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    Oceans are wide endless horizons

    Bending down to nowhere

    Nowhere – are we ever there?

    Or only feet dangling from the boat

    In the middle gently swaying half asleep

    Dreaming of the now and here?

    Oceans are very deep, dark and cold

    Hidden creatures if you dare to take a dive

    At the bottom there is hardly any light which

    You find when climbing gradually up higher to

    The surface which you need to break like a whale

    To play and breathe and look around what you see

    The surface itself reflects the light from above its sky

    Here you may have to protect your eye in the longer term

    Water reflects so deadly if you don’t you could get blind some time

    Above it all you much better hear all sound ocean is water wind and all weather

    And maybe next oncoming the occasional gull type quick flyer sound out there


    Different once you’re washed to the shore and smell that land

    It’s rhythm, wave after wave big and small with white bubbles

    Not managing to climb further it all drops back into the next one forever trying

    In the end you simply meet energy driven by weather forces earth and moon

    And when you go back even further it’s all about the sun and origins of whatever

    So that’s the ocean and of course there’s so much more to it but in the end we live on soil

    We are humans with all our limitations and to venture out into the sea it’s always been a discovery

    Courage, invention, new technology, suffering , perseverance tenacity all came with the adventure

    Leaving the soil that feeds you is never easy and motivation and dedication of those exploring

    always has been and still is strong of course the ocean can feed you with all its riches

    it’s full of fish and algae and all sorts of things and if you have the knowledge

    you even find your pearls

    In all new ventures of life whatever they are you always encounter the same primordial truths

    Be it ocean still or space or even your inner being

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