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      Leaving Amsterdam Hotel

      Date: January 21st 2018 Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
      Spending time in one of the cities she loves - she wrote "Mary Jane Holland" on ARTPOP about it - Lady Gaga was spotted by fans leaving her hotel in Amsterdam. She was not spotted later so it is unclear where she went for the night... but for the trip LG wore a killer leather jacket with loads of vintage accessories.
      To start, Lady Gaga was spotted in a pair of vintage sunglasses. The rimless shades are the "Rebel 1" from BAD BOY, manufactured back in the 1990's which she picked up at Zipper Vintage Clothing in Amsterdam - shoutout to Zipper Vintage for commenting about it on my Instagram posts! The 53mm square lenses feature thick gold metal etched with "BAD BOY" to connect the frames. LG's pair are made with what appears to be black lenses and tortoise shell acetate which are surprisingly available for $30 through Sunglass Museum here.
      As for her jewelry, Lady Gaga wore dangling black suede earrings and a multiple strand black and white pearl necklace. Zipper Vintage Clothing posted photos of the jewelry and told me they sadly have no clues as to who designed the pieces. Both her necklace and earrings are between ten and thirty years old and were discovered in their searches through the states.
      For her outfit, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing a black t-shirt with a studded leather jacket. Her t-shirt is unidentifiable from the photos but her jacket is from Saint Laurent's Men's Spring 2016 collection. She's worn the jacket several times before including her Snapchat story on Halloween (see our post on the look here.)
      The "Classic Studded Motorcycle Jacket In Black Leather And Silver-Toned Metal" featured YSL's classic 3 zip pockets, snap closure flap pocket, waistband with belt loops and zip cuffs but decorated with studs throughout. The jacket was last seen for sale for $5,990 but is no longer available.
      By Terran Warden

      Leaving Milan Hotel

      Date: January 18th 2018 Location: Palazzo Parigi Milan Hotel & Grand Spa (Milan, Italy)
      After serving a look for dinner the night before - you can see our post on the look here - Lady Gaga did not disappoint fans when she emerged again to leave her hotel for the Milan Joanne World Tour.
      Walking to her car, surrounded by hundreds of little monsters and paparazzi, Lady Gaga took her time to show off another beautiful gown complete with full bangs and a small bun wrapped in black ribbon by Frederic Aspiras and heavily lined smokey eyes from Sarah Tanno.
      This time, Lady Gaga wore a nude-toned gown that flowed to the floor with an auburn-brown tipped fur jacket from Francesco Scognamiglio. The dress and jacket combo was shown as look 31 in his Fall/Winter 2017 collection and features a silver and white waist design similar to that of a butterfly wing.
      Scognamiglio is an Italian fashion designer - if you've noticed, Lady Gaga has been wearing couture from designers of the country she is in while on tour. After becoming working friends with Donatella Versace, his collection debuted in March 2001. He is now known for creating designs of luxury.
      Lady Gaga has actually worn Scognamiglio many times before including her 2010 Brit Awards red carpet look and the Alejandro music video. See left images for LG in Scognamiglio designs.
      Scognamiglio designs are not available for purchase online. To make a purchase, contact the label directly here.
      Unfortunately, Lady Gaga's shoes were just slightly pictured due to the dress length. Only seen in two paparazzi photos, I have not yet identified her nude open-toe heels but I'm working on tracking them down. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore. 
      Check out all the HQ photos of this beautiful look through Lady Gaga Images here.
      By Terran Warden

      Out & About in Milan, Italy

      Date: January 17th 2018 Location: Milan, Italy
      After arriving in Milan and spending her day "dreaming in a café," Lady Gaga turned out an incredible look and went to serve it on the streets of Milan. To leave her hotel and arrive at dinner, Lady Gaga wore a floor length, red lace dress which she covered up with a black fur jacket later in the night.
      Lady Gaga's dress - which left me speechless while sitting at my desk at work watching her walk out of her hotel on Instagram - is from Ted Khoury. Khoury is an emerging Lebanese designer whos designs are only available by contacting 00961 71 716789.
      From the Fall Winter 2017 collection, Lady Gaga's dress is roughly look 12 (as the collection has only been showcased on Khoury's Instagram, @tedkhoury). The beautifully crafted dress is made of crimson red velvet panels wrapped around polka dotted lace with a velvet train. The dress is finished with a matching leather belt and circular silver buckle. Incredible.
      Keeping her look Gaga, she finished off her outfit with a pair of exotic ankle boots from the iconic footwear brand Pleaser! One of her favorite pairs, these are the 8-inch high "Xtreme 1020" ankle boots made with black patent leather. They're available through Amazon from $91 to $184 (depending on size and seller) here.
      To accessorize her look, Lady Gaga wore unique gold branch earrings as well as two layered gold necklaces. I am pretty positive her arrow necklace is a gold version of an older Givenchy design but I am still working so stay tuned!
      Fitting with her surprise gifts from Donatella this morning, while leaving dinner Lady Gaga added a pair of sunglasses from Versace which she previously wore in a different colored lens. Her frameless shades are the "JJ Sunglass Black" with gold Medusa logos on the corners inspired by the glamour of 1950's actresses, specifically January Jones' role in Mad Men. They're available for purchase for only $285 here!
      Trying to post as fast as possible so I have not tracked down her fur jacket quite yet. I will update this post when I find it but if you have a tip for the designer, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore.
      Check out all the HQ photos of Lady Gaga leaving her hotel, arriving at dinner, and leaving dinner through GagaImages.
      By Terran Warden

      Instagram Updates

      Date: January 16th 2018 Location: Barcelona, Spain
      While in Barcelona, the Haus of Gaga worked on not one but two #HausEditorials! After performing at the Barcelona Joanne World Tour, Lady Gaga updated her Instagram with three more shots from the second photoshoot. Complete with her same "Viking braids" and teal-toned eye makeup, Lady Gaga slipped into a second pink look to stay in theme with her Joanne album.
      For her outfit, Lady Gaga wore a dainty, see-through dress from Barcelona based Dominnico over a white leotard. Dominnico was founded by Domingo Rodriguez Lazaro when he was only 22 years old! The designs combine Haute Couture with streetwear to create a unique mix of past and future trends, with a particular focus on fur and leather. She wore Dominnico several days before on her Instagram Story, see our post on the look here.
      Lady Gaga's dress is a pink lace and silk embroidered dress with a fur neckline from the Spring/Summer 2018 "Cowboy Dreaming" collection. The dress features a shorter hemline accompanied by draping fabric on the front for a unique silhouette and design. Dominnico designs are not available for purchase online rather purchases must be made by contacting [email protected]
      Lady Gaga's leotard is from American Apparel. You may remember the company announced they were shutting down over the summer, they closed all store locations but have remained in business online. LG's leotard is specifically their "2x2 Rub Scoop Back Bodysuit" in white cotton. It is also available in black and paulette pink for $28 here.
      For her shoes, Lady Gaga wore a pair of thigh-high black boots that she identified as Alexander Wang boots on Instagram. From the photo, the boots are clearly made with black suede and very few pairs of Wang suede boots are made. Because of this, I believe her boots are the "Gabi" Thigh High Suede Boots. The boots are made of stretch suede fabric with a three-quarter covered inside zipper and Wang's Signature cut out 80mm heel with rhodium hardware.
      The boots are sold out through Alexander Wang but are available in a low stock through FarFetch for $895 here.
      Lady Gaga can also be seen wearing two different gold necklaces. One is a dainty long "Y" design necklace and the other is a gold arrow. I have not been able to identify them but if you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore.
      By Terran Warden

      Instagram Updates

      Date: January 16th 2018 Location: Barcelona, Spain
      While in town for her world tour, "Joanne does Barcelona" with a new #HausEditorial. Complete with "viking braids," Lady Gaga wears a "Joanne" pink leather shirt and skirt combo in three new Instagram photos.
      Lady Gaga's outfit is from Ana Ljubinkovic's Spring Summer 2016 "Cloudwalker" collection. The designs contradict fearlessly, combining kitsch elements and contemporary forms which complete the new look for a clash between naive innocence and experience. Featuring fully handmade needlepoint dresses as well as glossy leather dresses embellished with enlarged cross stitch point motives.
      Ana Ljubinković is a womenswear designer and artist based in Belgrade, Serbia. Ljubinković has always been an experimenter with fabrics, colours and forms and a maximalist when it comes to shapes and details which is showcased in her designs.
      Lady Gaga wears look 3 from the collection which is made of pink patent leather with gold studs around the trim and a needlepoint flower design across the chest. The look was also completed with matching tassels around the ankles which Lady Gaga styled around her wrists instead.
      Ljubinković designs are not available for purchase online but rather via email at [email protected]
      For her shoes, Lady Gaga wore a contrasting pair of large black ankle boots from DSquared2. From the Autumn Winter 2017 collection, which was inspired by Canadian winters, the boots are crafted from black leather with a high block heel, platform sole, and lace-up detailing similar to hiking bungee chords.
      The boots are no longer available for purchase through DSquared2 but they are available through FarFetch for $1,215 here.
      Finally, Lady Gaga completed her look with a pink hat from Gladys Tamez. She was not photographed wearing the hat but holding the hat as an accessory. While the hat is not the same one from the Joanne album cover, the hat was custom made for promotion of the album which features a slightly different design and a pink grosgrain band. The hat was once only available for Lady Gaga but now it is available in a limited edition for $680 here.
      By Terran Warden

      Instagram Story

      Date: January 12th 2018 Location: Barcelona, Spain
      After rehearsing for her upcoming Joanne World Tour date in Barcelona, Lady Gaga changed outfits and was spotted by fans leaving the arena. She later had a "HAUS Party" in her hotel, documenting the fun on her Instagram Story.
      Fan photos only showed a little of her outfit and her sunglasses but thankfully we got to see her entire look in her Instagram Story and I've got the details on it!
      From top to bottom, Lady Gaga started with a slim pair of black sunglasses while in her car for fan photos. The frames are the "Black Betty" from Roberi & Fraud who announced the glasses were theirs with an entire row on their Instagram! Roberi & Fraud was founded by Ali Mehrdad and Stefan Foster. In less than a year with no design experience, they have become one of the most popular sunglasses brand. Their designs have become a favorite of Bella and Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and now Lady Gaga.
      The sunglasses are made with black acetate and black lenses, available for preorder for only $175 here.
      Next, Lady Gaga wore an outfit from Barcelona based Dominnico - only she spelled the designer as "Domenico" on her post. Dominnico was founded by Domingo Rodriguez Lazaro when he was only 22 years old! The designs combine Haute Couture with streetwear to create a unique mix of past and future trends, with a particular focus on fur and leather.
      Lady Gaga's jacket and shorts are look 10 from Dominnico's Spring Summer 2018 collection, titled "Cowboy Dreaming." The collection is so new that the only published lookbook photos are on their Instagram page! Speaking of their Instagram, they reposted Lady Gaga's story thanking the "wonderful woman" for dressing someone who is "an amazing icon and inspiration."
      Her button-up jacket features metallic silver sleeves mixed with white and nude colored denim and lined with white fur. Her shorts are made with the same metallic silver fabric and uniquely feature an unfinished hem at the bottom.
      Dominnico designs are not available for purchase online rather, purchases must be made by contacting [email protected]
      Finally, Lady Gaga ended her look with a pair of black ankle boots - a pair we have not seen before. Similar to her recent pair from Shultz, Lady Gaga is wearing the "Kamilya" from Giuseppe Zanotti. The black satin boots feature a 4.3 inch stiletto heel with black velvet laces. They are available for $1,495 - currently discounted to $748 - here.
      Underneath her jacket, Lady Gaga wore a white t-shirt with a black outline cartoon design across the front. I have not been able to clearly see the exact drawing and thus identify the shirt. If you have a tip, tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore!
      By Terran Warden

      Instagram Updates

      Date: January 12th 2018 Location: Palua Sant Jordi (Barcelona, Spain)
      After rehearsing for the first European Joanne World Tour in Barcelona, Lady Gaga updated her Instagram with a photoshoot that was hotter than fire! For the quick photoshoot, Lady Gaga wore another incredible Versace look.
      Starting with a black beret decorated with safety pins of pearls and crystals, Lady Gaga wore an asymmetric blazer from Versace's Spring Summer 2018 "Tribute" collection. The double-breasted blazer was shown in look 63 and features gold Medusa logo buttons with a beaded shoulder strap on her right side.
      The shoulder strap shown on the runway and sold does not feature the same colorful beadwork as Lady Gaga's. LG's beadwork is made of bright colors including magenta and yellow in a triangular pattern while it was sold with mainly black beads and a pop of silver and emerald in the center.
      The jacket was available for preorder through a M'Oda Operandi trunk show for $3,795 but the show has ended. To purchase the jacket now, we'll have to wait for the collection to become available on Versace's website.
      Opting away from pants, Lady Gaga finished her outfit with a pair of thigh-high leather boots also from Versace's Spring Summer 2018 collection. The boots were showcased in the final look, look 64, of the runway and are embellished with crosses decorated with a variety of crystals. Unlike her jacket, the boots were not sold in the M'Oda Operandi trunk show and are currently unavailable for purchase.
      Lady Gaga was also seen wearing the same dangling gold necklace she wore while arriving in Barcelona. I have not been able to identify the necklace, if you have a tip tweet it to us @WhatGagaWore!
      BONUS: Lady Gaga's makeup was simple yet bold with winged black liner and bright pink lips. Her lips are the same pink lipstick used in her first #HausEditorial (also wearing Versace).
      If you're looking for the same look, her exact lipstick is now available for purchase! Just released from Marc Jacobs Beauty, LG wears the Le Marc Liquid Lipstick Crayon in "Flaming-Oh!" or shade 330 which is available for $26 here.
      By Terran Warden