, BTS, Ariana Grande and Michelle Obama. As part of their announcement, a series of different covers of their magazine have been released featuring a number of those in this years 100, with other stars discussing those who made the list. Celine Dion spoke about Lady Gaga and shared her take on Gaga as a performer, actress, advocate and more, which you can read below. "I love Lady Gaga, and I think she’s got one of the greatest voices in the world: powerful, convincing, passionate and sensitive. She’s definitely one of the most inventive artists we’ve ever seen. Her artistic expression has no rules, no boundaries. When she first came on the scene with her outrageous style, she didn’t care what the critics said. She marched to the beat of her own drum, knowing that her message of individuality was a way to express her inner strength. What makes her even more special, and such a powerful influence on society, is that she empowers her fans to adopt the very same values in their lives—to stand up for what they believe in, despite what others might think. By doing so, she gives her followers the strength and confidence to believe in themselves. Whether it’s her unstoppable support for the LGBTQ community, or her anti-bullying campaigning, Lady Gaga’s voice is being heard where it really counts. Yes, she’s an amazing musician, composer, performer and, as we saw in A Star Is Born, an incredible actress, but her legacy reaches well beyond show business. She will continue to inspire love and freedom around the world, for generations to come." You can read the full list here.
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    7. Lady Gaga is gearing up to launch her own cosmetics empire, Haus Beauty, as early as next month. The songstress-turned entrepreneur is expected to debut her beauty line in a boutique at MGM Grand's Park Theatre, late May in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Review Journal reports, at the same time as the next run of her Enigma and Jazz & Piano Engagement performances. The Journal reports: Back in December, Gaga's Ate My Heart company has applied to trademark her highly anticipated Haus Beauty brand with a range of products encompassing makeup and skin care essentials. Very recently, this past Wednesday, a new website HausBeauty.com for Gaga's upcoming beauty line has surfaced online as well as a brand new Haus Beauty YouTube channel featured on Gaga's official YouTube account. Industry publications note that she is eager to follow a similar brand-expanding effort as Rihanna’s successful Fenty Beauty line. Gaga has previously served as celebrity spokeswoman for M.A.C.'s Viva Glam campaign in 2009 and 2010, developing her very own lipstick and lip gloss shades in efforts to raise funds for AIDS research. Gaga also launched her signature fragrance, Fame, with COTY in 2012 and her follow-up scent, Eau de Gaga, back in 2014, under the name of Haus Laboratories, whose website is now being redirected to HausBeauty.com. Source.
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